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How to Collect Honey in Minecraft: Solution for Beginners

How to collect honey in Minecraft

Minecraft is a popular 3D sandbox game that was released in the year 2009. It instantly became a famous game among many as you could build structures and also extract raw materials, craft new items, and use different tools in the game of Minecraft.  However, there is one interesting addition introduced in the “Java Edition” version 1.15 known as the “Buzzy Bees” update, where you can collect honey from the beehives. In this article, we will explore a step by step procedure to understand how to collect honey in Minecraft.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Collecting Honey in Minecraft 

1. Looking for Bees and their Beehives 

Your honey-collecting journey begins by looking for bees and their hives. You can find the bees in the meadows, forests, or flower fields where they are found naturally. Once you have spotted the bees, you can follow them as they will lead you to their beehives. The hives are typically attached to trees or other surfaces but remember to be careful, as disturbing bees without proper protection can provoke them and can lead to potential stinging!

bees and beehives
Credits- Beebom

2. Craft your own Beehive 

If you are unable to find a beehive in the forest and want to know How to collect honey in Minecraft, don’t worry! You can also craft your beehive. To craft your beehive, you need six wooden planks and three honeycombs. You even have the option to mix and match different kinds of wood if you wish to.

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How to collect honey in Minecraft
Credits- Insider

You can make use of the Silk Touch- Enchanted tool 

The essential element of knowing How to collect honey in Minecraft lies in the collection of honeycombs. After you have located the beehive, the next step is to gather honeycombs. This process can be done by using the enchanted tool with Silk Touch. 

  • First, you need to ensure you have a tool, such as a pickaxe, enchanted with a Silk touch in your hotbar. This will guard you from angering bees while interacting with them. 
  • The next step is to approach the beehive without directly tapping on it. Then use the silk touch enchanted tool by right-clicking on the beehive after which you can safely extract the honeycombs without angering the bees. 

3. Collect Honeycombs

To achieve a successful harvesting of honey, you need to collect honeycombs. After you have extracted a silk touch-enchanted tool, you can interact with the beehive to collect honeycombs. If you want to make your beehive, you have to ensure that you have harvested at least three honeycombs in your storage.

Credits- HubPages


Craft your own Beehive and Place it

Now, if you are wondering How to collect honey in Minecraft after harvesting honeycomb, don’t worry about it. You can use the above-mentioned recipe for crafting a beehive in your desired location within your Minecraft world. Remember to place the beehive at a strategic location around the flowers, as they can play a crucial role in the bees’s pollination process. 

4. Tempt the bees 

To attract the bees in your newly crafted beehive, surround it with flowers. Bees in Minecraft are generally drawn to flowers, therefore crafting a beehive near flowers increases the likelihood of bees entering the hive. As soon as the bees enter the hive, they will start producing honey. 

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How to collect honey in Minecraft
Credits- Screenrant

5. Use a glass bottle to collect honey

After the bees have started to produce honey, you can collect your reward in a glass bottle. You can craft a glass bottle in Minecraft by using glass blocks, and then right-click on the beehive to collect the honey. Now that you know how to collect honey in Minecraft, you can successfully yield bottles of honey in this adventure. Beware of disturbing the bees too often, as it can lead to a bee attack. 

glass bottle
Credits- IGN

6. Use a Campfire to protect yourself. 

You can protect yourself from the angry bee attack by placing a campfire beneath the beehive. Once you see that the hive is ready to be harvested then place a campfire underneath it. Then you can safely extract the honey as smoke from the campfire calms the bees. 

How to collect honey in Minecraft
Credits- Sportskeeda

You can identify ready hives by looking at the gooey honey spilling out of the beehive. The texture of the hive changes and it turns golden yellow followed by a honey dripping effect. 

7. Expand your Honey Farm 

When you have fully learned how to collect honey in Minecraft, you can expand your honey farm by crafting additional beehives. This will allow you to increase your honey production in the game and enhance the overall game experience. But remember to construct new beehives in strategic locations, especially near the flowers

Essential items for Harvesting honey in Minecraft 

There are certain essential items you require to successfully harvest honey in Minecraft, that include:

  1. Glass Bottles to collect the honey
  2. Silk Touch-Enchanted tools to safely extract the honeycombs without angering the bees. 
  3. A Beehive to collect honey. 
  4. Flowers to attract the bees to beehives. 
  5. Campfire to prevent yourself from getting attacked by the bees


Now that you have understood how to collect honey in minecraft, you can enjoy your reward! Honey is a valuable resource in Minecraft, it is a sustainable food source and also helps you in crafting honeyblocks. By combining the mentioned steps and the right tools, you can easily master the art of collecting honey and additionally benefit from it. So, start your honey-collecting journey now!

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