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Why Do You Need A Pap test and What Things Should Be Considered

A pap test looks for the cells in your cervix. The cervix is that part of a female reproductive system which abides the opening between the vagina and the uterus. When you go through a regular Pap test, it will monitor any abnormal cell growth in your cervix which might cause cervical cancer later on. That’s why screening has become so important nowadays. It is only through health checkups that help an individual to have a better understanding about their body. A regular health checkup can identify the unwanted cancerous growth in your body which will be cured if its being identified early! 

Women who are at the age group of 21-69, need to strictly adhere to the pap test. Medical science doesn’t recommend girls of teenage age group or those who are very older to have a pap test. The reason behind this is:

  • Pap tests won’t work in a woman who has a very low rate of cervical cancer. It is found that cervical cancer is very rare in women of 21 or younger. If a woman aged 21 or below is having sexual contact then also she is quite safe from this disease as certain abnormal cells get back into its normality during such ages. 
  • Women aged more than 69 have rare cases of cervical cancer. 
  • Pap tests won’t work in a woman who has had their cervix removed at times of hysterectomy. 

Can the pap test cause bleeding?

Yes, there are a lot of cases of bleeding during the pap smear test. Some people have light bleeding or spotting. Spotting after the smear test is quite common. This usually happens if you have cervical ectropion. cervical ectropion is a condition when your cells from inside the cervical canal (called glandular cells) are present on the outside surface of the cervix.

The color of these cells tend to be red and thus it looks red. The nurse attending the test will know it beforehand. This isn’t abnormal and doesn’t need any treatment. 

During the intercourse, this cervical ectropion causes many women to bleed. Hence, bleeding after sexual contact is just normal. 

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Once you have had your pap tests, it’s not the only thing you need to do. Sometimes a pap test comes out to be invalid or it might show abnormal results which will then be needed to do over again. Abnormal results give super anxiety to women and they freak out everytime this happens. Hence your doctor will call you to his/her clinic for several attempts in order to be sure enough that you are suffering from cancer or other such diseases. 

When Is The Right Time To Get A Pap Test?

You need a Pap test depending on your age, your medical history and other health risks that might cause your reproductive system at stake. 

  • Women of age 21-29 are highly recommended to go through the pap test. It is in this time when a woman is sexually active and hence her chance of suffering from cervical cancer increases. Women of these ages must have the test every 3 years. 
  • Those who are between 30-69 must have the pap test every 3 years. This is also the prime time for a woman to get the disease. 
  • If you are older than 70 years, you don’t need any pap test as such. But only if your other 3 tests have been normal, you won’t need another to get an appropriate result. 

Other than your age and having sexual contact, if you have been caught in pre cancerous cells in your cervix or you have a history of cervical cancer, you must get the test done. Often times women with a weaker immune system also have the risk of getting the disease. Hence they are equally advisable to get the pap smear test as soon as possible. 

Is There A Way To Protect Yourself From Cervical Cancer?

Once you are sexually free from HPV (human papillomavirus), the chances of having cervical cancer will also be reduced. HPV is a sexually transmitted disease that results in causing cervical cancer at the same time. Talking about the vaccines against the current infection can always be safe enough. The thing is, we need to ask questions about the benefits and risks involved in taking the vaccinations. When you are vaccinated, you will be given the VIS (Vaccine Information Sheet). This sheet contains every detail of the vaccine trials coming from the most reported issues. Hence the HPV vaccine is safe and effective. 

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In the USA, more than 26,000 cases have been reported on developing cancers which are followed by HPV. Studies have supported the fact that HPV vaccines have shown no side effects or risks. These studies have been found with the proven result of many people who have been vaccinated all around the world. Cervical cancer has been the most common cancer giving troubles to innumerable females. Men also suffer from HPV. The UK is the best place to look for if you question whether or not the HPV shots are worth taking. We can already see a dropping list on cancer in the UK. As we can see from the success stories of many countries, getting yourself vaccinated for HPV would be really helpful as it will also reduce the risk of cervical cancer. 

What Do The Stats Talk About?

Today, across the world, private smear test is helping a lot of women to identify some lurking cancerous cells in their body. It seems like magic that you came to know about your disease way before the actual symptoms. You can cure your upcoming disease even before it has attacked your body. 

The test involves a cylindrical instrument to be inserted inside the cervix. This sounds scary but it isn’t. A lot of women fear the process that leads them to think about the negative possibilities. One of the questions being, does smear test leads to bleeding!

This is why pap test so much important:

  • Compared with the past 10 years, we have seen an increased rise in cervical cancer patients by 5%. Women aged 20-24, have seen a tremendous rise in this disease which is almost up to 90%. Whereas, women aged 25-34 have seen 47% increase in cervical cancer. 
  • The estimated survival rate of women suffering from cervical cancer has risen up to 63% over 10 years. 
  • Cervical cancer can be prevented because of its progressive nature. Hence if you have been detected earlier, chances are that you can prevent it without any fuss. If you can monitor the progress of cervical cancer, it can be prevented and hence you can have a better way of living without any disease lurking inside your body. 


the pap test has helped many women across the globe to get rid of cervical cancer and have a happy life with their families. Pap test might not be accurate at one go, but the frequent trials are worth noting! Often times, a woman just gets confused on when she should be having this test and what are the criteria. Talk to your private gynaecologist in London for a better understanding about your condition and how you should be getting the test done!

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