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Slots have been around since 1895 and these early mechanical machines were easy to Cheat Slots Machines. All that was needed was a powerful magnet or some uneven pressure to be applied to the lever when it was released. Even when slots went digital, some individuals still went looking for ways to cheat these more complex computerized machines.

The temptation proved too much for some employees at casinos too and they abused their positions of trust by fixing the spins of digital slots. However, these high profile cheaters did eventually get caught and some were even jailed. With online slots it is impossible to rig the spins in any way – play now.

All the spins are random and all the slots exist on a digital virtual platform. There are some rules that can be manipulated, particularly when it comes to online slots and these honest Cheat Slots Machines can help you win more often. 

1. Welcome Bonus Offers 

Online casinos face huge competition with each other as they all fight for new customers. The best way to tempt punters is by welcoming them with some special offers. Online casinos have to be careful that these welcome offers are not too generous otherwise they will lose out financially and this is why wagering requirements are attached to most casino bonuses. Despite this, it is still well worth collecting as many free bonuses as possible and the easiest way is by joining as many new casinos as you can afford. Bonuses usually consist of deposit match ups, free spins or a lump sum of cash again with wagering requirements attached. 

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2. RTP 

If you don’t know what a slot RTP is then it’s time to familiarize yourself with this term.  Basically this stands for the Return To Player percentage and each slot has its own score. High RTP games tend to give you more steady returns on your stakes and should be your first port of call. 

3. Games Providers 

Before you spin a reel it is worth studying the actual makers of slot games. You will be surprised at what you discover. Some slots from certain design houses pay better than others. 

4. Casino Hopping 

If you can afford it, then join as many online casinos as possible. You will be surprised to discover that bonuses are easy to hit at some casinos and almost impossible at others. If you have a large casino library to choose from, then you can jump ship when the going gets tough. 

5. Don’t Stick To One Game 

If you win big on a certain slot machine, it is always tempting to continue to play it. However, it is very common that the slot will slowly fight back and start to eat into your winnings, so if you win big move on to the next game. 

6. Best Bonus Rounds 

Play the slots with the best bonus rounds that offer free spins and multipliers on your bonus winnings. 

7. Bank Your Winnings Regularly 

Finally, don’t Cheat Slots Machines out of your winnings and bank as you play. It’s the only guaranteed way of not losing everything you win.

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