Where Can I Watch Twilight for Free: Streaming Online

Where can I watch Twilight for free

There isn’t a better time to watch the Twilight series, though the big screen adaptation ended a decade ago, the love from the fans has not ended. Year after year, the movie is being watched and the conversation keeps going. This means that people are always in search of “Where can I watch Twilight for free”.

The franchise has 5 movies based on the original book series telling the saga between Edward Cullen and Bella Swan. Edward and his clan are vampires and they secretly live among humans. The movie was a cultural phenomenon and it’s one of the best Young Adult Fiction genres so far. If you have been searching for “Where can i watch Twilight for free” then this article just for you 

Where can I watch Twilight for free?

Franchises like Lucifer can be seen on streaming platforms, this is not the case with Twilight. All 5 movies are available in a DVD collection named “Twilight Forever” and the streaming was on various platforms for a limited run which includes Peacock and Hulu. The movie was also available on Amazon Prime Video Until Dec 1, 2023. If you don’t want movies on demand, then you can rent them on platforms like Vudu and others.

Streaming Platforms 

There are a few streaming platforms (listed below) that offer subscription-based streaming. You can also buy or rent the movies you want and if you are searching “Where can I watch Twilight for free” then these are the platforms that offer streaming for a small monthly subscription amount. 

1. Peacock

Peacock movie streaming platform
Image Credit: peacocktv.com

If you have a Peacock premium account or Peacock Premium Plus subscription, then you can watch Twilight for a $5.99/month subscription. Peacock is offering a free trial version for viewers and the free edition of the movies can be enjoyed online. There is also a free 7–day trial version available, you can make use of it as well. 

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2. Hulu

Where can I watch Twilight for free
Image Credit: hulu.com

Eager to know “Where can I watch Twilight for free” then Hulu is the right streaming site you need to consider. They are also offering a free trial for 7 days and come with a monthly subscription of $7 On-demand with advertisements. The platform is also charging on–demand without ads for $13 and the live TV charges can go up to $70. 

3. Vudu

Image Credit: pcmag.com

Twilight Saga (Bundle) can be rented on Vudu for $3.99 and to buy the bundle version you need to pay around $12.99. Vudu, an American digital video streaming platform also owns outlets within the country. They offer movies and shows to rent and buy. The platform is also offering monthly subscriptions starting from $3.99 or more. 

How to watch Twilight, if it’s not available in your region?

If Twilight is not available in your region, worry not! We have listed the best VPNs for watching Twilight. The sites mentioned allow access to Netflix and other famous streaming sites. The servers are fast and have unlimited bandwidth which means, your videos can stream lag–free. It also keeps you safe online and protects your privacy. They are also budget–friendly apps for both mobile and desktop.

1. NordVPN

Where can I watch Twilight for free
Image Credit: Wired UK

NordVPN is a popular VPN service that can also stream various libraries from Netflix which also includes Netflix. It has an impressive network of over 5,100 servers, located in over 60 countries. This VPN is tested personally and it’s the fastest of all. NordVPN has unlimited bandwidth and is free. You can now watch Twilight for free with NordVPN.

Despite all of the features, the UI is simple to use and easy for beginners as well. The app makes it very easy to connect to the server and adjust the preferences accordingly. You also get dedicated customer support who are available round the clock through live chat and email.

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  • Streams Twilight (All series)
  • Lag-free and unlimited
  • Strong security
  • Easy-to-use UI


  • Faced a data breach in 2018

2. Surfshark

Image Credit: Solutions Review

A budget-friendly VPN that has all useful features makes it a good option to consider. It works with various streaming sites which also includes Netflix. If you have been looking for “where to watch Twilight for free” then make use of this VPN to watch on Netflix. This also works with BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime Video, and Disney +. This VPN doesn’t get slow and gives you an average of 324 Mbps speed.

One standout feature is that you can connect to as many devices as you want and it also provides round-the-clock support through email and live chat.


  • Fast and doesn’t slouch
  • Allows you to connect to multiple devices
  • You can also connect to Double VPN serves
  • Works with Amazon Prime, Netflix and others


  • Switching serves is slow

3. ExpressVPN

Where can I watch Twilight for free
Image Credit: ExpressVPN

This VPN has served in more countries than the ones on the list. They also work in some of the leading online streaming sites. So, if you want to watch Twilight on Netflix, then make use of ExpressVPN. You are allowed to stream as much as content you need without restriction. The user–friendly app and browser extension make this VPN noticeable. Just like other sites mentioned in the list, this also has 24/7 customer support. Your data is secured with 256–bit AES encryption once it’s connected. Some of the other security features include DNS, WebRTC, and IPv6. You can watch Twilight with this VPN on most of the streaming sites.


  • Serves in 94 countries
  • Keeps data secure
  • Fast and lag-free
  • Suitable for both Desktop and Mobile


  • Expensive


You have been looking all around the internet “Where can I watch the Twilight movies for free”? and your search ends here! Though the movie is available on streaming platforms it is said to be available on Netflix in other countries. The movie is also available to rent via Amazon Prime Video! So, there you have it – that is exactly how and where you can see all the movies in order.

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