8 Top Common Challenges For Teenagers

challenges for teenagers

The period between the ages of 13 to 19 is very crucial. With the latest technologies and advanced facilities, it’s getting hard for most teenagers. There are several challenges for teenagers that can affect their future, even rest of the life.

Everyone deals with problems. But when it comes to teens, they certainly become more sensitive. So, we need to understand their problems before finding solutions. We are covering common problems that most teens face. You will also find out how to help them in the following. Let’s get started.

Common Challenges For Teenagers

Challenges depend on the circumstances, situations, and the person who is dealing with them. Well, we have handpicked some common challenges for teenagers. Here are the common problems:

1. Teen Suicide

Suicide is one of the most common problems among teens. According to some reliable sources, suicide is the second leading cause of death among people between the ages of 10 to 34. Some surveys say that teen males are more likely to attempt suicide than females.

Moreover, suicide cases are more common in rural areas compared to metropolitan areas. There are several reasons behind a suicide attempt such as alcohol or drug abuse, stressful life, depression, anxiety, mental illness, and family history of suicide.

2. Depression

Depression is a common problem among people, be it teenagers or middle-aged people. The cases of depression have increased during the Covid-19 pandemic. According to The National Institute of Mental Health US, around 13% of teens of the US go through a depressive episode before entering adulthood.

The cause of depression could vary. However, most experts blame technology for teen depression. People who are spending a lot of time on social media or online games can face this problem.

3. Bullying

Bullying is becoming a critical issue nowadays. It does not only affect kids physically but mentally. Most teenagers face bullying when they are at school. On the other hand, cyberbullying cases are increasing as well.

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A group of people always find pleasure in targeting others. Cyberbullying could be more dangerous as it affects the victim’s mental health. Bullying can leads teens to self-harm, depression, even suicide.

4. Sexual Activity

During the teenage period, people start discovering new things. Sexual activity is one of them. Well, this is one of the most common challenges for teenagers. The problem is some teenagers get addicted to sexual activities. It does not only affect their health but it can create multiple mental issues.

The hookup culture plays a major role in this problem. According to some reliable sources, around 60% to 70% of teenagers in the US are involved in this where there’s no emotional engagement but sexual pleasure. As a consequence, the number of cases of teen pregnancy is increasing every year.

5. Drug & Alcohol

No matter what is the age of the victim, drug and alcohol addiction can destroy their life. It would be worse if your teen son or daughter is having this addiction. Most people in this age group do drugs out of curiosity.

Drug & Alcohol

That is the reason why many teenagers get involved in illegal activities. Most people hide these things from their parents. Hench, you will see the change of behavior if they are getting drug or alcohol addicted. So, you need to be more careful.

6. Eating Disorders

Another common problem among young people is eating disorders. Well, eating disorders can be deadly in some cases. It happens for various reasons such as social pressure to diet, personal factors, and anxiety.

The bad thing is there are many myths around eating disorders. If someone you know is facing the same problem, seek medical health as soon as possible.

7. Internet Addiction

Internet addiction is becoming one of the worst addictions right now. Most kids and teenagers get attract to the internet for various tempting activities. Social media is one of them, and it’s common among many people. Porn and gaming addictions are also common challenges for teenagers. These things affect them badly.

8. Academic Problems

You see, being competitive is good but taking too much pressure for school can be worse. Most teens feel so much pressure when want to get into a good college. If your son or daughter is having the same problem, make sure you are getting involved in his or her education.

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Challenges For Teenagers: How to Help Them

Now, you know these common challenges for teenagers. As we noted above, these things can be crucial for them. The good thing is you can help them to overcome this situation. In the following, there are some solutions:

Early Identification

When teens are going through a difficult phase, you will see a lot of changes in their daily routine, habit, and behavior. So, it would be better if you are identifying it at the initial stage. If you see the changes in their eating habits, sleeping pattern, and dropping grades, make sure you are seeking help as soon as possible.


No matter what situation your kid is dealing with, you need to show respect toward them.           Teenage is a time where people explore a lot of things. And this is the time when they become more sensitive, especially when they are facing one of these challenges. So, a lack of respect toward them can be worse in some cases.

Trust and Acceptance

Everyone makes mistakes. Hench, we all have done mistakes at young age. Trust is the pillar of a relationship. No matter if the victim is your child or student, you always have to ensure that they are trusting you completely. Lack of trust can lead them to do uncertain things such as hiding, lying, and being disrespectful.


Communication is the key to solving any problem. Well, it does not mean you are only communicating with your child when they are facing challenges. Make sure you are regularly doing healthy communication when they enter the teenage period. If your child is sharing everything with you, it will be easier to help.

Transferring Knowledge

You see, most of these challenges for teenagers come from curiosity. From gaming addiction to hookup activities, everything is quite new for this age group. So, as a parent or senior, you must transfer the right knowledge. If they are aware of the consequences, they will think twice before involving themselves.

Closing Thought

The teenage period is one of the best times in our life. However, there are so many things a teenager deals with. If you want your kids to have a great life during this period, you need to teach them some basics. On the other hand, if they are facing problems, make sure you are identifying them at the early stage.

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