Debunking 7 Myths about Auto Accidents That Miami Drivers Might Believe

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In times when the number of vehicles on the road is skyrocketing, it’s not surprising to say that auto accidents have become a norm in Miami. You see or hear about minor and major road accidents every day. How is one to stay safe on the roads in such circumstances as Miami Drivers ?

Being in an auto accident can be a traumatizing experience. These accidents often leave victims emotionally and physically damaged. Additionally, the aftermath can be extremely stressful. Not having accurate information about such situations can create further problems for the victims, especially when it comes to seeking compensation for the injuries they’ve suffered. 

We’ve debunked some common myths about auto accidents that Miami Drivers might believe.

  1. Car Accidents are Inevitable

Accidents are often blamed on fate or destiny. 

In reality, it’s oftentimes negligence that causes these incidents. Some people drink and drive, endangering themselves and others who are unfortunate enough to cross paths with them. Many crashes occur as a result of texting and driving, while others happen because some drivers deliberately break traffic rules, knowing that it is extremely dangerous. 

The number of auto accidents would decline significantly if everyone began following road-safety instructions seriously. However, people who are careful on roads might still become victims of auto accidents. In such cases, they can hold the at-fault party responsible and seek compensation for their expenses resulting from the accident. 

  1. Drunk Drivers Are the Major Cause of Auto Accidents

People often associate auto accidents with drunk drivers. However, numerous other factors are in the race to become leading causes of auto accidents. One of them is cellphones. 

Drivers often lose their concentration on the road when using their mobile phones while driving. Taking your eyes off the road, even for a few seconds, may result in a serious accident. This behavior is most common amongst teen drivers. Hence, the risks of being distracted while driving should be taken seriously to decrease the number of auto accidents.

  1. You Won’t Get Any Compensation If You Are at Fault- Miami Drivers 

Sometimes, both parties in the accident may be at fault for different reasons. In such cases, the level of fault at both ends needs to be determined with proof. 

As an example: An accident occurred because a speeding driver couldn’t stop in time while you were distracted. In this case, you were both at fault.

The court can decide the fault percentage of each party after investigating the case. You can claim compensation from the other party if their percentage of fault is greater. 

A personal injury lawyer can determine whether your case has merit and help you prove the other party’s fault.

  1. You Can’t Claim Compensation Because You Have No Visible Injury

Auto accidents don’t always result in broken bones and bleeding wounds.

Not all injuries become visible immediately after the accident. Some injuries are internal, such as concussions, torn tissues, or spinal damage. The effects of these injuries might show up sometime after the accident. Even if there are no physical injuries, internally or externally, you might suffer from emotional trauma after the accident. 

Conclusively, you deserve compensation even if you don’t have a visible injury. Doctors and lawyers can help you prove the extent of your internal and emotional injuries.

  1. You Have to Talk to Insurance Companies Immediately After the Accident- Miami Drivers 

Auto accidents are legal matters, meaning everything you say or do after an accident can be used against you. You should not talk to the other party or their insurance representatives right after the accident. 

Victims who are not emotionally stable in the moment may inadvertently say things that can discredit their claim. Additionally, insurance companies try their best to cancel or minimize the amount they have to pay. They can turn a simple accident into a complex event through expert negotiation tactics. Therefore, you should refuse to talk to any insurance company without a lawyer by your side.

  1. You Don’t Need a Lawyer

This is one of the biggest myths about auto accidents. Although it’s not compulsory to hire a lawyer after an auto accident, trying to handle the case alone can be a nightmare without the necessary legal expertise and skills. Handling a case alone often doesn’t end well for the victim.

Auto accident claims and lawsuits are not always fair. It’s not always easy to seek deserved compensation, even when the other party is clearly at fault. This is because the insurance companies do not want to pay out huge sums to every claimant. They can use their skills and expertise to turn your case around in their favor.

People often avoid hiring a lawyer to save on expenses. However, they may not realize that handling legal cases by themselves, without any experience, might end with inadequate compensation. On the other hand, lawyers can negotiate on your behalf so that you never have to settle for less than you merit. 

  1. Recovery Amount is Equal to At-Fault Party’s Limit of Insurance 

In Florida, the first source of compensation after an auto accident is always your Personal Injury Protection coverage. If the expenses exceed your coverage, the at-fault party’s auto insurance is responsible for covering your loss.

If the at-fault party is not insured, you can still receive compensation from your Underinsured Motorist (UIM) Coverage (an optional part of your insurance policy). You should contact Miami Car Accident Lawyers to discuss all the possibilities of loss recovery. They will guide you through all the legalities in detail and negotiate with the insurers.

Final Words 

Facing legal issues after auto accidents can increase your emotional trauma by leaps and bounds. Trying to handle the case yourself can result in additional stress and/or a low-figure settlement of your claim.

Frank Kominsky Personal Injury Lawyers can help you seek justified compensation without hassle. They have the required expertise and experience to handle auto accidents claims successfully. It’s better to contact them as soon as possible after the accident so that they can get started on the investigation right away.

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