10 Essential Eye Care Tips

Eye Care Tips

The sense of sight or vision is perhaps one of the most important senses we have. We interact with our environment using all our five senses- hearing, taste, smell, speak and vision and surely each of them is invaluable in its function. Considering the most important comes the vision sense as it perceives impressions to a great extent of about 80%.

So, you must be getting a better idea about why to be extremely attentive towards eye health. Negligence can lead to physical, emotional and financial damages. Eye problems increases towards growing age and during the later years of life, almost 80% of the individuals face eye difficulty. According to the estimates shared by American Academy of Ophthalmology, by 2020 almost 43 million people in the country would be affected by age related eye problems. Eye diseases like glaucoma, cataract, low vision, diabetic retinopathy, and macular degeneration are few of the cringy common problems. Protecting eye and taking best care at the right time is the best effective solution to protect self from sufferings in the alter years.

Maintaining eye health is super-easy by following these ten essential and highly important care tips. Enjoy optimal eye health with these effective ideas.

  1. Eating Right Healthy Diet With the right selection of nutritive foods you can very comfortably keep the eye problems at bay. Foods rich in vitamin C, vitamin E, zinc, omega-3 fatty acids and more help in maintaining healthy eyesight. Do include lots of green vegetables in your daily diet, fruits, fish, nuts and berries to enjoy a life without eye problem. Moreover, these foods will prevent ageing eye problems too. Lots of healthy foods is necessary for healthy eyesight.
  2. Say No to Smoking- Quitting smoking is not easy and when you need a motivation to do that, Just think about your EYES. With every gush of smoke you introduce a bundle of harmful chemicals that directly affect one’s eye health. With the idea of quitting smoke, you are preventing self from eye problems like cataracts, dry eyes, macular degeneration and diabetic retinopathy. “Now think before you take out another stick from your packet”.
  3. Wear UV Protected Sunglasses- Every time you step out in sun your most vulnerable sense organ that is eyes directly faces the harmful UVA and UVB from sun rays especially during the summer time. These rays are very harmful and may cause severe problems. Getting into the habit of wearing sunglasses or shades that blocks 99%-100% UV rays is the ultimate option. Stay protective and walk around in style too with highly protective sunglasses.
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  1. Prevent Eye from Contact Lens Infection- Contact lens are truly a gem invention for those who do not like to wear vision glasses. But along with the comfort, the eye care for contact lens users should be very strict and certain. Users should never sleep with contact lenses. Leaving contact lens inside means creating excessive problems and infection for your eyes. Also, following the right guidelines for cleaning lens, selecting the right solution for lens cleaning and storing is very important. Any kind of disruptive contact lens care may lead to severe eye infection and sometimes blindness too. Be strict with your lens care and never sleep with it.
  2. Regular Eye Check-Up- Eyes are one of the most important body organ. It requires specialized care and examination to ensure it is in the best possible condition. Scheduling meeting with eye doctor Hillsborough NJ gives the assurance that eye is in the proper condition. Eye care specialists not only detects the symptomatic problems but also aware the patients with coming eye care diseases too. A comprehensive eye care test twice a year is very essential.
  3. Prevent Digital Strain- Todays life is surrounded by gadgets and electronic products. Laptop, computer screen and even mobile phone screens puts a lot of pressure on our eyes. These digital items very badly affect the eye health so following the 20/20/20 rule is a great idea. People who work constantly on laptop or mobile phones should take a break for 20 seconds every 20 minutes and must look away at the distance of 20 feet.
  4. Blinking Breaks- Today our world is indeed burdened with screen work, but still some people are bound to go through minute details in books and written documents thereby release unbearable eye strain and pressure. Relieving this strain is very necessary to maintain a flow in work without harming your physical health. To avoid eye problem taking breaks from the document reading, tilting head up and blinking eyes for few seconds is an effective idea. Blinking removes the strain and relaxes the eye muscle. This habit is essential to prevent eye damage.
  5. Stop Rubbing Eyes- Are you one of those people who have the bad habit of rubbing eyes now and then? It is time to check your habit and eliminate it forever. Rubbing eyes undoubtedly damage the delicate tissues and also your hand and fingers are host of germs that may directly enter into your eyes leading to severe eye infection. Learn the habit of touching eyes with clean hands only and rubbing is a severe bad habit need to be checked soon.
  6. Active Lifestyle: As we all know physical exercise is the key to healthy body, our eyes too get bundle of advantages with active lifestyle. Researches have shown that people who lead an active life with happiness around reduces the risk of developing glaucoma. Obesity on the other hand is a reason for many eye ailments. So why let these factors destroy the beauty of life. Just join a good exercise habit acquire healthy eyes.
  7. Check on Family History- With so many factors that may lead to eye problem, family history plays a very major role. It is seen that people who have history of eye problem in the family are more prone to suffer with similar diseases. So take the information seriously and do share with your eye specialist. This way you could prevent yourself to become victim to similar disease.
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