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Jacqueline Maclnnes’ Net Worth and Professional Career


Jacqueline Maclnnes is a popular female actor, model, TV host, and disc jockey in Canada. She has become famous for her outstanding role as Steffy Forrester in the US-based soap opera The Bold and Beautiful. Besides, she has gained her name in the United States and Canada with her role as Olivia Castle in the Final Destination 5 Hollywood movie. According to the latest data related to Jacqueline Maclnnes’ net worth, her approximate net worth valued up to December 2022 is $8 million. Other than her net worth, Jacqueline has obtained many nominations for Daytime Emmy Awards and she won the award of Outstanding Lead Actress in 2019.

Early Life of Jacqueline Wood

Jacqueline Maclnnes was born on the 17th of April 1987 in the Windsor area of Ontario, Canada. James C Wood and Alexandra Maclnnes are her parents. She becomes the ancestry of French, Cree, Scottish, and Brazil. She also has a half-sister named Dani Probert who married Bob Probert (late NHL player). She obtained her acting skills from the Ryerson University of Toronto.

Professional Career and Awards 

Jacqueline Maclnnes has made her appearance in acting for the first time commercially as the hair girl for First Choice Haircutters. After the success of her commercial, she moved to Canada’s Toronto to pursue her acting career. She started as Steffy Forrester at the age of 21 years on the US-based soap opera The Bold and the Beautiful.

In 2011, Jacqueline Maclnnes played the role of Olivia Castle in a US-based horror film of Final Destination 5. The film has become a both critical and commercial success by grossing more than $157 million at the Box Office of America. Maclnnes obtained a nomination for two consecutive years in the Daytime Emmy Awards as the Outstanding Younger Actress based on her performance in The Bold and the Beautiful opera show. At the end of 2013, she also appeared on the cover of a Mini Calendar Maxim 2013.

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Jacqueline acted in Her Husband’s Betrayal Lifetime TV film in August 2013. After only a few months, Maclnness hosted a TV series Party On aired on E TV. Here, she traveled in different parts of the world by holding a spotlight on a few of the worldwide famous and party-friendly beaches and resorts. Jacqueline mainly visited Sardinia, Istanbul, and Mykonos while organizing her Party On show. In 2014, she starred with Charlie Sheen in an episode of the comedy TV series Anger Management and just after one year, she renewed her deal with The Bold and the Beautiful TV soap opera. Jacqueline received her nomination as Outstanding Supporting Actress in Daytime Emmy Awards for acting in a drama series of B&B in two consecutive years and she won the respective award in the 2019 Award Ceremony.

Other than acting, Jacqueline Wood works occasionally as a singer and a disc jockey. She released her debut single in 2012 with the dance song After Hours. Chaz E. Foley is the singer of the respective song and he is also her wardrobe stylist. Jacqueline strongly supported pet rescue organizations and devoted her time to spreading awareness of dog shelters and the responsibility of pet owners via social media posts. She even volunteers for several charitable initiatives dedicated to supporting the rescue of animals.

Net Worth of Jacqueline Maclnnes 

Once we know relevant facts related to the early life and career of the Canadian actress, the question comes what is the net worth of Jacqueline Maclnnes? For this, we should say that research analysts believe that the net worth of Jacqueline Maclnnes is approximately $8 million. The multimillionaire Canadian woman obtained most of her wealth from her performance in TV shows and movies.

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How Does Jacqueline Maclnnes Earn Money

Jacqueline started her career as an actress in 2006 and she worked in five Hollywood films. In particular, she made a massive amount of money from the Box Office Smash of 2011 as Final Destination 5. Even though the film has a budget of $40 million it succeeded to gross about $158 million across the world. After that, Maclnnes starred in a TV soap opera named The Bold and the Beautiful from 2008 to 2013. Here, she earned from $2,000 to $3,000 for a single episode. She returned to the same opera in 2015 and is continuing to perform in the act. However, now, she is earning about $6000, or twice the amount she received in the past.

If you check Jacqueline Maclnnes net worth, you will learn that the actress initially earned only a few thousand bucks for a single episode, as the earning is customary in the case of TV soap opera actresses. However, her payout per episode gradually increased from 2008 to 2013 based on her improvement in performance and popularity on social media sites. Other than the increase in earnings and popularity, Jacqueline has also won two Soap Hub Awards and two Daytime Emmys Awards. Maclnnes has kept herself busy on the opera The Beautiful. However, she succeeded to purchase a mansion worth $4.5 million in California. Besides, she and her husband Elan Ruspoli owned a modern home in the neighborhood of Hollywood Hills worth $1.5 million. While the exact amount of money Jacqueline Maclnnes will earn in the coming months is unknown, we have assumed that her net worth of Jacqueline Maclnnes will grow consistently in the upcoming years.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the net worth of Jacqueline Maclnnes?

Jacqueline Maclnnes has a net worth of approximately $8 million, as highlighted from the reports of December 2022.

What is the profession of Jacqueline Maclnnes? 

Jacqueline Maclnnes or Jacqueline Maclnnes Wood is an actress, model, disk jockey, and television host in Canada.

Whether Jacqueline Maclnnes Wood is married and who is her husband?

Yes, Jacqueline Maclnnes Wood is a married woman and her husband is Elan Ruspoli.

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