Top 6 loans to help to make money instantly

TOP 6 loans how to make money

Loans are often very helpful in tackling a sudden financial emergency during a crisis. Loans can be availed during your crucial times for instant cash options. In this changing world, anything can happen any time, and a financial emergency can strike at any point in time. Sometimes your savings will let you down as they won’t be sufficient,  when in need of instant cash. At this point, a loan will come in handy to save you from your needs. 

You may worry about the time frame for its approval, but there are a few short term loans which can help you. They are instant and available for a shorter duration similar to a personal loan that you may know. You may find these easier to deal with during your financial emergencies. There are various types of short term loans offered by banks and other NBFC based on your personal requirements.

Gold Loan

Gold loans are the funds disbursed with the pledging of your gold ornaments, jewellery at the valued rate offered by the banks and NBFC’s. They help in immediate procurement of funds in an emergency, and it fetches a good rate as per the value of the gold. The gold ornaments are verified and checked for purity. You will be sanctioned with the loan amount immediately once the evaluation is done. These loans are taken for a shorter period of time, for example, in paying for marriage expenses, weddings, medical emergencies, child education, college fees, and so on. In our country,there are many nationalised banks, public sector banks, Non-Banking finance organisations and private banks that will offer gold loan for attractive and high-interest rates based on the value of gold. A gold loan amount can be expected as high as up to 80% of the market value of the Gold. Gold loans at lower interest rates when compared to a personal loan which can be ranging between 12% and 16%.


Payday can be termed as a short term loan that gives higher interest rates than any personal loan available with a small tenure for your comfort. The main advantage of this short term loan is that you can avail this loan instantly with no delay. There are many Payday lenders like rupeelend, credit bazaar and loanbaba etc who provide payday loans in  India. A personal loan allows funds for a higher amount, but here you can opt for smaller loans. 

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You can submit your basic personal details such as your salary slip, PAN, bank statements , Aadhar and address proof copies online on this platform. They will credit the loan amount directly into your bank account on the very same day. The time delay of credit may depend on the amount, and you can take these loans for even a few days, especially to cope up till the day of your salary or any urgent needs. This differs from a personal loan as it involves a tenure of a minimum 1 year to the maximum number of years as per the plan chosen.

Loan sanctioned by Employer

In most of the companies in India, they have an option of availing short-term loans for the employees. You can make use of these loans from the employers you work for, which will be an easier solution. These loans by the employer will be given with a very low-interest rate or sometimes with no interest at all. You will also have an option of not paying it back as they will automatically deduct it from your monthly salary. But you will have to go through all the procedures, terms and conditions including the tax considerations for this loan as it varies depending on your employer.

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Credit card loans

Now everyone around us uses a credit card now, and it is very helpful during an emergency crisis. You can opt for a loan against your card instantly if you are using a credit card. It is very easy as a loan against your credit card is already pre-approved or pre-qualified. Your credit history, punctuality in repayment, the capacity of repayment and your credit card limit will be evaluated by the credit card company for the approval towards the amount and eligibility for that loan. 

You can sometimes expect a higher amount than the cash withdrawal limit. Credit card loan Interest rates will be the same as that of the personal loan, and it mostly stays the same for every credit card loan. The repayment option or period can be chosen by you varying between from 3 months and 24 months entirely depending on your convenience.

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Loans against your Mutual Funds

You can check with your bank to know  if they have an option for availing a loan against pledging your mutual funds. This is an easier option as it reduces the time involved for paperwork and other approvals and helps in instant disbursal of funds for your emergencies. You can take these short term loans against the debt funds as well as the equity-oriented funds. You can enjoy the advantage of availing this loan instantly with no worry about your credit history or score. This loan is secured and safe when compared to other ones.


Public provident fund (PPF) is another option where you can easily avail instant loans. When you have a public provident fund account that you have regularly contributed, you gain the eligibility to take a loan from the 3rd financial year to the 6th financial year of the opening of that account. A loan against a PPF account is charged at 2% higher than the interest you can earn on balance, and the loan will come at a very low-interest rate than a personal loan when compared. The repayment of this loan should be made within 36 months, and once you exceed the time, your interest rates go up by 6%. The maximum amount you can opt for, or eligible for is the 25% of balance available at the very end of the 2nd financial year prior to the loan application made in the year.

With many options above, you have the freedom to choose any loan based on the requirements and procedures involved in availing these loans and the one best suitable for your needs. Always have in mind that you can apply only when in need of money the most and plan a structure of repayment of the loan availed in a systematic manner. Taking a loan for unimportant reasons may lead to repayment issues and will affect your chances of finding a loan when really in need during an emergency. There are many loan options available in the market and it’s better to save every month from your salary for any emergency needs and try building up a contingency fund for all your requirements.

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