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How to Understand Easy Renaissance Art

easy renaissance art

Art is a representation of an artist’s thoughts, and imagination. Sometimes it becomes hard to understand what the artist is trying to say through these arts. If you want to understand an easy renaissance art, we are here to help you out.

Well, you need to follow some steps. On the other hand, you have to be careful about little details to understand the art. In this article, we are covering how to understand renaissance art. Moreover, we are also talking about some famous arts. Let’s get started.

Best Tips to Understand Easy Renaissance Art

When you have the proper guidance, it could be easier to explore an art museum. So, when you are going to visit a museum next time, you can understand easy renaissance art with these following tips:

1. Who is in The Painting

The first thing you need to check is who is in the painting. First, pay attention to the faces and find out if they look the same or the artist has added different features to make them different.

It’s important to check who is in the painting as many artists make self-portraits. On the other hand, many artists prefer including patrons in their art. They were essential for artists.

2. Fine Details

When the renaissance started progressing, artists started focusing on more details such as headdresses, clothes, and jewellery. That is why they started painting small details on their painting.

By exploring these small details, you will be able to know the depth of easy renaissance art. Moreover, you will be able to explore every detail such as clothes, accessories, and other things during the renaissance. For example, you can see the fine details on Raphael and Da Vinci’s paintings.

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3. Cheak The Use of Line

Just like exploring the fine details, you can check the use of lines to understand easy renaissance art. Well, linear perspective was created during the early 15th century as that time was the beginning of the renaissance.

renaissance art

Linear perspective is one of the best ways of art as it can make the painting more realistic. So, when you can understand the use of line, it’s probably a painting of renaissance time.

4. Realism Was Center

As we mentioned above, the art of renaissance time is very important to realism. Basically, many artists of this era started focusing on details such as decorations, clothes, and landscapes.

Besides clothes and accessories, many artists started focusing on the fine details in the background. That is why Renaissance art is different compared to other periods. So, when you are visiting a museum next time, make sure you are checking the realism of paintings.

5. The Philosophy of Ancient Greece & Rome

Besides exploring the details of easy renaissance art, you need to understand the philosophy of ancient Rome and Greece. When we are talking about the Italian renaissance, you will see it was not limited to paintings.

There were various stories that were portrayed by these paintings. On the other hand, you can find the religious and mythological themes in these paintings. You can even read some books to understand the Greek and Roman philosophy behind these paintings.

Most Famous Renaissance Paintings

Now, you know how to understand an easy renaissance art by following some simple tips. In the following list, we are sharing about six famous renaissance paintings. So, it would be easier to understand.


The meaning of ‘Primavera’ is spring in Italian. Primavera is one of the most popular easy renaissance art. Popularly known as the ‘Allegory of Spring’, this is a famous painting of Sandro Botticelli.

Many people believe that Sandro Botticelli created this masterpiece around 1482 during the renaissance era. Some people believe that it’s a mythological representation while some believe that this painting shows the change of the spring season.

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The Last Supper

If you are an art lover, you might know about the famous painting ‘The Last Supper’. This beautiful creation is a milestone for Leonardo Da Vinci who created it in 1498. As you know, this artwork shows Jesus and his disciples during his last supper. The painter had used some different shades, colors, and light to make it unique.

The School of Athens

Just like Da Vinci, Raphael was one of the most famous artists during the renaissance era. So, you might have heard about ‘The School of Athens’. The fine detail of this famous painting is the main attraction.

Created in 1511, this easy renaissance art is the ideal sign of Greek Philosophy. Hence, many people believe that this is the perfect example of the renaissance period.

Mona Lisa

This famous creation by Leonardo Da Vinci does not need an introduction. Besides being one of the most famous artworks of that era, Mona Lisa is still one of the most discussed paintings in today’s world.

Mona lisa

The best thing about this painting is no matter from which angle you are viewing the artwork, it looks like Mona Lisa’s eyes are following you.

The Creation of Adam

If you are looking for one of the most iconic artworks of that era, you need to check ‘The Creation of Adam’. This painting was created by Michelangelo Buonarroti in 1512. The popularity of this artwork is getting higher every year. Hence, most people believe that this painting is the second most popular masterpiece after Mona Lisa.

The Kiss of Judas

‘The Kiss of Judas’ is another easy renaissance art on this list. Famous artist Giotto di Bondone created this masterpiece in 1306. This painting focuses on the moment when Judas betrayed Jesus.

The fine detail of this artwork tells that Giotto di Bondone was a genius and many people believe that no other artist can match his level.


Finally, you know how to understand a famous painting. Make sure you have read all the tips that we have mentioned above. It will be helpful when you are visiting a museum or exhibition next time. If you want to know more about renaissance painting, you can start your research.

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