What Gen Z Asks for When Renovating Houses

When Renovating Houses

Individuals born from 1997 onward are part of Generation Z. With recent research showing that ‘Gen Z’ people are the first “digital natives,” they are considered the most diverse and best-educated generation ever. Now, how will this generation impact the current trends in home renovations? 

By 2021, the oldest members of this generation are expected to reach adulthood and most probably consider doing home remodelings like bathroom remodeling and kitchen remodeling

This article will try to grasp what Gen Z asks for when renovating houses to get familiar with what makes this generation stand out from any other generations. 

What to consider for Gen Z? 

Gen Z is known to be good at self-educating before making any decisions. So to best understand what this generation prefers in renovating houses, you must make an extra effort to prepare and analyze their current trend.

  • Practicality 

Recent studies reveal that Gen Z prioritizes practicality in choosing a house to live in, including proximity to essential places like shopping centers and nightclubs. Moreover, safety is important for this generation which would indicate that placing extra locks in your house might give your house extra points. 

  • Kind of House 

Recent surveys suggest that Gen Z home buyers are highly interested in detached, single-family homes. It is a free-standing residential building used as a single dwelling unit. They prefer smaller houses as, statistically speaking, they are currently at the stage where they may only be starting families. Also, smaller houses come with more affordability. 

  • Environmentally-savvy 

Many Gen Z people view the concept of climate change as a major conflict of the world, and more are willing to do their part in protecting the environment by using eco-friendly products. An example of an eco-friendly house is switching out your traditional light bulbs for compact fluorescent bulbs or light-emitting diode (LED) bulbs. Consult custom home designers for smart home upgrades like smart lighting systems, solar powers, and more! 

  • Architectural Layout 

Most single-family homes are built on lots larger than the structure itself, where a yard or garden is placed. Gen Z buyers usually buy the types of homes with open-concept layouts and outdoor amenities – like a patio, deck, garden, or yard. The current trend is incorporating nature into house renovations. 

  • Outdoor Spaces

As victims of the COVID-19 pandemic, Gen Z people most probably highly value outdoor amenities. Consult our interior designer if adding a patio or garden is possible for your renovation. Try adding a spice of outdoor lighting for more aesthetic pleasure. 

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Generation Z is the new target population of interior designing and remodeling as they enter the verge of adulthood, with the oldest group members turning 25 this year. The best way of preparing the best home for Gen Z  is to portray their character to your home renovations.


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