Best back and bicep workout to try

back and bicep workout

Back and bicep workout is not for those looking for six-pack muscles or an Instagram-worthy body figure. Engaging your biceps and back will allow you to develop stronger muscles necessary for any medium to heavy work. For instance, do you get backache after pulling or lifting something of considerable weight? If you are at the prime of your life, it means you lack exercise.The back muscles help you stand straight stabilize shoulders and your spine. Biceps allow you to lift or hold with considerable endurance. Are you looking for the best dumbbell workout plan for back and bicep workout to have a healthy life?

Back and bicep workout with dumbbell reverse grip

This workout helps you work on your lower and upper back simultaneously and helps to improve your posture. You need two dumbbells for this exercise. Stand straight with your feet at shoulder’s distance. Hold two dumbbells and hold them in front with your palms face down.

Now, you should use your shoulder blades to pull back and your hips to hinge forward. Are you not sure that you have the right posture? If your upper body is 45 degrees to the floor, you are perfect to start the exercise. Use your shoulder to push the weights closer to your rib cage as you bend the elbows. Go back to the first posture and repeat it.

Back and bicep workout with lunge style

This back and bicep workout is similar to your lunges. It helps you move your rear and lateral delts, building your muscles’ endurance in the lower body. Start by standing with your feet wide apart. Hold one dumbbell in the right hand and pivot to the left by bending both the knees, just like lunges. Bring the dumbbell closer to your leg.
Now, move back to your original position. Move the dumbbell to your left hand and continue the same. While doing so, rotate and pivot your torso. You can also do 20-24 repetitions with a dumbbell in your right hand and then move to your left. Some prefer to interchange it alternatively.

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Spine, back, and bicep workout with EZ bar

This workout focuses on the upper back muscles and spine. It is a common stabilizing exercise. Start by standing upright with feet at shoulder’s width away. Use both your hands to grab the EZ bar with your palms facing up. Your back should be in the natural arch position. Use your hips to hinge forward and pull using your shoulder blades.

Remember to check whether you are at 45 degrees to the floor. Now, pull up the bar to your knees. Squeeze the shoulder blades and bend the elbows to pull the weight up. Now, pull it up to your lower abdomen. Go back to the knee height and then back to the first posture.

Renegade row for core stabilization

Apart from stabilizing your core, the workout also strengthens the upper lats and back. You need two dumbbells, and it is wise to start with a lower weight. Stand in the pushup posture.

Now, lift the weight to touch your rib. Keep the other weight on the floor. Make sure to keep your elbow close to the side. It will help to avoid rotation when you lift the weight. Lower the weight to the floor and gain good stability before you lift the next weight. Continue the exercise by alternating between the left and right sides.

Alternating exercise with lunge and row

This exercise works in multiple areas like upper back regions and muscle fibers. It is an endurance-inducing exercise. Start by standing up and holding two dumbbells to the side, with your palms facing your body’s side. Take the lunge’s starting posture. Lunge posture is keeping one leg out with a big step, and the other leg straight.

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Your hip should bend forward and push your body weight on the foot that is out. Both the hands should be on either side of the leg that is out. Pick up the weight on the side of the leg that is straight. For instance, if you are bending your left leg, bring up the weight in your right hand up to the ribs. The elbows should be closer to your side throughout the exercise. Bring the weight down and pull the leg back to standing position. Now, pull the other leg front and continue it.

Biceps curl with two grip positions

Start the session by standing upright with dumbbells one either side. Your elbow should be close to your side, and the palms should be facing up. Once you get to the starting posture, curl the dumbbells to your shoulder. During this movement, your elbow should stay closer to your side. Return to your standing posture.

Now rotate your arms so that the back of your hand touches your side. The dumbbells will be facing outside in this posture. Bend your elbows and pull the weight to your shoulder. The elbow position should not change. Return to the standing posture and repeat.

Choosing the right dumbbell

Always start with a smaller weight, even if you are comfortable with the exercise. The same exercise without a weight would not be as enduring as these sessions. Slowly increase your weight. If the session requires two dumbbells, both the weights should be equal.

When should I change the weight of the dumbbell? The universal rule is the 22 reps threshold. If you can do 22 reps using the weight with ease, it is time to move to a heavier weight. The weight of the dumbbell also varies with the intention of the exercise. For instance, if you are exercising for toning your muscles, you can start with a 2-pound weight and move to 10 or 20. If you are training for weight endurance, you should be handling heavier weights.

These exercises help to build better muscles and add strength to your body. Remember to have a healthy balanced meal and get professional help, if needed. Lethargic movements can lead to exercise-induced trauma, which varies from simple sprain to severe tissue tear. The weight, duration, and intensity should increase gradually.

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