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How To Get Rid of Centipedes? Learn These Practices To Keep Centipedes Far Away

how to get rid of centipedes

Do you also have centipedes as unwelcome guests in your home? Watching them crawling over your kitchen, washroom, and couch is very disgusting. Although they are non-dangerous, their appearance generates anxiety, and you want to throw them out of your house. Want to know How to Get Rid of Centipedes? It is not an impossible task. By finding favorable living conditions for these creepy creatures, we can eliminate them to protect our houses. Getting a solution will become easier if we find out the why factor of the problem, here the why factor is, from where they are arriving and why they are entering your house. Come, let’s find out!!

Understand Centipedes and Their Behaviour

To take them out of your house, you first need to build a strong understanding of their habitat, the preferred situation of living, and some common characteristics, then, we will tell you about How To Get Rid of Centipedes? These creatures belong to the arthropods family and Chilopoda class. These nocturnal creatures hide during the day and become super active at night.

The favorite living conditions of these centipedes include darkness and moisture. They usually crawl areas including bathrooms, basements, and other crawlspaces and damp environments. Centipedes can easily find out their prey such as insects, spiders, and other small creatures. Yet their bite can not cause any serious issues, but discomfort and mild irritation can happen to the person. Now, the question is How To Get Rid of Centipedes?

how to get rid of centipedes

How To Get Rid of Centipedes in A Effective Manner

It will be challenging to throw out those creepy creatures out of your house and life but it is not impossible to get rid of them. All you need to do is to follow the easy yet effective instructions to save your house from them. Here are the easy instructions to follow –

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1. Remove the Excessive Moisture Zones in Home

Moisture attracts the centipedes more and creates an ideal living environment for them. If you want to How To Get Rid of Centipedes then clearing the moisture is the most important task you have to do. You can reduce the moisture in many ways including by fixing the leaks. Keenly examine the plumbing leaks including the pipes, water supply lines, and other points and fix them before moisture attract the crawlers.

You can maintain good airflow by opening windows or using an exhaust fan, it will help in giving your home proper ventilation and a moisture-free environment. Other than this, you can also make use of effective appliances like Dehumidifiers that help in extracting the excessive moisture from the house. Ensuring drainage and rainwater can also help you in removing the extra moisture.

2. Remove the Clutters #HidingSpots

Those sealing gaps clutter, and wall voids are some hiding homes for the centipedes. These spaces invite centipedes to your house. Decluttering is the best way to exclude them from your house. Find out the dark areas and spots and clean them properly. It could be areas like basements, attics, storage spaces, or any other dark spots.

If there is any damage sealing gaps or cracks on the wall or screen, fix them to combat the centipede situation. If you have a small or large garden, make sure to clear all debris, trim the shrubs, and tree branches to not offer easy access to the centipedes.

3. Find Natural Solutions in Your Home

There are many things available in our home, and lack of knowledge does not allow us to use them in the right manner. Also, using this natural solution can stop us from using harsh chemicals. You can use natural substances including citrus sprays, tea tree oil, peppermint oil, or diatomaceous earth. All these natural substances can help in giving you independence from the centipedes. Spray these substances at the living spaces of these creatures or where you find they are active the most, and see the outcome.

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how to get rid of centipedes

4. Seek For Professional Advice

This is the last call to action when no other way works for you. Taking the guidance of professionals is the ultimate way to get rid of these crawlers. The professionals have years of experience and expertise in the field, and they know how to tackle the situation in a better manner. They will examine the home thoroughly and use the best way to prevent you and your house from the centipedes.

How to Know Centipedes Are There in Your Home?

Various signs can make you aware of the fact that centipedes have entered your home and it is time to take precautionary actions to eliminate them from your home. Spotting live centipedes is the most obvious sign that indicates their appearance. Whenever you find a long-segmented body creature, it is a sign of a centipede. Another sign is their shedding skin, as these creatures grow, they left their exoskeletons.

Their stinky droppings are the other sign by which you can identify their appearance in your home. They formed small cylindrical or oval-shaped waste around their hiding spots. Also, if you find out any red marks on your skin and it feels itchy, then it is a sign of centipedes in your home.


We all face these creepy cases once or many times in our life but if we don’t know How To Get Rid of Centipedes, then it will become more messy. Understanding their behavior and the environment they like can help you to find out where they are hiding. After that, you can apply any of the effective instructions into action according to the situation to get them out of your house. Also, cleaning and maintaining it regularly is the key that closes the door for these centipedes permanently. So make sure to follow a cleaning schedule regularly.

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