Questions About Painting Shoes That Every Performer Needs Answering

Painting Shoes

Questions About Painting Shoes That Every Performer Needs Answering

Whether you are a professional clown or a mime artist, you will know that when it comes to having a colorful wardrobe, the best and most affordable option is to get hold of some affordable leather shoes and paint them yourself.

This offers you many advantages over buying them with the designs already on them. For one thing, you can personalize the shoes to match how they look in your mind, and you can even paint your name or business logo onto them, too, with a bit of skill and the right tools.

But before you break out the stencils and buy the leather paint, there are some questions about the process that you may need to be answered. So, in this article, some of the most searched queries relating to painting leather shoes are answered, helping you to get the most out of the process.

Can You Spray Paint Leather Shoes?

The simple answer is yes, you can.

There are many advantages to using this option too. It is faster, easier, and will have a more even finish on the shoes when they dry. The best part is that it doesn’t matter what condition your shoes are in, as long as they are not overly wrinkled or worn. Also, be sure to invest in high-quality leather paint for your shoes, such as Angelus leather shoe paint, as you don’t want shoe paint that is streaking or uneven.

Can I Layer The Paint?

Absolutely! In fact, many clowns, mimes, and other performers use paints to layer the look of their shoes. Some even go so far as to do so via a gradient, which can be tricky to get right at first.


Just be sure to follow the instructions for the leather paint and allow adequate drying time between each layer. To prevent streaking, use a sponge brush.

Will It Need Sealing?

Yes, it will. Sealing will help to ensure that the paint does not run off in the rain or does not chip or crack.

If you had to remove the original sheen from the leather shoes, you would likely need to restore it post-painting. So, aim to do this with a cream-based polish. This will also help the paint on the shoe to pop in color and add more vibrancy. If you are using metallic-based paints, you may not need to do this, so check the label of the paint to ensure there are no issues.

Which Is Better-Paint or Paint Spray?

Hand painting designs on leather shoes allow you to be creative and can help you showcase your artistic talent. But, if you are looking for a simple and quick solution, stencils and spray paint is your best option. Pricewise, they are similar, unless you have custom stencils made, so it is up to you.

Will I Need To Touch Up The Paint Work?

If you are a professional clown or performer who uses their painted shoes every day, then yes, it may be required for you to reapply the paintwork every few weeks or months. Just be sure to remove any flaking paint around the area before you do so, so you can get that striking finish once again.

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