10 Amazing Tips to Darken Your Mehendi Design

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Mehendi function is an essential part of Indian weddings. Every girl has been secretly planning for her mehendi. After patiently enduring the mehendi application all you want is to have a dark and bold mehndi design that lasts longer. However, most of you have no idea about how to make your mehendi design darker and last longer. Long gone are the days when you would have to wait with henna-laden hands for them to release their color. Now, you can do that in a shot. Here are some extremely easy ways to make your henna dark and last longer. 

  1. Get a good night’s sleep

Actions for a darker mehendi design would begin a day prior to the actual application. You must get a good night’s sleep before the application of mehendi so that you have the required energy to sit and wait through the entire application process.

  1.     Avoid the hustle-bustle

Make sure you sit in a place where there is a source of optimal light and calm because the hustle-bustle around you wouldn’t let your mehendi design artist work peacefully. And the last thing that you want for your wedding is a distracted mehendi design artist.

  1. Wear comfortable clothes

Comfortable clothes are extremely essential. Since you’ll have to sit for long hours in uncomfortable postures for your mehendi application process to be accomplished you must choose comfortable outfits.

  1. Wash your hands

Start by washing your hands and feet with soap before you sit for your mehendi application. This is a prerequisite since the presence of dirt or oil on your hands will obstruct the complete penetration of your mehendi design into your skin. Thus, washing becomes excessively necessary.

  1. Go for organic mehendi
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Natural, chemical free henna would make your mehendi design darker and last longer since they are devoid of chemicals. It will come out darker leaving more beautiful colors.

  1. Lemon and sugar is beneficial

A very common household remedy that you must have come across for darkening mehendi design is a lemon and sugar solution. Mix some sugar with lemon juice and apply it using a cotton ball after your henna dries up. You can use this tip even after washing away the dried mehendi.

  1. Use Eucalyptus Oil

 This is probably the quickest and probably the easiest remedy to darken your mehendi design. Before you begin with the application, rub some eucalyptus oil on your hands and feet so that your mehendi design appears darker. Eucalyptus oil helps in giving your mehendi design the desired color.

  1. Prevent contact with water

Once your mehendi has dried, use a butter knife or a card to scrape off the flakes. But, do not use water since it will lighten the color of your mehendi design. Avoid coming in contact with water for at least 12 hours or more, if possible.

  1. Shaving would be dangerous

Do not even think of this. Once you have got your mehendi applied, shaving or waxing after that would be a foolish decision. Waxing or shaving will scrape off your upper skin layer and ruin your mehendi design making it look dull.

  1. Do it in advance

To get the best results on your wedding day, applying your mehendi design 2 days before would be the ideal time.

  1. Keep it under wraps
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Keeping the design wrapped would help it get a darker and richer color. While you can always do it yourself, it is advisable to ask your mehendi artist to do it so that you don’t spoil your design. Especially when you are going to sleep, you must cover your hands with bandage or any other wrap to prevent it from smudging.

  1. Vaseline

At the end of the day, before going to bed, apply a generous amount of vaseline all over your mehendi design to protect the color.

  1. Cooking oil

once your mehendi design dries, remove the flakes and apply vicks or cooking oil to bring out the color. But remember not to use too much since it may turn your mehendi design into an unwanted brown shade.

  1. Keep for longer hours

You must keep your mehendi design for longer hours. Don’t hurry to peel it off. Once it starts drying it might get itchy and poking you. But you have to bear all of that for an amazing mehendi color. Atleast for 10-12 hours you must keep the mehendi design untouched.

  1. Avoid soapy water

Even after peeling off the mehendi design, you must avoid getting in touch with water moreover, soapy water since soapy water is going to fade out your mehendi design color.

  1. Provide adequate light

Good light is extremely crucial for your mehendi artist to do his or her work properly. It would help her to focus on her strokes better under direct sunlight.  

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