How to Get Rid of Hickey: Everything You Need to Know About Hickey

how to get rid of hickey

The hickey is something that embarrasses many people and can be had in many places, mainly when it is in prominent places and is very marked. In this case, the main thought is to find a quick way to remove the pacifier in no time. In this article, you can know about how to get rid of hickey?

The pacifier is undoubtedly not a medical problem, but it is able to create small social issues for the person who has it. What prompted me to write this guide, is the increasing number of requests I see in the problem of how to remove a hickey? Many people seem worried about this imperfection, but with a little calm and a few tricks, it can be solved without particular complications.

What is a hickey and how to get rid of it

Sucking is a common bruise. Like most bruises, it appears when the capillaries – the smallest subcutaneous vessels – are injured, and blood flows out of them.

The size of the aspiration and the saturation of its color depending on how many capillaries were damaged and how much blood had time to flow out of them before blood clots formed. The larger and brighter the hickey, the more difficult it is to remove it.

Just give us 4 minutes, we will fully describe to you how to get rid of hickey? And all about you must need to know about hickey.

How long does a soother last? Are there any remedies to make it disappear? 

The duration well! This is to be discovered by the eye. It could disappear within a week, but it could also last a couple of weeks. How to remedy? Indeed, as we said before, it is a real “wound” even if of love and certainly from a sweet memory. In this case, it is a bit like having received a little game contrast or a pinch on the cheek, so the first remedy we can recommend is to apply ice on it. Ice should also help reduce slight swelling, if any. Apply it immediately, maybe as soon as you get home, or in any case, do not exceed 8/10 hours from the crime.

The remedy of the day after. It may happen that in a hurry to go home and go to bed, you do not notice the hickey. So how do you fix it the next day? Soon said. Take something soft, with bristles; a standard toothbrush could also work and massage the reddened area making small circles and slowly move over the whole area affected by the hickey. Do not apply too much pressure, just enough to feel the bristles. This is what it is for; you will help blood circulation and restore worn-out tissues. Alternate with ice.

How to get rid of hickey

How to get rid of a hickeyMostly feminine or boys, if they have an accomplice woman at home to ask, is the corrector. However, depending on the colour and redness, it may or may not be effective.

Another excellent remedy is heated, make compresses or apply a bottle or bag with hot water. The application should last about ten minutes, then remove the compress. Please don’t overdo it; you don’t have to burn yourself; the red part must be heated. Be careful with this method you could get the opposite effect, and that is the increase of redness and blood in the pacifier … what a mess.

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Next time think carefully about what you are going to encounter! If, on the other hand, you can’t care less, keep playing and having fun… and showing off your love soother!

Remove disguises a hickey mark instantly

Agree, few people want to appear at work or in front of fellow students with such marks when they are visible to everyone. And their origin, especially on the neck, is beyond doubt. Therefore, the question of how to get rid of hickey, or at least hide the hickey, becomes especially acute.

Here are some of the simplest yet most effective ways to hide the passion mark from prying eyes:

  • It is worth choosing a foundation that is in harmony with the skin tone on the neck. And cover it up not only with suction, but also apply to the untouched area around it.
  • In the cool season, clothing with a high collar can help in disguise – golf, a blouse with a stand-up collar, a sweatshirt. You can simply wrap a scarf around your neck.
  • In the absence of contraindications to sunburn, it is worth using sunbathing or visiting a solarium. On the skin darkened by ultraviolet radiation, the mark of passion will no longer stand out so clearly.
  • Girls with hair long enough to cover their necks are advised to wear them loose. Such a hairstyle invariably favorably emphasizes the face and distracts attention.
  • A tricky disguise will be a transfer tattoo or a Mehendi drawing.

How to get rid of hickey: Pharmacy products

Many formulations have been developed that can remove an ugly stain. Some of them contain heparin and vitamin K. Getting on the surface of the skin, such ointments constrict the vessels, thereby reducing the flow of blood that caused redness to the affected area. It is important to use such means with an eye to the instructions.

A popular alternative remedy can be an iodine mesh. The pharmacy iodine solution also activates blood circulation.

To Remove aspiration at home using folk methods

When eliminating traces of passion, improvised means cope no worse than ointments. And all of them can be found in your own kitchen:

  • Apply it without delay, immediately after detecting aspiration at the stage of redness. Any product from the freezer can become an ambulance. Press on the skin affected by love until it feels freezing. The cold prevents the appearance of traces. And the bruise that has already appeared will make it less noticeable. It is convenient to use ice cubes wrapped in cling film.
  • It also applies to emergency care. Noticing redness, you need to quickly prepare a gruel from sifted and diluted soda with filtered water. Thick enough to prevent spreading, apply for 5 minutes. If blue does appear at the site of redness, it will not be too noticeable.

Raw tubers are used

  • previously washed and ground into a gruel which is laid out on cheesecloth and fixed in place of the suction like a compress for half an hour. The compress is repeated three times with fresh potatoes. You can not chop the tuber, but use thin circles cut off from it. Or squeeze the juice out of an average tuber by soaking a bandage rolled in several layers. When the juice dries on the skin, you need to repeat the procedure three times.
  • It must be white and classic. They washed off after complete drying.
  • Aloe vera. The home doctor from the windowsill proved to be excellent in the fight against such troubles. You need to repeat several times.
  • Raw meat is also a popular remedy for salvation from fresh suction. From chilled beef, you need to cut a thin plate to the size of the affected part of the neck. Apply every hour for 20 minutes.
  • The percentage of acetic acid must be taken into account. To reduce bruises and aspirations, they use 6 percent.  And just lubricate your damage several times.
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To get rid of hickey by Cosmetics methods

To mask and accelerate the resorption of the passion mark, you can use the means from the arsenal of cosmetologists:

  • Foundation, more precisely, two creams – thick, with a flat base. One should exactly match the skin colour, and the second should be lighter. To eliminate oily shine, a lotion that matches your skin type is excellent. Then comes the turn of a lighter tone at the site of the suction. The final touch will be a thin layer of powder.
  • Contrasting compresses. They usually serve as an excellent way to revitalize the circulation of the problem area if you alternately apply wet cloth – hot and cold.
  • The favorite remedy of cosmetologists, to which the skin reacts with gratitude. Careful rubbing with fingertips or a soft, gentle brush can quickly get rid of the suction. Or expand the lesion in case of negligence.

Simple, uncomplicated and quick ways to disguise

Suppose you do not have enough patience for compresses and massages. If you learn how to get rid of hickey?  You can just try to hide the hickey. For a while, because in this case, it also works for the result. Hematomas of this type go well on their own. The duration of their preservation is individual and depends on the condition and characteristics of the skin. In the best possible combination of circumstances, it will be only three days.

You can disguise the hickey:

  • Sweater with a neckline or a collar. For winter, it is essential to have such a warm knitted thing in your wardrobe. But in summer, naturally, this method does not work.
  • Decorative professional cosmetics. Products called concealers will do. They were just created in order to hide serious skin defects like crimson spots from squeezing out acne, dark semicircles under the eyes, etc. A green concealer is suitable for suction on the neck.  But this disguise won’t last all day. Concealers work for 5-6 hours, and then they start to wear off.
  • A neckerchief or scarf. Girls can safely complement their image with both. A scarf is hardly suitable for men. But a scarf will always help out, especially in a cool season. It looks stylish and emphasizes masculine jawline. But most importantly, it perfectly hides from prying eyes what needs to be hidden.

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Adhesive plaster

  • The girls have to show more imagination. But you can always refer to an accidental burn from a hot iron or curling iron.
  • Shants collar. This device is medical, prescribed by doctors for serious diseases of the cervical vertebrae and injuries. It is not cheap, but you can order on the Internet or look for an orthopedic store. In addition to Shants’s collar, you will have to come up with a story that explains to people in the immediate environment the plot with a neck injury so that they do not ask too many unnecessary questions and do not get sympathy.

It remains only to choose the most acceptable among the methods of getting rid of aspiration. So, as not to risk permanently ruining the skin and expanding the affected area. Your best bet is to pick one and follow it.

After this adventure, it is worth negotiating with your partner and not allowing such reasons to resort to masking manoeuvres in the future.

How to remove a hickey if more than a day has passed

To remove a hickey you must need to know about how to get rid of hickey? By this time, the bruise had already formed. Now it is necessary for the body to remove clotted blood from under the skin as quickly as possible.

  1. Put on warm compresses.

Several times a day for 10-15 minutes, apply a heating pad or cloth soaked in warm water to the suction. Heat speeds up blood flow and allows the body to flush out clotted blood faster.

  1. Get a massage

The goal is the same – to speed up blood flow at the site of the hematoma. You can rub a hickey finger (do it carefully so as not to set yourself a new bruise!) Or assume massage toothbrush with soft bristles. To enhance the effect of the massage, perform it for 3-5 minutes before applying a warm compress.

  1. Wear masking cosmetics

If you don’t have time to wait, mask the aspiration with a concealer or foundation. Products with a yellowish undertone work most effectively.

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