Pros and Cons of Energy Drink Consumption

pros and cons of energy drinks


Energy drinks are common nowadays and are popular among all ages of people who are competitive edge say working professionals of all-day energy, Athletes for competitions, students of high school to study all night and even by kids. 

We only know good things about energy drink consumption. In this article, let’s find the good and bad things about energy drink consumption in 2020. 

Good Things of Energy Drinks:

  1. It has Simple sugar:

  2. Taking sugar in a controlled amount provides energy and satisfies the needs of the body. Getting a lot of carbohydrates from drinks with a simple solution helps one while playing a football match or even run a long-distance marathon.
  3. It is a Convenient drink:

  4. We can just grab the energy drink and take some gulps. You will feel the burst of energy immediately just like you drank a cup of coffee.
  5. It Boosts the performance:

  6. During exercise, bodybuilding exercises, and even strenuous workouts, the energy drink is used to boost performance. It helps to build a long-lasting positive impact on a body.
  7. It can regulate the nervous system:

  8. Vitamin B12 present in the drink helps to regulate the nervous system and maintain a healthy digestive system. It helps keep red blood cells as required by the body.
  9. It contains Niacin:

  10. Niacin helps to fight arthritis pains and reduce blood lipids in the body.
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Bad Things of Energy Drinks:

  1. It causes Chronic health problems:

  2. Consuming energy drinks consistently over a period of time results in chronic health complications or even osteoporosis. It is because the caffeine component makes the body lose calcium, and results in weak bones.
  3. It leads to the accumulation of Belly fat:

  4. The ingredients with acidic effect have a large number of artificial flavors and sweeteners to make the drinks taste better. These ingredients adversely affect the functioning of organs leading to belly fat accumulation.
  5. It causes Heart arrhythmia:

  6. The mixture of caffeine in the energy drink interacts with the drugs that are related to heart medication can lead to arrhythmia.
  7. It leads to Type 2 diabetes:

  8. High consumption of caffeine components leads to the reduction of insulin sensitivity in the body. People suffering from diabetes should take energy drinks in moderation.
  9. It results in Miscarriage:

  10. It can cause late miscarriage in pregnancy which leads to extreme cases, (the woman may find it difficult to conceive again); it also results in low weight at the time of birth.

These were the pros and cons of energy drink consumption.  

Final Words:

I hope this article has helped you to understand the good things and the bad things about the energy drink consumption. If you have any queries to ask then feel free to post them in the comments area of this page. Also, share this content on your social media sites. 

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