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How to Reheat McDonald’s Fries & Make It Crunchy Again: Reheat the Soggy Fries Like A Pro

Who is not a fan of McDonald’s salty and crispy fries? Everyone is totally in love with their fries. McDonald’s serves hot, salty, and scrumptious fries to its customers which their customers thoroughly like. But did you experience a situation where you ordered fries from McDonald’s and it got soggy because you were occupied somewhere? You can wait for your fries, but your fries will not wait for you too long. To add crunch to your soggy fries, we have a great idea and that is reheating. If you don’t know How to Reheat McDonald’s Fries, then be with us till the end of this article. We will give you various tips and ideas that will bring crunchiness to your McDonald’s fries.

How to Reheat McDonald’s Fries: Know the Right Steps

Ready with the Preparation

The first and foremost thing to get the crunchy fries is to start with the preparation. We know that your left-over fries get soggy and get fixed on each other. Start with separate them into a single layer. Take a safe microwave plate or a baking sheet, according to your preferred reheating method. Separating and spreading the fries into a single layer will make sure that each piece of the fry gets an equal amount of heat. It is making them reheat equally and gives them a uniform texture. If you stack the fries upon each other, it will lead to uneven heating. After preparing this, now it’s time to know How to Reheat McDonald’s Fries.

Define Your Perfect Reheating Route

Choosing the right route is completely on you. You can choose any of the mediums according to your preference, the availability of the sources, and the situation. You can try it on an oven, stove, or in air fryer. The oven will be one of the right mediums to reheat the fries, where you can preheat the oven and then place your fries plate in it for several minutes. Another method is reheating with the stove method, where you can use the nonstick skillet with oil to the pan over the medium to low frame. The air fryer will also be the right option for reheating as it demands a minimal amount of fat for cooking.

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Reheat Fries in the Perfection of Oven

How to Reheat McDonald's Fries

If you want to know How to Reheat McDonald’s Fries in the oven, then follow these steps –

  • Begin by preheating your oven to 175 degrees Celsius, which will make the oven environment perfect for the fries.
  • Prepare your baking sheet with the fries on over it in a single layer, to ensure uniform crispness, and place it in the oven.
  • To ensure balanced heating, flip your fries after half-time to get the desired crispness. Make sure it gets the transformative warmth on both sides.
  • And it’s done, grab ketchup, and your favorite dipping, and enjoy.

Reheat with the Brilliance of the Stovetop

reheat mcdonald's fries

When you want to reheat your leftover fries with the help of a stove, here are the best tips to follow while reheating –

  • Take a non-stick skillet and bring some oil to the pan over medium to low flame. Oil will prevent the fries to get dry.
  • Arrange the fries in a single layer over the pan to ensure the uniform distribution of heat while cooking.
  • After a few minutes, flip your fries to the next side so that the other side also requests well and gets the crispness.
  • And here you go with the sensational hot and crisp McDonald’s fries.

How About Steam & Sizzle?

If you want more options on How to Reheat McDonald’s Fries, then it is one of the best options. McDonald’s fries require fineness and steam, and the sizzle method will provide it to your fries. Here are the easy steam and sizzle methods to reheat the fries –

  • Take a microwave-safe plate and spread the fries in a single layer, now drape a damp paper towel over it to prevent it from drying during the process.
  • Once the fries are reheated, the wetness and moisture will release as steam from the damp paper towel.
  • This steam will give a touch of moisture to take the excessive dryness and give the fries a crispy transformation.
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Try Air Fryer for Reheating

How to Reheat McDonald's Fries

Air frying is one of the innovative culinary ways to reheat soggy fries. Try these steps if you want to use this method –

  • Start by preheating the air fryer to 190 degrees to maintain a perfect atmosphere for reheating the fries.
  • Now place your fries into the basket of the fryer.
  • Set the timer between 3-5 minutes according to your required crisp choice.
  • Once you get half of the way, take a pause and shake the basket so that the heat can interact with each fries.
  • Here you get the perfect air-fried fries, put some salt or peri-peri spices to it and feel the OG McDonald’s fries taste.

Note Down Some Secret Tips for Reheating

  • Don’t use a microwave, it will make your fries soggier. But if you want to use it, then first place a damp paper tower over the fries so it maintains some moisture and did not make your fries completely dry.
  • Once you complete reheating, take some time to add seasonings over your fries to give them an extra delicious touch. Sprinkle your favorite seasonings. You can also make it cheesy if you love cheese.
  • The third tip is to don’t make your fries wait again for you. Once it gets reheated properly, just jump over it and start eating it. Because it will lose crispiness if you keep them waiting for too long.
  • Don’t reheat fries again and again. You can try reheating once or twice but not more than that because it starts losing its quality and will not taste good. It is better to reheat minimally to make an optimal texture and taste.


Are you still have doubts about How to Reheat McDonald’s Fries? We are sure that this article gives you a clear understanding of the fry’s reheating process. The first important thing is the choice of method for reheating. If you choose microwave instead of oven then surely it will not serve you the better result. You don’t want to make your soggy fries more soggy. So, try your preferred method along with the extra tips keeping in your mind and enjoy the deliciousness of the McDonald’s fries.

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