Best Nail Polish Brands in India To Paint Your Nails Colorfully!

best nail polish brands in India

Accessorizing your nails are important for your look to come together. Pretty, long and colored nails are the success mantra for your hit look at any occasion. Let us take you through the best nail polish brands in India!

Nail Polish Brand Names in India

India has been manufacturing nail polish for a very long time. Nowadays, we have almost every cosmetic line producing a nail polish of their own. Some of the very popular nail polish brands in India are – Revlon, Lakme, Faces, Elle 18, Colorbar, Miniso, Maybelline, and others. India also imports nail polish from foreign countries to give its consumer a wider range to select from.

Customers tend to look out for their latest release because of the variety they have to offer. Be it in nail polish type (matte, gel, shimmer), longevity, or colors, the brands in India have successfully lived up to the expectations of the customer and continue providing them with many products.

Best Nail Polish Brands in the World

As we have already established, wearing the best nail polish is the key to rocking your look. Therefore, let us familiarize you with the best nail polish brands in the world!

P.I Products

It is a USA brand whose range lies from $3.99-$52.95. The brand was founded by George Schaeffer in 1981, and its net worth now stands at $1 billion. OPI Products have been ranked as the number 1 nail polish brand all over the world. The nail polishes don’t chip like others, have a thick consistency, dries very fast, and are available in a variety of shades. The best-selling products of this brand are Bubble Bath, Big Apple Red, Princess Rule, and Alpine Snow.


This French brand was founded by Coco Chanel in 1910 and is now owned by Alain Wertheimer and Gerard Wertheimer. The brand’s price range is $28 and has a net worth of $9 billion. It is 2nd best nail polish in the world is among the long-lasting nail wear. The popular products from Chanel Le Vernis are 504 Organdi, 510 Gitane, 08 Pirate, and 475 Dragon.

Nails Inc.

It is a United Kingdom brand founded by Thea Green and MT Carney in 1999. The price range lies between $5.47-$102.55 and has a net worth of $100 million. The cosmetic line produces vegan nail polish, which is easy to apply on nails and comes in a wide variety of colors. Their popular products are Mother Earth’s Calling, Just Avocado Do It, and Flex My Complex.

best nail polish brands in India
Best nail polish brands in India

Top 10 Nail Polish Brands In India

India houses many nail polish manufacturing brands that have come up over the years. Scroll down below to know more about the 10 best nail polish brands in India! Here are the following:


J.R.D Tata Simone Tata in1952 founded the brand. The price range lies between Rs.80-400, with a total net worth of $45 million. The nail paint is favored by its customers due to its long-lasting and non-chippy nature, variety in colors, and reasonable pricing. The nail polish offers gel, matte, shimmer, and metallic finish. The best products from this brand are the 9 to 5 Primer + Gloss range, Gel Stylist Nail Color range, Color Crush Nail Art range, and True Wear Nail Color range.

Faces Canada

They started out in the Indian market in 2009, becoming the favorite of their customers. The price range lies between Rs.70-280 with a total net worth of $30 million. It appeals to the customers due to the variety it has to offer, along with the durability and fast-drying formula. The best products from this brand are Splash Nail Enamel range, Hi Shine Nail Enamel range, Ultime Pro Matte Nail Enamel range, and Ultime Pro Belle De Luxe Nail Enamel range.

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Samir Modi founded the brand in 2004, which now has a net worth of $10 million. The price range lies between Rs.170-350. Customers especially favor this brand over others due to its long-lasting and non-chippy nature, prevention of yellowing of nails after long wear, and the variety of ranges. The best products from this brand are Nail Lacquer – Glamorous range, Nail Lacquer – Maniac range, Luxe Nail Lacquer range, and Matte Nail Lacquer range.


The brand was founded by Joseph Revson, Charles Revson, and Charles Lachman in 1932. The price range lies between Rs.100-2100, with a net worth of $0.7 billion. It comes with a chip-resistant and anti-fade technology. The best products are Ultra HD Snap! Range, ColorStay Gel Envy Longwear Nail Polish range, and Super Lustrous Nail Enamel range.


The company was founded in 1914 by Thomas Lyle Williams, whose net worth now stands at $300 thousand. The price range lies between Rs.55-350. The nail polish is long-lasting and has fast-drying technology. The best-selling products are the Color Show Nail range and Color Show Party range.

L’Oréal Paris

Eugène Schueller founded the brand in 1909 with a net worth of $38.3 billion. The price range lies between 190-1500. The brand offers precious oils that ensure healthy nails and long-lasting technology. The best-selling product is Color Riche A L’Huile Nail range.


We are already familiarized with is USA brand. The price range in India lies between Rs.425-1000. The brand ensures the longevity of the nail color along with healthy nails. The best-selling products are Nail Lacquer – Trickle My France-Y, Colors of Care for Quick Dry, and the Swarovski Collection.


The brand was founded in 1967 by Jonas Af Jochnick, Robert af Jochnick, and Bengt Hellsten. The price range lies between Rs.100-400. The brand provides qualities like superfast, dry and smooth, and easy application. The best-selling products of this line are Gel Nail Lacquer range, OnColour Nail Polish range, Gloss N’ Wear Nail Lacquer range, and Long Wear Nail Polish range.


The brand is especially favored by Indian consumers due to its wide color range and the wide type of finishes it has to offer. It appeals to the customers due it is super affordable price range which lies between Rs.89-960. The best-selling products from this range are the Aroma Care Nail Enamel range and Aroma Care Long Lasting Nail Enamel Range.


This nail polish brand has a lot to offer to its customers. It has long-lasting technology and a wide range of colors. The nail polish offers professional finishes like glossy, satin, shimmer, and matte. Consumers are extremely happy with its affordable price range lying between Rs.65-600. The best-selling products from this cosmetic line are the Gel Finish range and the True Color range.

Long Lasting Nail Polish Brands in India

The primary thing we look for in our nail polish is its longevity apart from its color, formulation, and texture. Get to know more about the long-lasting nail polish brand in India here!

P.I Nail Lacquer

It is pretty clear by now that this brand has the best nail polish in a wide range of varieties. What’s more important is the longevity of the same. Though the price range is a bit high at Rs.850, it is so for a proper reason. It offers higher resistance to chipping and has a thick consistency which makes it easier to apply. What are you waiting for then? Grab your favorite shade from the wide variety of 75 shades!

Nykaa Cookie Crumble Nail Enamel

This brand, though new to the makeup world, has picked up its pace and has been providing its customers with good quality and impressive products. This nail enamel is available to people only at Rs.199. The presence of cookie particles in the nail paint makes it much more long-lasting than the other nail paints of this brand. Without much thought, grab yours now!

Colorbar Wonder Gel Nail Lacquer

To make this nail paint much more long-lasting, be sure to apply either a topcoat or a base coat. The nail polish is available in the market at an affordable price of Rs. 350. The size of the brush makes it much easier to apply, and moreover, the nail paint dries off super quick. Choose your favorite shade from the wide variety of shades the line has to offer.

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Professional Nail Polish Brands

Professional nail polish brands are a favorite of all salon and beauty parlors. Your favorite celebrities and eminent figures in society wear this brand. So, without further ado, let us know more about the professional nail polish brands!

Jin Soon

Jin Soon Choi, in 2012, is the founder of this famous brand. Since then, the brand has only seen success. It is must wear in fashion weeks all over the world and also in the entertainment industry. The most famous range of this brand is the Dandizette collection which starts from $18.


The brand was founded in 1981 by Essie Weingarten and is especially worn by actors from Hollywood and also by royalty. Queen Elizabeth II is known to love the Ballet Slippers shade of this line. The best-selling range which offers the best longevity is the Gel Couture Line which starts from $12.

Sally Hansen

This brand is great as it has an extremely super-fast dry technology. The nail paint dries in just 1 minute and doesn’t even require a top or a base coat. This nail polish is a favorite of all your likable celebrities and models in the fashion week. The best product which offers long-lasting effects and super-fast dry effects is the Insta Dry Nail Color is $12.

Best Nail Polish Shades in India

Indian skin is such a gift that we can rock in any nail color. But the best nail polish shades that you can wear to any occasion are as follows:


The brand has many nail polish ranges to choose from, and it isn’t very clear. But the shades which will go best with Indian skin are 9 to 5 Primer+ Gloss Nail Color – Mulberry Blush, True Wear Nail Color – Shade 501, and Color Crush Nail Art – M17 Peach.

Faces Canada

Faces Canada has various ranges of nail polish. The best nail polish shades from its Splash range are Champagne 116, Voluptuous 135, Ocean 150, and Viola 41. The shades best in the Hi-Shine range are Simple Taupe 228 and Deep Tan 231.


This brand never fails to amaze its consumers with the variety it has to offer. It is very difficult to choose the best shades, but well we have tried. The shades that you can check out from its Divine Nudes range are Macaroon, Mud Pink, and Soft Sand. Be sure to check these shades from its Prettiest Pink range – Fanciful, Fuzzy Pink, Utopian, and Memory Lane.


The brand is a favorite of all customers due to the wide variety in the shades it offers. Be sure to check out these shades from this brand – Somewhere Over the Rainbow Mountains, Russian Navy, Barefoot in Barcelona, Midnight in Moscow, Pompeii Purple, and Rosy Future.


The long-lasting nail enamel range is the most popular from this cosmetic line. Let’s check out the best shades – Heartbreaker, Blackjack, Showtime, Lovestuck, and Roll the Dice.

Costliest Nail Polish Brand in India

Every one of us looks for affordable pricing in nail polish. But the advantage of buying expensive nail polish is that it will be of much better quality than your regular nail polish. Let’s check the costliest nail polish brands in India!

  1. Colorbar Mini Kit – Tentalize 5ml: This kit is a set of 10 nail paints which is Rs. 1250.
  2. Aroma Care Gel Based Nail Polish: This is a set of 36 nail paints of 216ml, which is Rs. 960.
  3. NCLA Back to Black: This 15ml black nail polish is Rs. 927.

Final Thoughts

Nail polishes are a part of ladies fashion and brings in the pop of color on your skin, just like how lipsticks do! These brightens us and makes us look great! So, don’t refrain yourself from choosing the best colors that suit your skin tone and make you look fantastic. Likewise we would like to emphasize that choosing the best quality ones is important for the sake of your nail health!

We’ve come to the end of our blog – Best nail polish brands in India today. We hope that you have been able to choose the brand that you found the most promising. And don’t miss out on letting us know in the comment section below which of the brands you like the best!

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