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Renaissance Faire Bristol


The city of Bristol is in the inland area of the Avon River. Recognized as the port city, it gives access to the surrounding Bristol Channel. It also has an illustrious history of many old ports in England. Here, we have discussed a few popular attractions of the city of Bristol. At the same time, you will know interesting facts about the famous renaissance faire named the Renaissance Faire Bristol.  

The faire recreates a visit to Bristol, the port city of England by the famous Queen Elizabeth of England in the year 1574. Every year, the fair goes on in a 30-acre Renaissance-themed park in the Bristol village of Wisconsin. The fair starts in the early weeks of July and it continues for nine weekends through the United States Labor Day.

Popular Attractions of the Port City Bristol

Floating Harbour of Bristol

To start your tour to Bristol, we suggest you visit the city’s old port named Floating Harbour on its Avon River. Here, you will find many old warehouses and wharves converted and restored for various contemporary applications.

The area has now become home to many galleries and museums. Besides, you will get a chance to explore a few top attractions, like the Curious Science Center and the Bristol Aquarium. Moreover, the harbor allows you to enjoy Arnolfini visual arts, performing arts, and local music.

St. Mary Redcliffe

St. Mary Redcliffe is a Baroque-style church, which belongs to the southern part of Floating Harbour. The church got its name from the famous Red Cliffs in the surrounding area. The church has clustered pillars, slender, and reticulated vaults. It also has a richly decorated entrance and a hexagonal porch.

Each of these aspects can display the wealth possessed by the rich merchants of Bristol. You will get a glimpse of St. Mary Redcliffe Church in various events that go on during the cc. The reason is that Queen Elizabeth described the building as the fairest parish church of the country during her visit to the port city Bristol.

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Bristol Cathedral

Bristol Cathedral is another church of Bristol, which elevated to its cathedral status in the year 1542. However, it was originally the church of a local saint named Saint Augustine Abbey.

The cathedral took about 600 years to reach its present status. The east end of the church has wonderful decor, which dates from 1298 to 1330. The transepts and the central tower of the church are according to those of the 16th century. In contrast, the towered west facade and the name of the Cathedral Church belong to the 19th century.

A Rectangular chapter house is an interesting feature of the Bristol Cathedral. Prime aspects of the house are its late Norman zigzags decoration, interlacing designs, and fish-scale patterns. Moreover, you make sure to visit the Great Gatehouse, recognized as the St. Augustine Abbey gatehouse. The gate highlights many good examples associated with using pointed arches.

The SS Great Britain of Brunel

The SS Great Britain of Brunel is the first-ever iron-hulled ship for passengers. Isambard Kingdom Brunel, a renowned engineer designed the famous passenger ship for British people. An interesting aspect is that he used screw propellers on a passenger ship for the first time in history.

After rescuing from the oblivion and scuttling off the surrounding Falkland Islands, the ship is currently at the great western dock of Bristol. Furthermore, the ship highlights a testament to the engineering ingenuity of Isambard Brunel.

Nowadays, you may stroll the upper decks of the ship and explore the below ones. You may even get the opportunity to peep in the luxury cabins of passengers belonging to First Class.

Other than that, the site allows you to view the David MacGregor Library and the Brunel Institute. The library includes archives of many documents, books, plans, and other objects associated with Brunel.

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Bristol Museum and Art Gallery

Bristol Museum and Art Gallery comprise six fine museums of the port city. The building has three floors to highlight historical collections of England’s Queen Elizabeth. These include Egyptian mummies, dinosaurs, wildlife, glass and pottery products, gemstones, and oriental arts. Even you will find a collection of Old Masters.

The museum has a separate section dedicated to engineer Brunel and his massive technical achievements. While moving ahead, you will find Red Lodge Museum. The museum has many old furniture pieces and a fine room for Queen Elizabeth.

Interesting Aspects of the Renaissance Faire Bristol

Mud Show

Mud show is an ongoing show, which gives lots of fun. As the name highlights performers of the show covered them with mud. According to the adage of mud show participants, the complete world is a stage and one only has to add water. Moreover, mud show performers live their lives as beggars and spend many hours while collecting cash from praising the audience in the show.


Entertainment is an interesting aspect of the Renaissance Faire Bristol. Here, the fair schedule reads similar to a day planner of any cruise ship. You will find 19 performance venues, which include the Joust Arena and the Mud Pit. Each of the shows is of huge worth for tourists to spend time for a while. However, we recommend you to attend the Barely Balanced show organized by a few comedian acrobats.

As a talented crew, its members tell us many juggles, jokes, and entertain us while they climb atop each other. These participants twist their bodies as well to create unique shapes. A few of them show worthy gymnastics poses similar to the ones shown by gold medalists of the Olympic Tournament.

Kids Kingdom

If you are  with small kids, you must visit the Kids Kingdom during your Renaissance Faire Bristol tour. The site organizes a Knighting Ceremony, where your kids will get an opportunity to dress up and view the model of Queen Elizabeth.


Overall, whether you explore the port city of Bristol or visit Bristol’s renaissance faire, you will get many things to make your tour memorable.

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