How to Fix OBS Black Screen

OBS black screen

Most people who have used OBS Studio know that the black screen is a common issue. It happens for several reasons. If you are having the same problem, we are here to help you out. By reading this article, you will learn what OBS black screen is and how to fix it.

OBS Studio is an open-source tool. Many people use this software for streaming games. On the other hand, this tool is popular for professional use as well. However, OBS Studio is good for high-end gamers. 

In the following, we are covering eight best solutions for fixing the black screen of OBS Studio. Make sure you are reading this guide carefully. 

Top Reasons to Have OBS Black Screen

As we mentioned above, getting OBS black screen is common if you are using this software. The reason of black screen can depend on various factors. Let’s find out about the top reasons for the OBS Studio black screen:

Compatibility Issues

One of the most common reasons for having a black screen is compatibility issues. According to some experts, OBS Studio is not compatible with the latest version of Windows. If you are having the same problem with your computer, you can apply a solution from the following section.

Administrator Problem

If you have used this software before, you might know that OBS shares the full screen of your computer. That is why it can have some issues as your computer will restrict this application. Moreover, you can’t even display the content while using this software. You can start this software from administrative access to solve this problem.

Dedicated Graphics Interfering

You should know that your computer’s operating system decides whether to allocate resources from the motherboard or from the dedicated graphics card. It’s essential when you are opening an application, especially a game. The section can affect the OBS Studio when you open it. As a result, you can’t stream games. 

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Another common reason for having an OBS black screen is overclocking. Even though overclocking is good for boosting a computer’s performance, it can create issues for OBS Studio. If you are having problems after overclocking, make sure you are disabling it. In the following, we are sharing how to disable overclocking.

PC in Error State

If your PC is in an error state, you can’t get access to any application. The same thing happens when you are trying to launch OBS Studio. You can have a PC in an error state when you haven’t shut down your computer for a long time. You can power cycle to fix this issue.

Best Solution to Fix OBS Black Screen

You see, there are several reasons for the OBS black screen. However, the good thing is there are various solutions available as well. We are covering eight simple solutions to fix this issue in the following: 

1. Power Cycling Computer

Power cycling is a simple yet effective solution. Hence, it’s the best method at the initial stage. Power cycling has solved several problems related to OBS Studio. To implement this method, you need to shut down your computer completely. 

You also have to remove its power cell. It will force your computer to remove all temporary configurations that were causing issues.

2. Changing Compatibility Mode

As we mentioned above, OBS Studio is not compatible with all Windows versions. To solve this problem, you need to change the compatibility mode. Some users had disabled the compatibility mode to get the instant result.

To apply this method, press Windows + S and search for OBS on the search bar. Then click on the ‘Open file location’ option. Now, right-click and find the ‘Properties’ option. Select the ‘Compatibility’ option and save it. 

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3. Selecting the Correct GPU

In some cases, a wrong GPU can be the reason for OBS black screen. Make sure you are selecting dedicated graphics for gaming and Intel’s stock GPU for screen capture. However, this solution is only for those people who have a dedicated graphics card. 

4. Granting Administrator Rights

When your computer doesn’t have the right administrator privileges, it can be the cause of a black screen on OBS Studio software. As OBS can share your content online, you need to fix this issue as soon as possible. 

To solve this issue, you have to navigate OBS’s executable properties. Then, click on the ‘Compatibility’ tab and check the ‘Run this program as an administrator’ option. Save the change and exit. 

5. Changing Drive Permission

If you have installed OBS in your computer’s primary drive, your users can have full permission to access this software. However, you can fix this issue by changing drive permission.

First, press Windows + E, it will launch File Explorer. Now, you have to right-click on the C drive. Click on the ‘Security’ tab and select ‘Edit’. Find the ‘Authenticated users’ and click on it. Check on the ‘Full control’ option and select ‘Apply’.

6. Select The Right OBS Studio

Besides applying all these solutions, you need to select the right version of OBS Studio. This software comes in two versions (32 and 64 bits). If you are not choosing the right version, it can create issues with the OBS black screen. You need to select the right version from the installation directory.

7. Disable Overclocking

As we mentioned before, overclocking is one of the crucial reasons that cause the OBS black screen. Even though it’s good for your computer, it’s not good for OBS applications. Make sure you are disabling overclocking to fix this issue. 

8. Change OBS Settings

Changing the settings of OBS software can be also helpful. It happens if there’s a conflict with the software’s custom settings. After changing the settings, restart your computer and start using this application. 


Finally, you know how to fix OBS black screen. We have covered some simple methods. Make sure you are implementing each step while using a method. If you are still having issues after applying these solutions, you need help from an expert. For more details regarding OBS Studio software, you can visit their official website.

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