Sleep Science – Why 8 Hours of Sleep is Sacred?

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Sleep Science – Why 8 Hours of Sleep is Sacred?

“Tired minds don’t plan well. Sleep first, plan later” – Walter Reisch

Back in my childhood days, I remember how fascinated I was with the Disney animation movie Sleeping Beauty. Imagine the fact when one can sleep all they like and do nothing but just that. Turn to the reality of the complex and mundane world today; sleeping is also counted as a luxury that most people don’t value and can’t afford. 

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Believe it or not, the current generation of the millennials has everything but the basic need for sound sleep. In fact, it has become a tendency when most people feel that managing their life with just 4 to 5 hours of sleep is sufficient and worth applauding. Most people also feel that getting away with less than 8 hours of sleep is a quality that they possess because this, in fact, gives them the ability to do more. Alas, what they don’t understand is the importance of sleep in their life. There is a reason why people are told to sleep for a maximum of 8 hours and despite what most people think, there is, in fact, a science called the Sleep Science which talks about the importance of sleep. 

Sleep is evidently very crucial. I’, surprised with the way most people continue living a healthy life by compromising on the number of hours that they dedicate towards sleeping. In a generation that is run by the era of health and fitness freaks, what most young adults forget is that the key to the healthiest lifestyle comes with SLEEP. So why does a body need sleep? 

Well for starters, sleeping in your very own detox regime. All that rejuvenation and connecting with your inner self becomes possible with the simplest form of sleeping. Sleeping, in fact, helps in: 

  •   Retaining memory and sharpening those grey cells
  •   Improving your immune system 
  •   Minimizing the risks of any health condition 

On a yearly basis, so many people shell out thousands of dollars only so that they can get a hold of their life and minimize the risks involved with their health. What they forget is the fact that all this can be done absolutely free of cost and that too in the most efficient ways. All you need to do is SLEEP. All those people who still need more validation on why 8 hours are an absolute must for sleeping, I bring to you a list that will make you switch off all the screens around you and hit the sacks almost immediately. 

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On an average, almost all the young adults spend a lot of cautious hours in eating right and exercising just so that they don’t put on any extra pounds of weight. Despite all that gymming and eating healthy why is obesity suddenly becoming the most challenging aspect? The answer to that would be ‘lack of sleep’. Short and improper sleep hours cause maximum obesity and weight gain issues. When a person sleeps is the time when the body works the maximum and helps in the metabolism of the body. So if a person is not getting the proper amount of time to sleep, obesity can become an issue sooner or later.


Most of the studies that have been conducted show that sleep-deprived people have a tendency of eating more and eating more often results in higher calorie intake. Irregular sleep patterns and fewer hours of sleep often causes major fluctuations in the appetite hormones and this is what results in a person eating more than the required quantity of food and taking in more calories. 


Sleep science is a fascinating subject and the more people study the aspects of sleep science the more and more it is proved that sleep is absolutely crucial. Most of the sleep-based studies have proved that good sleep helps in revitalizing the brain and this thus improves the reasoning, concentration and cognitive abilities. While the person is asleep, the mind gets a chance to rest and hence this improves its ability to understand things better and improve the output of any person. It is often been noted that when a person is sleepy and has had sleepless nights, the next day they are irate and lack in concentration and reasoning power.

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Are you someone who wants to ace a trigonometry problem, or do you dream of hitting that perfect ball for a six in a cricket match? Does it confuse you that others around you are doing all this so well, but somehow you are not able to achieve the same output? The problem for all this again lies in your disrupted sleep patterns. According to the most recent research studies published, sleeping for a good 8 hours not only helps in improving one’s memory but also helps in perfecting motor skills which help a person carry out their day to day activities and tasks. 

LESS SLEEP MAKES THE SWEET DELIGHTS NOT SO SWEET: Are you exceptionally fond of sweets? Do you enjoy gorging on chocolates and candies? If you are a sweet person then you absolutely need to make sure that you get plenty of sleep. As per the most recent surveys and studies conducted it has been proved that sleep restrictions are responsible for affecting the blood sugar and reduces the insulin sensitivity. Most youngsters who observe irregular sleep patterns have an increased risk of diabetes type 2. 

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The increase in the number of people who face depression is on an all-time high. Mental health issues such as depression and anxiety have been linked to poor sleep quality and other sleeping disorders. It has been estimated that 90% of the people who suffer from depression all complain about lack of sleep and irregular sleep patterns. 

Nutrition and exercise are definitely some of the sure-shot ways of ensuring that the body remains active and fit. However, the best way of strengthening the body is by making sleep one of the strongest pillars. A healthy mind and body are the most important to withstand all the pressure that is loaded upon a person and the best way of keeping fit and healthy is by giving your body that much deserved a break and energizing it with sleep. Sleep Healthy and live Healthy that should be the mantra followed by all.


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