When To Pierce Baby Ears?

There are many people who pierce the work of a child of their working age, the children are still small, they are not able to get their ears pierced. This thing also depends on where you are from where you follow the customs. Many people find it very happy to pierce the ears allergy of a young child, they do not feel any mistake that the ears of a young child should not be pierced.

You should check your child’s age before getting the ear pierced, take care of their willingness and consent. You should pay attention that they do not have any problem, doing all this without their will is wrong.

When should I get pierced?

There are no absurd novice recommendations for getting your child’s ears pierced, it’s all up to your to think about what you want to do for your baby.

If you have made up your mind that you want to get your child’s ear or nose tattooed, then you should consult your child’s doctor.

If your child is at least 1 year old, then you should get the child’s ears pierced so that they do not have any problem.

Some people like to get their child’s ears pierced in adolescence, but some people wait until their child becomes intelligent.

In our house, the elders do not feel so bad about getting their ears pierced, but some elders know when the child’s work will be fine.

By the way, if we talk about the problem, then it does not happen in children of any particular age, it happens to anyone anytime after getting their ears pierced.

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Tetanus injection is necessary during your child’s ear piercing, if another injection is given then it is not more defined.

The Protection

Save the born baby: If a newborn baby has been born in your house then you have to protect her and don’t get her ears pierced. Piercing the newborn baby can cause fever or some other symptoms, due to which admission to the hospital may be done.

Earrings: During ear piercing, you need to buy earrings or earrings that are prescribed for allergies, not allergic.

Equipment; Keep in mind whether the person is right to conclude or not, if right then the flag can be raised on success.

Six weeks earrings: If your child’s work is bleeding due to a hole in the nose or the pain has hurt, for 5 months, if you do not touch your baby’s earrings, do not touch them, Wash the pus from your child’s ear thoroughly with a cotton cloth and apply mustard oil for a week. Use Turmeric Turmeric and try that it seems to do so for a week so that the wound heals quickly.

Advice: Protecting the piercing side, how to protect them, how to protect them, what you can expect after the piercing, the conclusions you can consult with piercing.

Infection: During the transition, severe pain can shake you and keep you in pain for up to 24 hours.

After getting the ears pierced at the working age of the baby, can you see the articles of the form of touch below:

Ear Allergies: Some children have symptoms that they are allergic to fake earrings, some children are allergic to gold jewelry, which can cause problems. Some symptoms of allergy would be redness, sores, and rashes, if you see these symptoms even a little, then you should remove the gold and imitation jewelry. So that there is no more problem with allergies.


Cleaning: In order to heal the sore on your allergic site quickly, you should keep the place clean and keep away from insects and always take care of cleanliness.

Cartilage: Piercing the cartilage in comparison to the front of the lobe can lead to a fatal noncancerous disseminated infection. Which can cause huge damage.

Jewelry: Long and voluminous earrings can be harmful to you, due to their hanging from the ring, deep wounds and blood can come out, which will deepen the wound. You should not wear tall jewelry.


Pain Treatment: Some piercing processes can be an inflammatory sore which can also bring blood to your ear with redness and redness, you should get it treated by a good doctor. Do not wear jewelry.






In some cases of our country, ear piercing is considered essential, which has become necessary for your child, the same advice of some American professionals is that no one should do their child’s ear until the child is intelligent and reaches adolescence. Get it pierced Piercing your child’s ear can cause fatal symptoms of pain. If you have pierced ears, do not make any jewelry that will hurt if you wear it, your child may be allergic to gold or artificial.

If your child’s ears are pierced due to piercing, then you should immediately go to the doctors and bring the ointment and apply it, along with making a paste of turmeric.

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