Best way to detox your body in 24 hours – Proven Methods!

best way to detox your body in 24 hours

Good health and a mind are what we want from life! You see many celebrities and social media influencers glowing and wonder when you will be able to get the same glow on your face! It might seem like glowing skin and a healthy mind is not possible in our current lifestyle. A lot of work stress paired with a lack of disciplined lifestyle concerns is so much to take.

In contrast, you can go to a wellness retreat spa to relax your mind. But schedule and other concerns about stepping out might be an issue. So, what is the best way to detox your body in 24 hours? You can detox at home in a cost–effective way by making small lifestyle changes and by following some of the best home remedies.

What is a detox?

Detox means removing toxins from your body. Your body might have harmful chemicals that can cause diseases. Detoxing simply means removing those toxins from your body in a natural way. Detox doesn’t mean using expensive supplements but following a regime to do that little cleanse. You have to aim for movement and whole foods that have healing elements healthily.

Best way to detox your body in 24 hours: Effective Solutions

Detoxing your body in 24 hours is something that can’t be done but some proven methods can detox your body and mind over time and those are listed below;

Drink lemon water in the morning


The most effective way to detox your body is to drink lemon water in the morning. This deadly combination can detox your full – body as lemon is rich in antioxidants that can remove body toxins from the body. Also, you can add in some ginger juice to see better results. It just takes 2 or 3 minutes to make this, but the results will be extraordinary. Remember to take it on an empty stomach and you will notice the changes.

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Switch to green tea


For coffee lovers you cannot function if you haven’t consumed coffee the first thing in the morning. I agree, it can be a savior to keep you active and awake. Though these drinks can keep you up, they do have a few side effects that might affect your digestive system. One best way to detox your body in 24 hours is to reduce caffeinated drinks and try green tea. One best alternative is green tea, it can keep your system clean. It also facilitates weight loss and enhances metabolism.

Drinking lots of water


Drinking water is very essential to maintain an active lifestyle. People have started to take fruit-infused water to make water enjoyable. There are mobile applications that can track and remind you to drink water. If you are the one who doesn’t drink water a lot, then you need to download one of these apps to remind you to drink water.

Sleep, Sleep, Sleep


Are you getting enough sleep at night? Or you are getting just 4 to 5 hours of sleep? This could be due to stress! Make sure to get adequate sleep for at least 8 long hours. This is one of the most natural ways to detox bad toxins from your body.

You need to flush out the toxins from your brain and body from the system, you can attain this only by dozing off! The best way to get a good night’s sleep is to power off your mobile device before an hour to bed. Try sleeping masks, pillows, and essential oils that can induce sleep.

Consider taking probiotics


Probiotics are very essential in your diet. They have a lot of good bacteria which will help in digestion and keep the system hygienic and clean. The yeasts and bacteria that the probiotics have are good for health. Some of the essential sources of probiotics are buttermilk, yogurt, bread, etc.

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You will feel the difference in your digestive health and body tremendously.  Good digestive health will also elevate your skin textures and give you a glow to it.

Cold showers


This might sound unfamiliar! But cold showers can make you feel energized. Also, cold water can lessen inflammation and improve your immune system. This also results in detox within 24 hours.



There are various healthy benefits that meditation could offer. Your anxiety is reduced and you will also get relief from symptoms like PTSD and IBS. Just close your eyes for a few seconds and sit calm in a dark and noise–free place. Start with a couple of minutes then increase gradually.

Avoid packaged drinks


Preservatives, taste enhancers, and food colors can be very harmful to your health. Avoid bottled juices as they are loaded with sugar and can cause adverse side effects on your body. Try fresh juice which is high in essential fibers that help digestion.


Q.1 Can I detox my body in just 24 – hours?

Ans. You can detox your body in 24 hours but don’t expect the results to show visible sooner.

Q2. Can I Cleanse My Body in 24 hours?

Ans. No, there isn’t any way to cleanse your body in just 24 hours. You need to follow a regime to show up results.

Q3. Can I detox overnight?

Ans. Eating very lightly is one great way to detox. Drink a lot of fluids for 24 hours, you can also try diluted juices or herbal teas and avoid processed foods.

Q4.  Can I detox naturally?

Ans. Consuming nutrients–rich food can support overall health. you can enhance your detox process by consuming nutrients – a dense diet, getting proper sleep, and exercising regularly.

Q5. How to do a liver flush?

Ans. Take supplements designed for it and eat a liver-friendly meal. You need to avoid certain goods and go for a juice diet. Consult a doctor before following a regime.


These are some of the best way to detox your body in 24 hours! Follow the above-mentioned regime to get clean skin like you longed for! You can also eliminate the toxins in your by following the diet. This will also enhance your health and aid weight loss.

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