Smart Tips to Keep Your Family Healthy

Your Family Healthy

Are you one of the millions of moms that look at other families and wish you had it all together as the others do? All while you’re just trying to get your kid to eat an apple without a family disruption breaking out?

You’re not alone mamma, millions of families are ordinarily fabulous, just like yours. If you’re serious about working some healthy habits into your family routine without them even noticing, you’re at the right place. 

Read on as we share some easy tips on how to get your family on a healthier path without them even knowing you’re working with a plan.

Where Do I start?

The answer is simple. It would help if you started at home. 

Experts suggest that the first thing you need to do is cover your family with proper health insurance, and they’re not wrong. There are many excellent family health coverage options to choose from, and you can take a look at some health insurance plans here. This should be step one before moving on to bigger changes. 

It gives a parent peace of mind knowing that unplanned medical expenses won’t cause more stress on top of keeping their family healthy.

Personal Hygiene

Personal Hygiene

It’s not as overrated as everybody thought, after all. If 2020 can be captioned, it’s bound to be called: The year personal hygiene made a comeback.

Some exciting facts published by the CDC states that if everybody started washing their hands regularly and adequately, almost one million lives could be saved per year. They further published findings that it can reduce your risk of respiratory infections by more than 16%. 

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Imagine a winter without any flu in your household. It can be done with some small steps to instill personal hygiene practices. If it happens at home, it’ll happen elsewhere too.

The CDC report also stated facts from a study conducted in 16 elementary schools with 6000 students participating. When they started washing their hands at regular intervals, absenteeism due to illness declined with 19.8%. 

Eat Together at the Dinner Table

Dinner Table

It’s a proven fact that families who eat together are generally more healthy. Not only physically, but also mentally.

In a world where the children’s schedules are often busier than the parents, it’s become increasingly important to create routines where your family can relax together and bond without any outside interference, if possible. Even the TV should be switched off for that 30 – 45 minutes during dinner time. 

If you can convince your family to have meals without any mobile gadgets, that would win first prize. Cell phones are distracting, and the secret behind using meals to keep your tribe healthy is mostly to encourage conversation. Teenagers who can enjoy an open and honest conversation with their parents are less prone to depression and thoughts of suicide.

Recent studies have shown that fighting obesity starts around the dinner table. More often than not, families are eating a lot of fast foods as they go about their busy schedules. You have no control over everyone’s eating habits in this case and won’t know how to complete their daily nutritional requirements. 

Bring back the good old tradition of family dinner around the dining room table and see them all flourish emotionally, mentally, and physically.

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Take it Outside

Whether it’s teaching your kids to ride a bicycle or watering the garden together, fresh air is vital to your family’s health. Not everybody is camping, hiking, and trail-riding enthusiasts, but there’s plenty to do around the home and neighborhood.

The sunshine vitamin, aka vitamin D, starts forming in your body when sunlight hits the skin. It immediately gets your liver and kidneys working to create this one element that’s proven to have excellent disease-fighting powers.

Natural light is excellent for you in more ways than one. A study was conducted in 2005 at the University of Pittsburgh. It was found that patients with spinal surgeries experienced less pain when exposed to natural light during recovery. Older research proved that patients with only a view of the outdoors recovered faster as well.

A Final Word

As you can see from our shortlist of tips, gearing your family towards a healthier lifestyle doesn’t have to be complicated.

With a few small but decisive changes to your family’s routine, you can start a new journey today. It’s never too late to start living a healthier life, and the benefits are lifelong. 

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