6 Top Affordable Luxury Brands Loved by Fashionistas Globally

affordable luxury brands

Our Innate desire to indulge in affordable luxury brands never grows feeble! There are quite several luxury brands that provide stylish wear and accessories at a cost–friendly budget. These brands, offering all – things from chic purses to eye–catching jewelry, are an excellent choice for those who are keen to adore the taste of luxury at a small price tag.

We have made a list of affordable luxury brands that are sure to elevate your style game. Whether you are in the market for a designer dress or a pair of heels, we have got you covered! Luxury brands don’t have to be tagged “hefty”, the brands listed below can bridge that gap between budgets and desires!

What is meant by Affordable Luxury?

You might wonder, can luxury be affordable? The answer to this is, yes! This article is a walk–through of affordable budget buys, yet luxury! From hidden gems in the fashion world to iconic brands that offer wallet–friendly buys! Let’s explore! 

1. Kate Spade New York

Kate Spade New York
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Kate Spade is a versatile and vibrant brand renowned for its luxury handbags, purses, shoes, and accessories. The brand also carries a wide range of clothing options and some of them are sleepwear, sweaters, and dresses. They also deal with bridal collections from sexy lingerie to robes and PJs made specially for the brides–to–be! The brand is known for its fun and playful designs, making it to be listed in the first place! If you are looking to add a pop of color to your luxury wardrobe? Then Kate Spade is the right choice!

The brand was founded in the year 1993 starting with just bags! Soon they elaborated their line and gained popularity for their series of nylon handbags! This soon became a luxury piece among women in the city! The brand then started with its clothing and jewelry line from which it got its global recognition. The brand’s shares were sold to Neiman Marcus in the year 2006 and in the year 2018, it was taken over by Tapestry Inc.

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2. Tory Burch

affordable luxury brands
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An elegant and sophisticated brand! Tory Burch has a wide range of affordable luxury buys, including handbags, shoes, and clothing. The brand is great for those who want to invest in top–end fashion without spending a fortune. The brand’s approach is so – minimalist and all their designs are not overpowered with patterns and embellishments! Instead, they are chic and high–end!

The brand has over 300 stores worldwide and is the  family – first company that supports female entrepreneurs. The brand also owns a foundation under the name “The Tory Burch” that continues to support women globally with various programs. This company really cares about people and clothes!

3. Rachel Zoe

Rachel Zoe expensive products
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A brand that offers shoes, jackets, jumpsuits, and clothing! Inspired by the glitz of Hollywood and fashion icons of New York and Los Angeles. The designer Rachael Zoe is one of the most popular stylist icons in the world. Her brand is all about professionalism and has that classic feminine touch.

Her clothes are so versatile and bring out the balance between carefree casual and glamorous elegance! From jumpsuits to wedding dresses, she knows how to make you look sexy! The designer launched CURATEUR, a premium shopping membership where you can access an assortment of some of the most affordable yet luxury buys across home, beauty, and fashion.

4. Michael Kors

affordable luxury brands
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An award – winning designer brand across the world known for its luxury accessories and ready–to–wear clothing! Established in 1981 with sportswear, now deals with a spectrum of products for both men and women from clothing to accessories and fragrances. The brand puts the “luxury” to “Affordable luxury brands‘ with faux fur, leather, and gold look–alike accessories in their collections.

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The clothing options range from are very affordable to very expensive, so you have everything under a roof! From fashion to diverse range, Michael Kors knows how to renown their brand! The designer is also an honored philanthropist! He is also a member of the WFP (World Food Programme) and has given over 17 million meals to hungry children.

5. Ted Baker London

Ted Baker London
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Another affordable luxury brand that stands for quality! From sleepwear to swimwear, shoes, bags and more! The brand is a one–stop luxury brands that you must have in your collection! The brand is all about innovative ideas! They are the 1st store that offered free laundry service for every shirt purchased! This gave the brand a stand out without any advertisement.

Since the brand’s inception, it has been a high-street fashion with affordable prices! Their products retail for less than $100, which means they don’t need any kind of promotion to withstand the industry!

6. Rebecca Minkoff

affordable luxury brands
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The brand offers lasting styles without costing a lot! A go–to label for anyone who wishes to satisfy their “Luxury craving” to look effortlessly chic! The founder Rebecca is committed to honoring and empowering women both in the designs and the way she runs her brand.

So, if you are keen to buy from her brand, you are supporting a brand with a mission that values both the principles and the style.


All of the affordable luxury brands listed are so versatile and anyone can afford them! Their quality shows respect for fashion lovers everywhere! Investing in these brands means stowing away classic collections that will stay stylish, even after trends change.

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