7 Latest Wedding Bridal Trends For 2020

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7 Latest Wedding Bridal Trends For 2020

The modern wedding is concerned more about YOU and less than maintaining the tradition.  Many well-known personalities have been found to break a couple of age-old customs when it comes to their wedding. Why do you even need to follow rules when you can celebrate your wedding in your style? 

The biggest wedding trend in 2020 is nothing but individuality. The society is evolving and it means brides are no longer categorized in the name of their wedding. 

Best Happy Anniversary Wishes Wedding planners are of the opinion that in recent years, couples have shown more inclination towards contemporary setting rejecting the current trends, color, and themes. 

Here we have assassinated the wedding trends of 2020 inspiring you to plan your own wedding accordingly. 

  • Wedding Dresses

I know you must have always dreamt of wearing thew long-trail gown on your wedding, but there are other options as well. If you don’t have an idea of what to wear you can take inspirations from Carolina Herrera to Marchesa. Bridal designers have decided to offer up a world of choice for girls who don’t want to look either too bridal or too bland. 

Often the designer forgets the individuality of the client in the process of creating the perfect wedding dress for her. The dress needs to be created keeping in mind the personality of the bride. 

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  • Wedding ring


The most groundbreaking wedding trend of 2020 is that couples are choosing their engagement and wedding rings together. If you haven’t done this then probably you are living beyond time. It is a ring that both of you love and thus it should symbolize the taste of both of them. 

Also, there has been a rise in popularity for cushion-cut, hand-mined diamonds resulting in a rise in yellow gold other than platinum bands. Today couples don’t want to buy anything regular rather they are in search of a piece with depth and soul. 


  • The Statement Vei


There is something unique about a veil, according to modern designers. Statement veils are a crucial part of our entire bridal attire. Personalizing your wedding day proceedings are nothing new but the statement veils create quite a stir incorporating meaningful message or quotes. The veil gives you the opportunity to create something personal and bold yet traditional and bridal at the same time. The veil no longer remains a simple wedding day accessory rather an opportunity to showcase your love. 


  • Wedding Flower

Couples today are going a step ahead in choosing florists who use locally grown seasonal flowers. Some couples are even going in growing their own flowers or incorporating the already existing flowers into their big day. 

 Brides are asking to incorporate specific flowers and even objects with significance into their bouquets.


  • Wedding Cakes


Whatever it be, couples are not skipping the wedding cake. Wedding cakes have evolved all the way from the traditional fruit and fondant to towers, edible flowers and gin flavored. Don’t forget the Duke and Duchess of Sussex served a modern lemon and elderflower cake instead of the traditional fruit cake at their wedding reception. 



  • Wedding Decor


It’s hard to deny the influence of wedding day decor. Couples have become more creative and sophisticated with their choices of wedding venue, something fresh and those feel opposed to the typical wedding look. The decor should primarily not focus on matching the tablescapes rather match the atmosphere. 

To create the vibe properly you need to concentrate on the detailing- the color to the cutlery, unique lighting also becomes a focus. 


  • Hands-free


Brides have been taking inspiration from Meghan Markle. The fuss-free brides are opting for noticeably lighter touch off late. The new normal trend for brides is the freshly washed or tousled tresses hairstyle.  

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