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Types of Dry Fruits: Benefits & Why Should You Eat Them?

types of dry fruits

Need a companion to watch a movie? Dry fruits are the best choice. Did you know, in 2020-2021, dried fruit production amounted to about 2.91 million metric tons worldwide? So, today, we will talk about the different types of dry fruits and much more in the comment section below! Read on to know more!

Dry fruits have always held a special status in every household irrespective of the seasons or occasions for centuries and more. However, today, dry fruits have become a staple in every home. With the rising awareness of the health benefits of dry fruits, every household now stocks dry fruits regularly, especially for children. Added to that, various types of dry fruits go perfectly with your diet and moods.

The enormous number of benefits that come with the tangy taste makes it a perfect match for you. So, why wait at all? Scroll down and read this article to know everything that you need to know about the relishing types of dry fruits!

What are Dry Fruits?

Before we get into the different types of dry fruits, we need to know a little bit about them. 

Dried fruits or dry fruits are fruits made by taking the original water content out of them, either soaking it dry under the sun or using artificial methods like a special machine called a Dehydrator. Therefore, the natural sugar content in the fruits is concentrated due to the loss of water.

Dried fruits have been present in the human diet since the fourth millennium BC, Mesopotamia. It is a popular snack at present, and it has been a renowned luxurious appetizer for the kings and queens of the previous centuries and more. 

It is a traditional form of fruits that has maintained its demand because of the sweet, tangy, flavorful taste and various health benefits.

What are the dry fruits benefits?

In this article, you have certainly understood by now that dry fruits are a rich source of health boosters. Now, it is time to know about the benefits of dry fruit before we go into the types of dry fruits.

The dry fruits benefits are as follows –


  • Immunity Booster

Dry fruits are rich and loaded with proteins, oils, calcium, potassium that essentially help to improve our immunity system. The pandemic has threatened lives in the dark age. However, dry fruits are valuable shields to protect yourself against the threat. Not just that, it even has antioxidants to help you battle against different diseases and infections.

  • Weight Losing Agent

 Dry fruits and nuts can be used as weight loss agents if eaten in the appropriate amount. They have no natural water content. Therefore, they are low in sugar, fat, carbohydrates. Although, they have a high content of proteins and weight minimizing oils present in them.

  • Need healthy, wrinkle free skin? Eat dry fruits!

 It is natural to look for ways to look younger and glamourous. But how? Dry fruits are the answer. They help you to keep your skin glowing and radiant. Due to its high amount of oils, antioxidants content, dry fruits help to regenerate skin glow and prevent signs of aging.

  • Low constipation tendencies

Dry fruits contain a large number of dietary fibers that help to withstand constipation and keep your digestive system healthy and fresh.

  • A hand to prevent breast cancer

Dry fruits like almonds and cashew nuts are highly known to be agents used to prevent breast cancer. They have a high amount of antioxidants and phytonutrients that prevent the generating power of cancer-causing cells.

  • Maintaining good heart health

 Dry fruits can control the cholesterol level and keep blood pressure normal. They also reduce the risk of strokes, heart attacks, and different heart diseases.

  • Strong and healthy bones

Due to the richness of proteins, calcium, and other micro-nutrients, dry fruits help to nurture the health of bones and strengthen them.

  • Effective solution against stress and depression

Doctors recommend dry fruits and nuts as a source of food to fight against stress and depression. They are pretty effective, and as per surveys, it has worked well for many patients. Furthermore, they improve brain health and memory.

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Dry fruits nutritional value chart

The nutritional value is an integral part of knowing about dry fruits. The several types of dry fruits are prolific sources of nutrients. Here we look at the nutritional value chart of it.


Dried Fruits ( 100 grams ) % Daily Value*
Total Fat 2.7g 4 %
Saturated fat 0.7g

Cholesterol 0 mg

3 %

0 %

Sodium 403 mg 16 %
Potassium 164 mg 4 %
Total Carbohydrates 83 g 27 %
Dietary fiber 0 g 0 %
Sugar 58 g
Protein 1 g 2 %
Vitamin C 93 %
Calcium 1 %
Iron 4 %
Vitamin D 0 %
Vitamin B6 15 %
Cobalamin 0 %
Magnesium 3 %

*percent daily value is based on an average diet of 2,000 calorie intake. Daily values may change depending upon your calorie diet.

types of dry fruits

10 Types of Dry Fruits Names and Benefits  

There are a huge number of dry fruits and nuts that need to be explored; however, we will look at the most popular and best dry fruits in the market that is easily available if you try to try to dry fruits online or even in the grocery stores.

Let us hope in without any further adieu!

  1. Almonds

Almonds are probably one of the most popular dry fruits present. It is popular due to its diversified amount of health benefits. Almonds are rich in vitamin E, essential oils, antioxidants, making them perfect for children and adults. Almonds are often used as toppings for different kinds of dishes. They are eaten in their raw form or roasted form. It is advisable to consume small numbers of soaked almonds every morning to keep the body healthy and fit.

Health benefits 

  • Helps to keep your heart healthy and free from diseases.
  • Almonds help in losing weight.
  • Helps to glow your skin and regenerate of hair.
  • Helps to maintain blood sugar levels.
  1. Pistachios

Pistachios are dry fruits for people who have constant tendencies to eat. Also, these help to calm your appetite and keep you full for long. It consists of oleic acid, carotenes, antioxidants, vitamin E, manganese, copper, potassium, magnesium, calcium, iron, polyphenolic antioxidants, selenium, and zinc. This dry fruit is used as a taste enhancer or additional flavor in various food recipes.

Health benefits 

  • It helps to prevent diabetes.
  • It lowers cholesterol levels.
  • Also, it helps to boost the immunity system.
  • It helps to reduce weight by appetite suppression.
  1. Cashews

Cashews are pretty well known in South Asian countries due to their creamy flavor and elegant texture. Sweet dishes are often complemented with cashews in South Asian countries.

It consists of many vitamins E, vitamin B6, magnesium, and protein. Cashew seeds look like kidneys which adds uniqueness to different decorating variations of dishes.

Health Benefits 

  • It helps to lose weight if taken in proper amounts.
  • And it helps to improve your heart health and reduce heart-related diseases.
  • It helps to control blood sugar levels and reduces bad cholesterol.
  1. Apricots

Apricots are small, orange-colored, taste-enhancing fruits rich in vitamins and minerals. And apricots have been mostly found to enhance tarts and provide a more juicy flavor. However, the most important aspect of apricots lies in their contents. It is rich in essential nutrients like vitamin A, vitamin E, magnesium, copper, and antioxidants. It makes your stomach feel full as well.

Health Benefits

  • It helps to keep healthy eyes. 
  • Helps to keep your bones and skin healthy. 
  • It helps to lose weight.
  1. Dates

Date is edible in both dry and wet variants of fruit. It is a tropical fruit that includes large amounts of digestive fibers and helps suppress food cravings. Moreover, it has a naturally sweet taste, rich in iron, an ideal dry fruit of the winter season. It is often used as an enhancer by mixing it into different desserts or other dishes. South Asians use this dry fruit in large amounts for several sweet dishes.

Health Benefits 

  • It helps to reduce weight. 
  • Helps to increase hemoglobin levels. 
  • It boosts the energy of the body. 
  • It enhances the digestive system.
  1. Hazelnuts

Hazelnuts are a popular form of dry fruits and nuts eaten in various ways throughout the world. A list of dry fruits without its inclusion does not seem complete. Hazelnuts come from Corylus trees, a high source of proteins, fats, vitamins, and minerals. This sweetish flavored nut is mostly eaten raw, roasted, or grounded into a paste. It is used in different chocolates, cereals as an enhancer.

Health Benefits 

  • It helps to reduce weight.
  • It protects the body against cell damage.
  •  Helps to lower cholesterol.
  • It improves the insulin sensitivity of the body.
  • It shields the heart from different imbalances.
  1. Walnuts 

Walnuts are hard stone-like, single-seeded fruit rich in omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and proteins. Due to their various health benefits, putting walnuts in your daily diet is ideal for maintaining proper health.

Health benefits 

  • It helps to reduce stress.
  • Helps to prevent the production of cancer cells.
  • It helps to reduce signs of aging, making the skin glow and producing better quality hair.
  1. Raisins

Another form of popular dry fruit is raisins. It is widely known for its purposes against iron deficiency. These are dried grapes that often come in sweet or sour flavors. As mentioned before, it is a good source of iron and helps treat anemia. Keeping it in your daily diet can be beneficial in different manners.

Health benefits 

  • It helps to promote weight loss.
  • It helps to treat constipation and keep your digestive system healthy.
  •  Helps to minimize the acidity.
  • It helps to treat anemia.

  1. Prunes

The plums that have been dehydrated either by sun-drying or machines take the form of prunes. It is also known as dried plum. Prunes are reddish-brown colored fruits that have a sweet flavor and a chewy texture on top of it.

It is nutritious and has different health benefits. Although they have higher sugar content than many other dry fruits, they are extremely rich in various beneficiaries of health.

Health benefits 

  • It is a rich source of iron.
  •  Helps to build and nurture bones and muscles.
  • It helps to reduce the cholesterol level of the body.
  • It helps to lower blood pressure to normal.
  1. Dry Figs

Figs are one of the oldest fruits known to human beings. They have been a popular snack for centuries due to variations in colors and textures. The uniqueness lies in the variety of figs. Drying them provides a sweetish taste and brings out the nutritious value to the utmost level. This dry fruit holds a high place in the category due to the longevity of its impact on daily diet throughout the ages.

Health benefits 

  • It helps to improve bone health.
  • It reduces the production and growth of cancer-causing cells.
  • Helps to keep blood pressure in control.
  • It helps to maintain a proper diet and loss of weight.

Conclusive Insights

Consumption of dry fruits always has been beneficial to human beings. Eating them as a craving snack to fill your appetite, as an enhancer, or as toppings for different dishes, the nutritional values and health benefits deserve a special mention.
However, taking them in high amounts may do the opposite of what has been proclaimed, as they are rich in different nutrients, it is advisable not to pressurize your body with them. So, keep a close check on the quantity of dry fruits you consume. Having it daily is important, but excessive consumption can be hazardous.

The aesthetic textures and unique flavors have conquered the hearts of millions for ages, and it is still an important form of food for everyone due to the beneficiaries that come along with it.
So, include the different types of dry fruits into your diet to avail yourself of all the benefits. But we would not certainly refrain from the fact that these dry fruits are high in calories.

And overconsumption of these can lead to excessive weight gain. Just as they are great to consume, these can also help you lose weight. So, keep the consumption moderate, and you’re indeed good to go! Also, don’t forget to tell us in the comment section below which one of the dry fruits is your favorite!!

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