6 Styling Tips on How to Wear a Hat

Wear a Hat

If you want to pull off that perfect look, you have to know how to rock your favorite hat. While some might argue there’s no ‘wrong’ way to wear a hat, we’ve compiled a list of tips to make sure you’re always wearing it the right way! 

Consider the Size of Your Head

The size of your head is an important factor to consider when choosing a hat. First of all, not all hats (or heads) are created equal. If you have a large head, choose a larger hat. But the consideration shouldn’t stop there.

Even if you want to wear a certain style of hat, be aware that it just might not be for you. Don’t choose a small hat (or a slouchy hat) if your head is larger, no matter what style it is. Likewise, if you have a smaller head, don’t wear a larger hat or style. A large hat on a small head tends to look frumpy and doesn’t pull your look together. 

Hairstyle Matters

When you’re choosing a hat to wear with any outfit, consider how you’ll wear your hair. Some hats are not well-suited to up-dos, while others look great with any hairstyle imaginable. Consider how you wear the hat, where it would fall on your head, and how the hairstyle you choose might affect how the hat sits. 

For example, a baseball cap would go great with a ponytail! A fedora or other brimmed hat probably won’t sit right on your head if you have your hair up, though. Beanies look great with loose hair but won’t accommodate an up-do very well. Take all of this into account before you decide on your style.

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Go with a Theme

When you are trying to go for a certain look, don’t be afraid to stick to a theme! Wear a straw-style sunhat with your sundress, or choose a black pride hat for your oversized pullover and leather leggings. Match your hat as best you can to the outfit you’re wearing. Beanies and baseball caps are usually best-suited for casual looks, however – keep that in mind. 

Still, a hat can pull your outfit together and finish off your look. If you’re going with a theme for your outfit, picking an appropriate hat can take it to the next level!

Colors are Important

The color of the hat itself is another important feature – and not just so it can match the rest of your outfit. Hats can bring a pop of color to your favorite neutral outfit. Coordinate with a few matching details, a colorful hat can be just the accessory to elevate your look.

On the other hand, consider choosing a neutral color. A grey hat will match just about anything. Plus, grey is always a safe bet when it comes to style – it doesn’t fall out of style or change with the seasons! Consider purchasing your favorite hats in grey so you can wear them with anything!

Consider the Shape of your Face

When choosing the best hat for you, consider the shape of your face. Certain types of hats look better on certain face shapes. Just like glasses and haircuts, the way your face is shaped can have an impact on how you look in a hat.

Round faces, for example, look great with short-brimmed hats. Oval faces do well with broader brims. These are just a few examples – make sure to research which types of hats look best with the shape of your face!

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Choose a Weather-Friendly Option

This might go without saying, but consider the weather before you choose a hat. Traditionally winter hats (like beanies) are usually worn in colder weather, so they are great during the winter. However, you should avoid wearing a beanie during the summer months. It’s too warm and looks less-than-stylish. 

Boating hats, straw hats, and even fedoras are made for warmer climates, so stay away from wearing these types of hats in the dead of winter. Always make sure that you’re dressing for the weather, no matter what season it is!


There’s a hat for every occasion and a hat that works best for everyone! By following these tips, you can wear your favorite hat in a stylish, confident way!

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