A quick Insight on some new dressing ideas for Trendy Women

Aerie crossover leggings

When discussing Indian Fashion, it’s clear that there is a distinct difference between Western and Indian Fashion styles. Authentic Indian outfits influenced by various Indian cultures make up Indian Fashion, whereas Western outfits are the sole focus of Western Fashion. However, women and girls are embracing new fashion trends that combine Indian and Western styles, such as the fusion of saris and gowns or Aerie crossover leggings. No longer are women/girls restricted to wearing only Indian or Western clothing, as we can see today.

Let’s begin with the most talked-about topic in the fashion industry. Several fashion stylists and celebrities have been spotted in Indo-Western outfits at various events. Some important dressing ideas for women are as follows:

Incorporate denim into the mix.

If you’re a fan of dressing up frequently but don’t have the time or energy to do so, don’t worry. Denim or an Aerie crossover legging can be combined with a pair of Indian-inspired shoes. Kurtis comes in all shapes and sizes, and you can wear them with any color of denim you like. You don’t have to stick to these Indo-Western style outfits if you want. Some women find it difficult to wear a sari while at work, even though they want to.

Palazzo pants with boho-inspired prints

A simple white shirt and boho palazzo pants are just what you need for a laid-back look while still looking stylish. The wide palazzo is a good choice for both college students and middle-aged women. The boho palazzo looks excellent with a simple button-up shirt.

Kurtis with Aerie crossover leggings

Aerie crossover leggings

Consider a printed flared skirt to dress down an otherwise plain Indian dress. A printed stole can also be a good choice if you wear a plain pair of skirts and Kurti. However, if you’re looking for a way to work comfortably for long periods, Aerie crossover legging with Kurti is the best choice.

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A new jacket with Kurti

The old Kurtis look great with the new trendy look. That means you can try this hack out on any Kurtis you have that are either buttoned or slit. This means you can wear it as an additional piece of clothing, like an overcoat or shrug. To wear the Kurtis with jackets, you need to make sure that they have a front opening, which can be a button-down Kurti.

To satisfy your insatiable desire for jackets, you may want to consider trying out some of the latest styles in fabric jackets. In Fashion right now, fabric coats are liked by women of all ages. Wearing a Fabric Jacket with a pair of leggings or jeans and a T-shirt is a great way to dress down for the day.

Dhoti Pants

Dhotis, the current Fashion, has replaced Patiala salwar, churidars, and Palazzo in women’s wardrobes. Celebrities and fashion bloggers have shown us how to wear these dhoti pants in a new way. Many college students prefer to wear dhoti pants paired with blouses and tees. You can also choose to wear an Aerie crossover legging if you are not comfortable in Dhotis.

Wrap Dupattas in a different way

When it comes to Indian clothing, a dupatta completes the look. Try to wrap your dupatta in different ways if you’re worried about looking outdated in your dupattas. The key to looking beautiful in your style is not simply wearing it but wearing it differently. You can wear it casually by wrapping a dangling dupatta over your neck if you’re dressed in simple clothing, and you can also wear it plainly if you’re dressed in a different design.


Saris, as we know, are an essential part of an Indian woman’s attire. Let’s examine how the sari style has evolved. Over-the-top embellishment has long since been out of style and is now seen as archaic, with plain-coloured and stripe-printed designs taking their place. Because crop tops are the new blouses, even saris no longer require a matched blouse. When it comes to the sari, the blouse is a thing of the past. Instead, crop tops in contrasting colors serve as the substitute for the traditional blouse in this trend. Wear a sari with a crop top to add some glitz to your look while also fusing this traditional Indian look.

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New ways of wearing Kurtis

This new fashion trend is the greatest option if you don’t want to spend a lot of money. An excellent fashion option that’s also economical. If you don’t want to wear a Kurti, just pick out a few old Kurtis. To pull off this style, you’ll want to wear an A-line or oversized Kurti. Wearing a loose Kurti with Aerie crossover legging as a dress in the sweltering heat is a terrific alternative. Creating a new outfit out of the old and prior ones will suddenly occur as a wonderful idea. It’s wonderful to be able to transform Indian Kurtis into dresses or one-pieces at no additional cost.

A pair of ripped jeans never go out of style

There are a few women who are just comfortable in denim/jeans and don’t want to try anything else. You can continue to follow the latest fashions and wear denim/jeans. Try it out! If you’re looking for something that’s both stylish and comfortable, wear your shredded denim with a short Kurti or a simple tee.

Jewelry from the Tribes of the World

There is a lot of talk in the fashion industry about the new designs in tribal jewelry, particularly the ones made of silver. You don’t have to dress up in a special way to carry these tribal jewelry items. They can be worn with any clothing. For those who adore jewelry, choose and buy tribal jewelry.

Final Words

Recall that less is more and that a simple and elegant appearance can be achieved by using fewer items. It’s best to keep things simple when you’re wearing different items at the same time. A long maxi dress, a pair of Kurtis, and Aerie crossover leggings are all good options. To make your bindi stand out, even more, wear a bindi that has a different shade from the rest of your attire. There are numerous innovative styles of mangalsutras that one can wear regularly and still maintain a simple look.


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