Top 10 Benefits of Regular Exercise

Top 10 Benefits of Regular Exercise

Top 10 Benefits of Regular Exercise

As we get older, exercise becomes increasingly important. If you truly want to be healthy, you simply can’t leave it out of your lifestyle. The benefits are seemingly endless, from looking and feeling better, to greater mobility in everyday tasks, to reduced risks of various diseases and conditions.

 The great news is, that even if you haven’t worked out in years or have never worked out, it’s never too late! If you need a bit of motivation to get you going, then you’ll find it right here where we will go through all of the top benefits of regular exercise. 

  1. Lower/In-Control Bodyfat 

That’s right, exercising even 30 minutes a few times a week can help maintain or even lower your bodyfat percentage. This means you’ll see a more svelte body looking back at you in the mirror, and your close will start fitting better. 

  1. Stronger Bones, Muscles, and Joints

As we get older, bones, muscles, and joints tend to get weaker unfortunately. However, an easy way to combat this breaking down is by exercising. On top of that, you’ll also be at a lower risk of developing osteoporosis when you get older, which means less pain and potential trips to the hospital. 

  1. Feel Better

Do you ever just feel sluggish or in pain all the time? If so, then moving around would definitely do you some good! Even if you’re suffering from depression or anxiety, working out has been proven to help combat these symptoms and even make permanent improvements!

  1. Better Sleep

This kind of goes hand-in-hand with out last point. Some of us drink coffee, sleep for more than the recommended amount of time, and still have to drag ourselves out of bed in the morning. If you feel like you’re never rested enough, try going for a 1-hour walk or running up some stairs for 30 minutes. You’ll fall asleep faster and go into a deeper sleep to feel refreshed in the morning. If you don’t have any space to work out outdoors, try an under desk treadmill or elliptical!

  1. Healthier Mind

Exercise not only benefits our physical body, but our mind as well! As we already stated, it can help with anxiety and stress, but it can also help with ADHD symptoms, and even help people become more confident during social interactions with others! 

  1. Reduced Risk of a Heart Attack

One worry that many people have when they start getting older are heart attacks. Unfortunately, these are also growing more and more common as time goes on. However, exercising regularly can put you at a significantly lower risk of this happening to you as your heart and cardiovascular system in its entirety will be in better shape. 

  1. Lowered Risk of Type 2 Diabetes and Some Cancers

That alone has convinced many people to get up off the couch and into their running shoes. Exercise is one of the best things we can do to help fight off potential diseases and debilitating conditions. If you’re at particular risk for either one, there’s no excuse to not exercise. 

  1. Better Recovery

No matter if you’ve had an injury on the playing field or are trying to get over the flu, exercising regularly will help you recover more quickly and efficiently from either one. Our immune systems love when our bodies are moving, and reward us greatly for it. 

  1. Sense of Accomplishment

If you don’t have anything on the agenda for the day but still want to do something for your health, all you need is 30 minutes. We can assure you you’ll instantly feel more accomplished afterward, and you will go about your day with a higher energy level and better mood. 

  1. Confidence

Last but not least, exercise helps boost our confidence! Our muscles feel stronger, so we stand taller and more assertive. We feel sleeker and we are able to move with more control and poise. Who doesn’t want that? 

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So, that’s it! We hope you enjoyed reading about the top 10 benefits of regular exercise, and we hope you get out there right after this and get sweating! It doesn’t have to be anything overly complicated. The important part is that you’re moving. 

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