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How to Take Apple Cider Vinegar: Ways to Consume AVC

how to take apple cider vinegar

The whole world seems to be going crazy over apple cider vinegar lately. But are you thinking it is a recently discovered super tonic? Well, that isn’t true! Our ancestors used ACV for the numerous health benefits it has. If you’re wondering what kind of advantages, you would not have to search anymore. We have got for you all the potential health benefits, side effects, and everything you need to know about ACV. Since it has a strong and pungent taste, you may struggle to wonder how to take apple cider vinegar. But we’ve got you covered for that too! Scroll down to know the different ways to consume this drink.

What is Apple Cider Vinegar?

Before we tell all about apple cider vinegar uses and its tremendous benefits, don’t you want to know what it is? Well, ACV is nothing but a vinegar made out of apples. To be a little more specific, it is a fermented form of apple juice.

If you want to take apple cider vinegar, all you need to do is crush the apple and then expose it to yeasts. When you do this, the sugar present naturally in the apples gets fermented over some time. Then gradually, it turns into an alcoholic beverage. The process is quite similar to what we do with wine. But the only difference you need to do is ferment the apples twice. The first time it turns into wine, and then the second time, the apples turn into vinegar.

ACV Nutritive Value

You know how tempting it is to make ACV, but do you know how useful it is to your health? It can be an excellent tonic for your health for the lasting nutritional value it has.

Apple cider vinegar is a powerhouse of all the nutrients, and that’s why it is such a magical tonic. It comes loaded with phosphorus, magnesium, iron, and manganese. It also contains sodium, amino acids, and no fat. Having ACV is excellent because of the enormous amounts of antioxidants present in it. When you consume one tablespoon of apple cider, you’re giving your body only three calories. With such a low-calorie count, don’t you want to lose weight having ACV? Well, then we’ll tell you exactly how to take apple cider vinegar in our blog!

Apple Cider Vinegar Benefits on Health

Apple cider vinegar benefits on health are immense. It is a magical vinegar that can-do spells on your health. It is an excellent inclusion to your diet and let us see how you can make yourself healthier by having apple cider:

Apple Cider Vinegar and Weight Loss

Apple cider vinegar uses are immense in case of weight loss as it was used since ancient times. Moreover, you can useACV without even making much changes in your daily diet. But it would help if you made some lifestyle changes to get the best effects.

Even if you take apple cider vinegar in minimal amounts, it can keep you full for a very long time. So, it curbs you from frequent cravings on snacks and other foods that might lead to weight gain. When you start the weight loss regime, it can be quite challenging for you to keep away from foods you love and remain focused on the weight loss goal. But ACV can help you be on the right track!

Blood Sugar

When you think about taking ACV to control your blood sugar levels, you need to keep few things in mind. ACVis a perfect tonic to prevent yourself from having diabetes. If you have the chance of inheriting blood sugar, you can have ACV to control the circumstances.

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You can drink ACV in the morning to control your blood sugar levels. But you cannot replace ACV with any preexisting medications and insulin. So, if you’re on any prescribed drugs, consult the doctor before consuming ACV. That is because it causes an imbalance in your potassium levels if you already have diabetes. However, diabetic patients should always exercise and remain healthy to keep blood sugar levels regular.

Blood Pressure Levels

Apple cider vinegar can lower cholesterol and blood pressure levels as well. Renin is a hormone that controls the contraction and dilation of your blood vessels. This hormone produces in the kidneys, and ACV can control the secretion of it. When your blood vessels contract, the pressure of the blood flow increases. So, to relax the vessels and keep your blood pressure normal, you can take apple cider vinegar.

Researches show positive results in controlling bad cholesterol and increasing cholesterol levels by drinking apple cider vinegar just before meals. The presence of natural antioxidants that the great vinegar has, you can control the cholesterol levels easily.


ACV cures indigestion and bloating. You can drink this to reduce heartburn and for many other digestion-related problems. When you have a stomach ache or discomfort after having your meals, you face stomach problems. You must address these problems as soon as you see them. And to do that, ACV can come to your rescue!

ACV helps you because it increases the production of acid, which is good for your digestion. When your body doesn’t produce the right amount of acid, your stomach-related problems start. So, next time you have a stomach upset, you know what to have!

Wound Healing

Do you know that ACV can kill harmful bacteria? As a matter of fact, in olden days, apple cider vinegar was used to treat fungus and disinfect wounds. It has always been an easy and superb way to kill the bacteria to prevent and treat any damage. Moreover, it can inhibit bacteria such as E-coli. You can use ACV for its natural perseverative properties. It won’t allow your food to get spoilt and is better than any other artificial preservatives.


By drinking ACV in the morning, you can get rid of numerous of your health problems. It may help you in preventing cancer as it promotes your health overall. Multiple reasons can cause cancers, and ACV may not be the absolute cure or cancer prevention. But it can minimize the rate at which the cancer cells grow.

It would help if you did not drink ACV in place of your medications or treatment. It can boost tonic you can have with your doctor’s consent after being detected with any cancer. But you can always have it to prevent the chances of having cancer.

Apple Cider Vinegar for Hair and Skin

Apart from the apple cider benefits on health, you can drink it to enhance your skin looks and improve your hair health. Isn’t it amazing? ACV has immense capabilities in reducing acne and can even treat it. You can also choose this wondrous drink to soothe down any sunburn and prevent the chances of wrinkles. It contains anti-aging properties that help you in getting wrinkle-free skin.

ACV can also reduce frizzy hair and helps you handle tangled hair. Moreover, it can retain the moisture and seal your hair cuticles. Also, apple cider vinegar works great to treat dandruff. But always remember to dilute the concentrated apple cider vinegar if you’re thinking of applying it to your scalp and skin.

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Now, don’t you want to know how to take apple cider vinegar to reap the so many benefits mentioned above? Hang in there, and you’ll get it all below!

Why Take Apple Cider Vinegar?

Do you need any more explanations about why you need to drink apple cider vinegar? It provides your body with numerous benefits; no doubt having apple cider vinegar is going to great! It is filled up with multiple nutrients and keeps you filled up for really long. So, below we have got you ways how you need to drink apple cider vinegar.

How to take apple cider vinegar?

You can always drink ACV in small amounts in the diluted form. But if you do not like the taste of ACV, here are some ways to introduce this excellent vinegar:

Add it to your marinading recipes or even your salad dressing. It will give your salads a unique taste.

You can try making a tonic with ACV and lemon juice or try having it with any liquid. All you need to do is add around two tablespoons full of ACV to any fruit juice you like. You’ll drink down the benefits of apple cider vinegar and not feel the taste of it at all. Even more, you can enjoy the benefits of your favorite fruit juice too. You can top it up with some cayenne or cinnamon powder to give it a spicy flavor. If you have a sweet tooth, you can add in a spoon of honey to it. It isn’t smart to enjoy the ACV benefits and not taste it at all!

Finally, here’s a way to take apple cider vinegar if you love the taste of it. Add in some water to dilute the ACV and drink it sip by sip!

What is the Apple Cider Vinegar Dosage?

You know everything about the benefits and, most importantly, how to take apple cider vinegar. But it would help if you consumed this vinegar in minimum amounts. So, wondering how much? Here we will help you with the perfect dosage to reap its maximum benefits.

You need to consume around 15 to 30 ml in one day, which means around one or two tablespoons of ACV. But you cannot have it raw. Remember to dilute it in half a glass of water. If you do not like the taste, try having it on your salad, marinades, or fruit juices. But remember not to go overboard with ACV because it might have side effects. And that is exactly what we are going to focus on below.

Apple Cider Vinegar Side Effects on Health

We are focusing a lot on the apple cider vinegar dosage for the side effects if consumed in massive amounts. Although it doesn’t cause much harm, if you start loving ACV’s strong taste, you may begin to have it in large quantities. So, before you start doing that, we have the apple cider vinegar side effects below:

  • Being overly acidic, people suffering from kidney problems and ulcers should not consume ACV at all.
  • It can lead to tooth enamel weakening and tooth decay.
  • If you suffer from low potassium levels, you must not consume ACV. It is used to treat people with higher levels of potassium and prevent developing varying levels.
  • You can always have ACV to enhance your digestion, but you might face digestion problems if you start having too much of it.
  • If you suffer from existing digestion problems like acid reflux or ulcers, having apple cider vinegar is not a good idea. It might worsen your problems a lot.
  • When you use ACV to treat your sunburns, remember to dilute it always. That is because you may end up burning your skin surface. You can add around a tablespoon of ACV in your bathing water and use it. But the undiluted form must not be used!

Final Thoughts

As we conclude our blog today, you surely know all the ACV uses and why it should be consumed in moderate amounts. If you have any preexisting problems, let your doctor know and only include it in your diet!

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