7 Handy Tips to Select Right Bra for Yourself

Tips to Select Right Bra for Yourself

7 Handy Tips to Select Right Bra for Yourself

Bras are one of the most underestimated pieces of women lingerie. Thanks to the online lingerie shops that have made it easy for girls to shop for the bra according to their preferences and likes. The best thing about these sites is that they provide you a size chart and offers plenty of option to choose from. While buying a bra for yourself, make sure you follow below listed tips

  1. Consider the purpose of the bra

There are many types of bras, such as T-shirt bra, push up bra, bralette, padded bras, and each bra have their benefits. While buying a bra for yourself, you would have to decide the purpose of buying it. If you are buying the bra for regular use, then the t-shirt bra would be perfect. It is comfortable and can be worn with regular dresses. On the other hand, if you are going to wear a special dress for an event than up brads would be an excellent choice for you. You can also wear a bralette as these look classy and perfect to wear under the transparent dress as it offers the much-needed coverage.

  1. Consider Fabric

Bras are available in different fabrics such as lace, satin cotton, and many others to name. It is up to you what type of material you like to wear. However, for regular use, microfibers and cotton bras are ideal. As both the fabrics are comfortable and sin friendly as well. Also, the materials are light, so one does not feel the burden of the bra.

  1. Band of the Bra Should be Comfortable

While buying a bra for yourself, consider the band of the bra. The band of the bra holds significant importance, as it is one that holds your bra and offers you the apt coverage. The band should be comfortable and must not be harsh to your skin. Also, if the band is too tight, then it means you aren’t wearing the correct size of the bra. Moreover, the band of the bra should be according to the dress with which you are going to pair it. Online lingerie shops like Shyaway has a wide range of bras. Check out its latest range, and if you like something, you can use the coupons for Shyaway to save a significant amount on your shopping.

  1. Have a Look at the Size of your Bra

One of the important factors that you should look at while buying a bra is the size. For this, you must know the size of your band size, cup size, and bust size. You can watch different videos teaching how to find the correct size of the bra. Once you know the size of the bra, look for the same size. Unfortunately, every bra brand does not offer the same size. They would have their sizes. The good thing is the all the online lingerie shops like Zivame and Shyaway have a chart of the size; you can go through it and select the matching size for yourself.

  1. Look for the Right Color

You will find bras in a vast number of colors and prints. It is up to you what color and print you like to wear. If you are going to wear the bra under the dark t-shirt or dress, then you can pair it with any color since it will not see through. However, if you are going to wear a translucent or transparent clothing, shirt then you can consider matching color bra that offers maximum coverage. And, for white dresses, shirts always consider a nude color bra that is close to your skin tone. Most of the girls prefer to wear a white bra under a white dress, which is not the right decision because of the edge of the bra shows up on the dress. This is the reason why the nude color bra is perfect. It does not shows up and looks flattering. However, the nude should not be darker or lighter than the actual color of your skin.

  1. Look for the Right Fit for Loosest Hook

Every bra tends to lose up to 2-3 inches after regular use. While buying the bra make sure, it fits nicely to the loosest hook, which should be the last hook. During the period, when the bra will stretch, you would be able to use the tighter hooks. Also, the hooks should be easy to clasp. One should not struggle to clasp the hooks. 

  1. Always Make a Practical Choice

While there is a wide range of bras, but you cannot have all of them, in fact, most of them would be of no use to you. To be précised, do not go for the bras that have good looks but does not offer any comfort and coverage. Choose the one that meets your preferences, and above all, it must snug you like a second skin.

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While buying a bra, one should consider a few points such as the size of the bra, color, occasion to wear a bra, etc. Once you are sure that the bra meets your preferences and will do complete justice with your dress, only then purchase it.

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