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Twisted Tea Nutrition Facts: Why Should You Have This Alcoholic Beverage?

twisted tea nutrition facts

Everyone likes to have Tea, and it is consumed almost daily by most people. You can also say that Tea is kind of like an addiction. But are you aware of what kind of beverage twisted Tea is? And do you know about the nutrients present in the twisted Tea? There is more to something that you eat or drink. Some can shock you, and some might be unbelievable. You must have some unknown questions in your mind and want to know more about these twisted tea nutrition facts. Don’t you worry! We will help you find the answers to the questions that pop up in your mind about twisted tea nutrition facts and more. Let us see what is there in the blog for you!

Twisted Tea Detailed Overview

Tea is a beverage that was originated in Asia itself. Tea is seen as a refreshing drink and supposedly brings energy into people. This concept of Tea giving you energy is based on its nutritional fact itself. It grows in tropical and sub-tropical climates. The forestation of Tea is mostly seen in hilly areas with sliding slopes. This is because Tea cannot withstand a large amount of water so, the slanting slopes help in passing off the extra water near the roots of the tea plantation.

But what is twisted Tea, then? It is an iced tea but is a little twisted as the components present in this twisted Tea are different. Twisted Tea has different flavors and is cheap than any alcoholic drink. You can avail many different flavors of this beverage and enjoy it. All flavors have their own specific taste and bring joy to your taste buds. This Tea is made naturally from black tea leaves along with a hinge of lemon in it. Of course, this beverage is a processed drink, but you can actually drink it. But for it to consume, you need to be of the legal age of 21.

twisted tea nutrition facts

Twisted Tea Nutrition Facts

Tea has its own composition and provides us with some nutrients. Let us see the Twisted tea nutrition facts:

  • Calories – 194
  • Sodium – 8.1mg or 1%
  • Fat – 0%
  • Sugar – 23.3g
  • Carbohydrate – 25.9g
  • Potassium – 271mg or 6%
  • Net carbs – 25.9g
  • Calcium – 2.6mg or 1%
  • Vitamin C – 2.8mg or 5%

twisted tea nutrition facts

Comparison Between Twisted Tea and Beer

The alcohol content in twisted Tea is less than the alcohol content in Beer. You can actually say that Twisted Tea is a better and more advisable beverage to drink. The content of alcohol is only 5% in it and does not affect your health as must as Beer does. Even though, for drinking as well as buying, you need to be of the legal age of 21.

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Adverse Effects of Twisted Tea

With the benefits that you might get from this beverage, it also comes with some adverse effects that can affect you. Although these effects are said to be rare, the possibility does not end. The most common effect is Vomiting, Nausea, and stomach pain. None of it puts you in danger, but excess of anything can harm you in the future.

Alcoholic Content in Twisted Tea

You might think that Twisted Tea can never make you drunk since the content of alcohol present in it is as close as 5%. But in a day, if you drink too much of this hard Iced Tea, you can actually get drunk. Supposedly, if you take in around 6 to 8 cans of this Twisted tea can, it will amount up to equal to 1 mug of Beer. That is, it can easily make you drunk in that circumstance.

Content of Sugar present in Twisted Tea

Even if you enjoy having twisted Tea, you should always take care of the amount of sugar you are consuming. One can contain 23.6gm of sugar in it. So, if you drink more Twisted Tea, you will have a high sugar intake which is not good for your health. In such a case, you should makeshift from this Hard Iced Twisted tea to some low sugar content twisted Tea which is available in the market.

twisted tea nutrition facts

Benefits of having Alcoholic Tea

Nowadays, this new type of Tea has come around. This Tea can be seen as a trend and is actually supposedly said to have some benefits for you. Are you aware of the benefits of this alcoholic Tea? Let’s see some of the benefits that are most commonly known:

  • Well, if you are looking forward to having astonishing skin, you can look up to drinking this hard-iced Twisted Tea. Your skin which gets penetrated through the UV lights of the sun, can remain protected with the effect of this alcoholic drink.
  • This hard-iced alcoholic drink, Twisted Tea, has quite some amounts of antioxidants present in it. These antioxidants help you fight the viruses or any germs present in your cell. So basically, you can say that drinking this drink can help you protect your health.
  • The hard-iced Alcoholic drink helps you in the digestion of the food. Your stomach stays clear and enables you to clear your stomach as well. In case you have indigestion, you can always try drinking twisted Tea, and maybe your stomach can digest the required food.

Alcoholic Tea drinks other than Twisted Tea

There are many other hard-iced alcoholic tea beverages and cocktails that are being introduced. Since people don’t like to taste the same thing every day, they like to try something new as well. With that thing in mind, there are many creative people in the world who have come up with such alcoholic tea beverages. Let’s see what these alcoholic tea drinks are:

  • Bourbon Tea

This Tea, from its name, does not give away what it is actually made of or what it could taste like. When you see the drink, you might think it’s either whiskey or dark Tea. But in reality, it is an alcoholic tea beverage that is sweet and savory in taste. It is made from a mixture of different syrups, liquor as well as a hinge of lemon. All mixed together in a cocktail shaker and made a perfect refreshing drink.

  • Jalisco High Tea

This Tea is a mixed cocktail of Tea as well as tequila. This drink is a very refreshing summer drink and makes your day really memorable. This drink gives your taste buds a really different taste and confuses between alcohol and Tea. You can actually say that this drink plays with the taste buds but gives you an amazing taste.

  • Spiked Arnold Palmer

A non-alcoholic version of this beverage contains only Tea and lemon. But this beverage has more to be offered. It can be mixed with any kind of alcohol like rum, whiskey, vodka, tequila. Like anything that you wish like and make your drink entirely awesome. The first sip of the drink is always memorable as the drink is savory to your taste buds. You can never say no to these kinds of drinks.

  • Summer Peach Tea

This Tea is made with a combination of fruit, alcohol, and Tea. Quite a weird combination, you might think, but actually, the beverage is damn nice when you drink it. You can enjoy a mixture of fruit and alcohol like vodka, rum, or whiskey. To be honest, it opens up a gate of a very miraculous taste for a beverage. You might not have drunk such an amazing drink before.

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With this, we come to the end of our blog! Twisted Tea has its own perks and cons. You know which drink to choose and why. It all depends on what kind of taste you like to savor. A beverage that is alcoholic in nature is still something new to many. But once you try it, it can replace Beer. The alcohol content is low and also has many other different flavors. You can grab any one of your choices and enjoy the drink that you want; all you need to be just the legal age of 21. I hope that you got all the information that you were looking forward to knowing about Twisted Tea. It is still something new, but you can try it out as well as its different flavors and suggest the drink to your other friends as well.

We hope that any extra information regarding alcohol was just as helpful as it was about twisted Tea. You can always look forward to having something new. Let us know if you like the blog or not and if you learned something helpful to your use or not as well! You can always share this blog with your other friends and let them know the drink as well. Now go ahead and try the drink already, along with its different flavors!

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