8 Factors to Consider While Looking For a Gynaecologist



8 Factors to Consider While Looking For a Gynaecologist

If there is any issue regarding the reproductive system then, you will experience certain concerning symptoms. It includes intense cramps and heavy bleeding. At that time, you have to visit the gynaecologist to get checked. Even of your health is completely find, you should undergo routine check up for staying healthy in the long haul. 

According to American College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, it is recommended that the first gynaecologist check up should be done 13-15 years of age. Despite the age, if there isn’t any doctor to take proper care of the reproductive health you should find one. As you have to disclose some personal and intimate health issues with the gynaecologist look for someone whom you can trust. 

Even check that the doctor selected by you has much years of experience in this respective field. Read on this blog to know about 8 considerable aspects to look in a gynaecologist before final selection.     


  • They are highly recommendable


The best way to know whether the gynaecologist is worthy to visit or not, is to take referrals and recommendations from the nearby people. Generally, you should take references from your relatives, female friends and primary care provider. While it is about selecting a recommended private gynaecologist in London you should inquire about bedside manner, experience and skill as well.    


  • They receive good reviews


Once you shortlist a few names of gynaecologists, you have to check the reviews online. Certain websites are there like, and to do so. Here the doctors are rated by the patients on the basis of the following measurements like:

  • Has the ability to annotate every condition
  • Trustworthiness
  • Staff friendliness
  • Short waiting time
  • Comfortable office environment
  • Convenience of scheduling appointments 
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There you can see a numbers of patients commented on the doctors’ services along with starred ratings. Among a large pool of positive reviews there can be one or two negative reviews. Don’t worry about it either you find a huge number of negative reviews as it can be the biggest red flag for the gynaecologist’s practice and reputation simultaneously.   


  • They have much years of experience 


The credentials of the gynaecologists must be checked while you are searching online. Doctor’s bio must be gone through once along the reviews and feedbacks of the patients on the practice’s website. These will help you to know about the quality of the services offered by the doctor along with the reputation. Accordingly, you can think whether to choose the person or look for someone else.  

Look for:

  • The specialities they have
  • Which hospital(s) they are associated to 
  • Number of years of practice
  • Is there any disciplinary action, malpractice suits or complaints filed against the gynaecologist?
  • From which board they have received their certificate
  • Whether they finish the degree from their residence or medical school 

On the basis of your issues, you should emphasis on the individual doctor’s specialty. In case you are already undergoing a treatment plan for any specific condition, you should let it know about it to your gynaecologist.


  • They accept the insurance


Cost is a significant factor while selecting any doctor. If you choose a gynaecologist out of your locality, you have to pay much more to receive the suitable treatment and care. Check the selected insurance plan and choose a local gynaecologist who will accept the insurance coverage. 


  • They prioritise your values


Gynaecologist should advise the patients on certain topics such as pregnancy and birth control. It is important as the patients can take necessary preventive measures and steps much earlier. By this way, you are not going to face any sort of uncomfortable or unwanted situation in the future from your own standpoint. 


  • They should behave well


If any doctor possesses dismissive as well as curt beside behaviour then you may not feel comfortable with them despite their much years of experience. A proper gynaecologist is the one who will listen and respect your health concerns. Instead of preaching, they advise the patients and provide the right treatment options.

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  • You are comfortable to speak with them 


This medical specialist expertise in performing the gynaecologic screening and as a result you can be asked certain questions regarding the reproductive health. Hence, you must be utmost comfortable with the doctor so that a strong relationship is developed and you feel utmost comfortable. 

Gender can be a prime issue while selecting a gynaecologist. Basically women prefer to select a gynaecologist of the same gender. But never compromise the gender with the local gynaecologist who offers the highest-standard of care and treatment.   


  • They are affiliated with a reliable hospital


Make sure that the gynaecologist chosen by you is associated with a trusted hospital. It is necessary because you can visit there for any further treatment or test associated to delivery or reproductive health. Even ensure that the hospital affiliated to the doctor offers high-quality standard treatments and tests.    

As per the Agency of Healthcare Research and Quality, check the following measures while selecting a hospital:

  • Services they offer and patients’ review for care 
  • Death rates due to various procedures and conditions
  • Percentage of patients who experienced further complications and infections post-surgery

There are some online sites too like the Joint Commission and Consumer Reports that offer hospital ratings so that you can select the right one. Even you should consider the location of the hospital. In case, it is about treating a chronic medical complexity you have to make frequent visit. In such cases, long drive or commutation affects your ability to receive necessary follow-ups and care. 

Among your healthcare team, a gynaecologist is a significant member. It is so; because this medical person will perform annual physical exam for managing a certain percentage of your health. Therefore, it is vital to look for someone whom you can rely upon or completely trust. 

Also make sure that you have chosen the gynaecologist that offers same day appointment so that you can visit as per your convenient time. From this blog, you can come to know important queries to make for finding out the right gynaecologist.  

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