What Poker Can Teach Us About Staying Fit

Poker Can Teach

Poker is a well-loved card game, and it has grown even more popular over the past several years, as online platforms and poker apps have continued to gain popularity. It’s estimated now that there are some 120 million poker players active worldwide, with about 40 million playing online in the U.S. alone –– and numbers poised to grow as poker expands state by state. Michigan was the last state to legalize online gaming and sports betting, with Connecticut and Illinois expected to expand the club soon. And with each state that follows suit, hundreds of thousand if not millions more join the online poker world. Poker Can Teach –

Amidst all of this gaming activity, particularly online, one wouldn’t ordinarily think of fitness in relation to poker; after all, there’s virtually no strenuous physical activity involved when playing the game. However, the two are actually more similar than you would think. Read on to learn how and what Poker Can Teach .

Build a Strong Foundation- Poker Can Teach 

To play poker, you need to learn the ropes, equip yourself with basic skills, and familiarize yourself with strategies. But to be a good poker player, you need to study poker resources and look to experienced players for guidance. In the same way, staying fit requires you to get the sufficient fuel you need to prepare you and power you up. Focusing on preparing nutritious meals, avoiding junk food and processed foods, and getting enough hydration will allow you to produce a better performance, and achieve better results as well.

Learn From the More Experienced

A lot of regular poker players make a habit of watching more accomplished players at the tables, as well as at the World Series of Poker (which is still shown regularly on TV). The players at the WSOP aren’t all seasoned pros, but they are confident players putting themselves into competitive situations –– with dozens of tables, substantial prize money at stake, and top-notch competition. Watching them, ordinary poker players can soak up examples of how to handle pressure, how to interact with opponents, and maybe even how to handle some specific strategic situations. In short, players learn to look to experts for benefits –– which is a wise lesson to carry into fitness as well. Paying close attention to the actions and habits of people who have achieved terrific fitness –– whether that means friends, a trainer, a professional with a YouTube series, etc. –– you’ll find that you’ll learn lessons that translate to real benefits.

Consistency is Key

In our “10 Tips” on staying fit and healthy amidst a busy life, we highlighted consistency as one of the most important things you need to keep in mind. Incorporating regular exercise into your daily routine is necessary if you truly want to make it a habit. Not only will it help you maintain your ideal weight, but it can also help you become stronger and more capable of more intense workouts in the long run. And as it happens, you can develop these same habits and principles playing poker. Becoming better at poker requires playing frequently, trying out new moves, and expanding your skillset. Without consistency, you may see a bit of improvement here or there, but you won’t feel your game strengthening in a sustainable way.

Change Varies Between People

In a feature published by The Guardian, psychologist, author, and poker player Maria Konnikova shared some of the biggest lessons she’s learned from poker –– one of which is how change varies between people. Poker is an unpredictable game, and to sum up the notion, it goes differently for everybody. Some will learn lessons more quickly, some will experience better luck, and so on, such that everyone should expect a different experience. In a fitness context, you might be comparing yourself to others, looking to match progress promised by an app or program, or feeling that the change you’ve experienced is inadequate. But it’s important to remember that people’s bodies, attitudes, and mindsets adapt and change in different paces. It’s healthier to change at your own pace rather than force yourself to match others’.

You can learn many things from poker, and a lot of the lessons are ones you can apply to your fitness journey as well. In both poker and in health, as long as you place your long-term goals first, you’re sure to see valuable results.

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