Ginger health benefits in pregnancy

ginger benefits in pregnancy

Ginger health benefits in pregnancy

Pregnancy is a time of transformation, both emotionally and physically. As expected, the creation of a new life causes numerous changes in the body of the pregnant woman; Hormonal levels increase, nausea and digestive problems become frequent, the immune system weakens, the risk of inflammation increases, and blood sugar levels are more challenging to control. In many cases, these symptoms lead to the use of medicines or folk remedies for pregnant women, such as ginger

The ginger root is widely used in the natural treatment of many health conditions, and the look is an excellent supplement to relieve the discomforts of pregnancy common; However, before consuming it, it is essential to be informed about the correct dose, the possible risks of excessive use, the best forms of consumption and its primary benefits for the pregnant woman.

Can ginger be taken during pregnancy?

There is some scientific debate about whether ginger is safe during pregnancy or not. Many claim that ginger supplementation does not represent any danger at this stage, while others claim that its use can cause adverse effects in the gestation process. Taking into account that so far, there is not enough evidence to confirm any of these statements, the most popular opinion is that ginger can be taken during pregnancy, as long as it is done responsibly and moderately.

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Like popular wisdom, several studies have observed that the active compounds (gingerols) of this millennial tuber can bring healthy benefits, as well as alleviate some of the common symptoms during pregnancy effectively, especially morning sickness and vomiting.

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What are the benefits of ginger in pregnancy?

Relief of morning sickness

It could be said that this is the main benefit of ginger for pregnant women. Morning nausea (morning sickness), which can range from mild nausea to frequent vomiting, is a common symptom of early pregnancy, affecting almost 80% of women during the first trimester. It is believed that this medicinal property derives from its ability to promote adequate stomach emptying, as well as its effect on brain receptors that moderate nausea.

Most researchers have concluded that moderate consumption of ginger is an effective and safe remedy for nausea during pregnancy; In fact, many professionals and institutions currently recommend drinking ginger tea, ginger ale and eating ginger gummies as the first line of treatment before prescribing the use of antiemetic medications.

Strengthening of the immune system

In pregnancy, the immune system weakens; This means that the woman becomes more susceptible to colds, flu, and other common diseases. Thanks to its antioxidant properties7, immunological and antimicrobial, ginger can help prevent and combat the development of infections caused by viruses, fungi, and bacteria.

Cold and cough prevention

Having an immunological effect, ginger is an excellent recommendation to keep the cold at bay during pregnancy. Its regular consumption not only helps prevent, but also speed recovery after infection, relieving annoying symptoms such as body aches, digestive problems, and persistent cough, among others.

Improvement of digestion / Prevention of constipation and gases

During pregnancy, digestion slows down to allow the fetus to absorb nutrients better. This causes heaviness, swelling, and excess gas. A good recommendation is to drink fresh ginger juice with honey or chew a piece of root before bedtime, as this improves digestion and prevents the accumulation of gases that leads to abdominal distention.

On the other hand, due to hormonal and anatomical changes, approximately 50% of women suffer constipation at some time during their pregnancy. It is believed that ginger has stimulating effects on the digestive tract, which can prevent illness and promote regular bowel movements.

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Control of blood glucose levels

Pregnant women with diabetes or who have developed gestational diabetes often notice that it is particularly challenging to control their blood sugar levels. Different studies have indicated that ginger consumption lowers fasting glucose and hemoglobin A1c levels9, helping to maintain the excellent health of the mother and her future baby. In addition to moderating carbohydrate intake, consuming ginger can be a unique strategy to control blood sugar, increase energy levels, and combat fatigue.

Reduction of inflammation in the body

While having some swelling is a natural part of pregnancy, excessive inflammation is related to adverse effects for the baby, specifically with its growth and brain development. It has been shown that the phytochemicals present in ginger, decrease the same markers of inflammation that have been associated with these complications.10


The increased blood supply for the baby

 By causing an increase in blood circulation, consuming ginger promotes better blood supply to the growing fetus.

Healthier cholesterol levels

 Ginger helps regulate blood cholesterol levels, which reduces the risk of high cholesterol during pregnancy.

 Better absorption of nutrients. Infections, lousy eating habits, and other factors can hamper the body’s ability to absorb nutrients. It is said that ginger favors a better absorption of the necessary nutrients for the mother and the baby before birth.

Heartburn control

 When consumed in the proper doses, ginger is an excellent remedy to treat heartburn associated with pregnancy. It is recommended to drink fresh ginger tea and honey or homemade ginger ale.

Muscle relaxation. Occasionally pregnancy can affect the bones and muscles, resulting in back pain, sciatica, and feet. Drinking 1 cup of ginger tea a day is an effective way to relieve sore bones, joints, and muscles.

More pleasant sex

 Ginger is a recognized natural aphrodisiac. It has been proven that being a spicy spice, it helps to warm the body, raises energy levels and increases blood circulation, especially towards the genitals.

How much ginger is safe for pregnancy?

Although the recommended daily dose of ginger ranges from 1 to 4 grams (1000-4000 mg), pregnant, and breastfeeding, women should maintain a much lower consumption. To date, it is considered that the daily dose of ginger in pregnancy should not exceed 1500 mg (1.5 grams). Also, it is always recommended to consult the doctor before using this or any other herbal remedy/supplement.

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