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Healthy Drinks You Can Order at Dunkin’ Donuts

Dunkin’ Donuts is a popular American coffee and doughnut chain with over 12,500 restaurants in 36 countries. The company is based in Canton, Massachusetts, and was founded by William Rosenberg and William Rosenberg Jr. in 1950.

The company’s slogan is “America runs on Dunkin’.”

Dunkin’ Donuts is known for its iced coffee beverages, doughnuts, bagels, donuts, breakfast sandwiches, and sandwiches. With the recent trend in food changes, healthy Dunkin drinks are on the offering for customers who enjoy a fresh cup of tea or coffee with reduced carbs.

Tips for Getting Low-Calorie Drinks at Dunkin

Dunkin is a popular coffee and breakfast restaurant chain with over 11,000 locations in the United States.

Suppose you are looking for healthy Dunkin drinks. In that case, you have numerous varieties like iced tea, iced coffee, lemonade, iced tea lemonade, and more to choose from!

Dunkin also has many low-carb options for low-carb diets like the Almond Milk Latte and the Protein Blueberry Muffin. In addition, it has a wide selection of drinks that are under 150 calories, and most are under 100.

The best part about Dunkin Donuts is that they have all sorts of flavors, including ones you might not expect, like tangerine or grapefruit. They also have great breakfast options like white egg wraps and a breakfast sandwich with turkey sausage.

The revised menu offers a better chance to look at how much you consume per drink. Therefore, pick up a drink made with low-fat, almond, or skimmed milk, and avoid all the syrups and swirls.

The best low-calorie healthy Dunkin drinks

Dunkin Donuts is your morning iced coffee fix place. They have a variety of flavors, with low-calorie options available. So, if you’re trying to avoid sugar and calories, this list is for you!

  1. Iced Coffee with Skim Milk: You can just swap the regular whole milk with skim milk and have your favorite iced coffee that counts only 20 calories for a medium!
  2. Sweet Coconut Iced Coffee: How about a coconut-flavored coffee? Order this coconut milk that has only 30 calories for a medium cup! You are going to love the sweet and creamy taste!
  3. Plain Iced Coffee: Plain iced coffee is the best among all the healthy Dunkin drinks! With only 5 calories for a regular-sized drink, without any flavor, you can drink it all you want. If needed, add a shot of your favorite ingredient to sum it up to 20 calories, which is still less!
  4. Iced Coffee with Oat Milk: This is for you if you prefer vegan healthy Dunking drinks! A medium cup of iced coffee with oat milk has only 30 calories and makes it perfect for your diet! You can also switch the oat milk with almond milk!
  5. Hot Coffee with Almond Milk: It’s vegan-friendly and adds only 25 calories! Yes, you heard it right. Hot coffee with almond milk is the best healthy drink you can get without adding too much sugar or cream.
  6. Plain Iced Cold Brew: Cold coffee has something unique, and the right taste of it makes your day! Healthy Dunkin drinks plain iced cold brew is a must-try. It has less bitterness and acidic count, adding only the beans’ natural flavor. And it is only 5 calories!
  7. Toasted Almond Brew: Toasted almond brew is perfect for your sweet buds. At 15 calories, you have the right reason to enjoy it without any complaints!
  8. Vanilla Hazelnut Cold Brew: Well, if you love Nutella, you will love this drink. Make your cold brew with one shot each of French vanilla and hazelnut for that perfect taste. Don’t worry, as the calory count is safe at 30!
  9. Blueberry Oat Cold Brew: Healthy Dunkin drinks consist of new variants, and the blueberry oat cold brew is among them! The medium cup adds 30 calories, making it the right combo.
  10. Cappuccino with Skim Milk: Do you want to enjoy your favorite cappuccino without worrying about calories? If yes, the cappuccino with skim milk, one of the healthy Dunkin drinks, is for you. The frothy and creamy drink consists of 70 calories for a medium size cup! Go get yours now!
  11. Skim Milk Latte: There is nothing refreshing regarding healthy Dunking drinks! Have this freshly prepared latte with skim milk and French vanilla to let out all the tiredness. If you are thinking about the calories, then a medium size cup consists of only 82 calories, and pairing it up with a protein bar will refresh you instantly!
  12. Iced Latte with Almond Milk and Toasted Almonds: Oh yeah! Almonds and iced latte! They are the perfect combination and give you the taste you enjoy from a latte. Order the unsweetened latte with a shot of toasted almonds and almond milk. The creamy soft drink comes up to 90 calories for a medium cup, which is very accommodating.
  13. Double Coconut Iced Macchiato: Among the new entrants in the healthy Dunkin drinks is the double coconut iced macchiato. It is delicious and has a low-calorie count! The medium cup adds only 45 calories and is perfect for that evening when you like to be alone and enjoy yourself.
  14. Hot Herbal Tea: Healthy Dunkin drinks include even tea to ensure that it is attracting everyone! You have six varieties to choose from when you order an herbal tea! The best part is a few of them are zero calories for a medium cup.
  15. Unsweetened Iced Tea: If you relish the taste of tea and are in a hurry, get yourself the unsweetened iced tea. Any size drink of this variant has only 5 calories! If you like adding a pinch of sweetness, use the sugar-free sweetener packet!
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Wrap Up Time

Healthy Dunkin drinks have one drink or the other for everyone. Most recipes are below the century mark, and there are loads of options. Even the unsweetened versions taste so good that you wished you had them earlier. The use of almond and oat milk adds that natural sweetness without increasing those tarrying calories. So, the next time you stop at Dunkin, get yourself a healthy drink!


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