How to Use Mobile Apps to Play Brain Training Games!

Mobile Apps to Play Brain Training Games

With mobile apps a prominent part of our lives today, we can use them for just about anything. We can control our weight, monitor our finances, stay in touch with people on the other side of the world, plan holidays, and train our brains so we stay alert. By using a mobile application to play brain training games are also helpful.

In today’s competitive business world being alert and keeping your brain trained to think quickly can make or break you in your career while having a quick-thinking mind also helps us with our social lives. 

Some people feel that work is enough to keep their brains sharp, but let’s be honest, even if you love your job, there are times you need a break. So how about using those breaks to train your brain using non-stressful and fun apps that still keep your mind sharp but can also help you to zone out from work or stressful thoughts.

Below we look at some apps in which you can play brain training games, it is available in Android, Apple, and the Microsoft Store.

Strategy Games Are Perfect For Staying Alert While Relaxing

There are tons of strategy games that can help keep you relaxed while not completely shutting your mind down. Chess and backgammon are arguably the most popularly downloaded games. Many of the mobile apps with these two popular games available to connect you to play brain training games with other people around the world so you can pitch your skills against them. 

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Both games require plenty of strategic thinking while they are fun and relaxing. And if you use an app, the better you get at playing the game, the higher your rating becomes so you can then start to play versus better opponents which helps to continually challenge your mind.

Blackjack’s Basic Strategy Is Great for Memory Training

If you like Pontoon, then it is highly likely that you will also enjoy blackjack because both games are practically the same. 

The great think about Blackjack is that you do not need to play versus other people. There are tons of online casino apps that you can download and play against the house either for free, with real money, cryptocurrency, or bonus money if the casino offers a bonus deal. 

Head over to Playcasino where you will find more than 100 online casinos with mobile apps that offer free play options, bonus money offers, and real money games.

Blackjack is famous for the MIT card counting teams that took casinos for millions. One vital area of card counting is known as ‘basic strategy’. This is a perfectly legal blackjack strategy to use and casinos do not frown on it whatsoever. It is a strategy that tells you whether to hit, double down, surrender, split, or stand according to your card total and the dealer’s face-up card. 

As you can imagine, there are hundreds of card combinations, but nearly all seasoned blackjack players that have memorized every one of the combinations. Not only is this a fun game, but learning basic strategy is the ultimate test because, and if you master it, you increase your chances of winning by 1% to 3%.

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Try Apps with Word, Shape, and Visual Puzzles for All-Around Brain Training

Elevate is arguably the best all-around brain training mobile app out there. It has more than 30 mini-games that are fun and help you speed up your brain, improve your memory, and solve problems. To unlock its full features, you will need to pay a monthly subscription.

Once you are in there are several areas you can test your focus, maths, reading comprehension, and memory while the app keeps score. You can even see when your performance drops which is a good indicator that you are tired or that need a rest even when you think you feel on top of your game. 

These games are not fun for everyone to be honest, and you can play brain training games and you will only be interested in them if you also want to increase your intellectual stamina at the same time as staying alert and training your memory. 

This brings us to an excellent alternative which is Cognito available for iOS users. This game also tests many of the same aspects as Elevate but with perhaps a more interesting or fun theme to it for some people. You will embark on a series of secret agents and global spying missions where you will need to use logic, memory, speed, and focus to outwit the game’s challenges. 

Try Some of These Mobile Games Out and Reduce Your Stress Levels

It is easy to reduce stress, escape from reality for a time out, and keep your mind healthy simply by finding the right mobile game apps. The above games are only suggestions, so you do not have to specifically choose blackjack or backgammon. These are just there to give you ideas so you can start thinking about mobile games that offer you a form of brain training and fun at the same time.


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