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Is Ethiopian Food Healthy? Should You Include The Dishes Into Your Diet Plan?

is ethiopian food healthy

Is Ethiopian food healthy?

There are many types of cuisine available in this world. But are you aware of what types are there and how different it is from each other? That is the thing you can never try all of the cuisines in one go! A lifetime may not be sufficient to try all of it. Even among these cuisines, there are some which are healthy to have almost all the time. What makes it so healthy? Let’s see through the blog and see what the answers are! Ethiopian food is considered to be healthy! What are the reasons that make it healthy? Is the food any kind of special? Are there specific food or ingredients that make the cuisine healthy? It would be best if you had more questions in your mind. So, let’s start clearing all the questions and doubts you have about is Ethiopian food healthy or not!

is ethiopian food healthy

Ethiopian food can be seen as a different type of cuisine from the other cuisines, such as Indian Food, Chinese Food, American Food, Italian Food, et cetera. These all cuisines are different from each other in some way or the other since every cuisine has its own specialty, like that even Ethiopian food or cuisine has its own. Many people like to try different cuisines as they want to savor all kinds of taste they can avail. Similarly, some people other than the ones who belong to Ethiopia must have tried their food. They then would have said that Ethiopian food is healthy.

What are you here for then? Definitely to know why is Ethiopian food healthy! And also, what is so special is that it is considered to be healthy. Let’s start the information hunt then about is Ethiopian food healthy or not!

Ethiopian Food

When it comes to Ethiopian food, you will think what the ingredients that they use to make their food healthy are? But actually, in reality, it is what they consume. The Ethiopians are said to make or consume food more vegetable-oriented. They mostly consume vegetables only. Even their kids are brought up eating vegetables. So, in the future, when the kids are grown, they still have the tendency to consume veggies.

Their food, along with vegetables, has a side along with a dish of meat. The meat usually contains beef, chicken, and mutton. Sometimes, they also have lamb in their meals. But sometimes, they don’t even have meat. You can actually say that their meals are mostly vegetarian. The Ethiopians do not even have products that come from animals; that is, any dairy product derived from the animals is being avoided in their meal. So, Ethiopian food can also be considered to be Vegan rather than a Vegetarian meal.

The religion of the Ethiopian people has some rules and regulations. The people need to follow that if they have faith in their religious beliefs. So, they cannot consume some meant—specifically, pork and shellfish. So, now you know is Ethiopian food healthy or not!

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is ethiopian food healthy

Healthy Dishes in Ethiopian Food

There are many different kinds of dishes included in Ethiopian food. All are different from each other and more nutritious and healthier as well. Let’s see some dishes which are consumed and are considered healthy among Ethiopian food. We’ve already answered your question is Ethiopian food healthy or not! Let’s check out some dishes.

  • Yet some Beyaynetu

It is considered as The Vegetarian Platter of the Ethiopians. It is very easy to be cooked and can be prepared and served within an hour. Any family can enjoy it, and even kids like to eat it. This meal is completely vegan, and it can be eaten any time of the week. Some families in Ethiopia even make it daily as it is considered very healthy among them.

  • Misir Wat

Here Wat means curry or lentil. So, as you already know, curries and lentils are made with specific spices, and thus, they are healthy as well. This food is vegan as well. And is actually healthy and contains proteins as well—nice way to get both at the same time. You should try out eating Misir Wat all the time. Since the preparation of this food is made from lentils, you can always try to eat it as it is good for your health either way.

  • Injera

Injera is said to be the staple food of Ethiopia. It is eaten by everyone, no matter who it is. Even if you are preparing some other meal, Injera will always be prepared. You can say it is like a custom food which comes with every other meal. This food is a type of grain that is being fermented and given a different flavor. To be precise, you will feel a savory taste in your tongue while having it. Having flour derived from grain contains fiber and is good for health. So, try eating it, and whenever you get to have Ethiopian food, you will see that Injera is being served definitely with the meal you must have ordered.

  • Shiro Wat

Another type of curry or lentil prepared by the Ethiopians. Like Injera, it is also the staple food of Ethiopia. You can never miss it out as it is prepared with spices. The right amounts of spices are added to it to make it really tasty. Since it is a food that they prepare on a daily basis, it can never go wrong. It is very healthy and is served along with the main course meal. Even though it is very tasteful, it does not lose its protein and keeps your meal healthy as well. It is prepared in a very small amount of cooking oil; therefore, its texture is like a cream.

Some other foods that the Ethiopians are eating in a daily basis that you should be aware of are as follows:

  • Gorman
  • Coffee
  • Tibs
  • Kifto

is ethiopian food healthy

Is Ethiopian Food Healthy? Advantages of Consuming!

There is a reason why people are eating what they have on their platter every day. Everyone likes a delicious meal, but apart from that also there is more to it. So, what is that more? What more is nothing but some healthy, nutritious, fibrous, et cetera containing food. What you eat should reach your body and affect your health in a positive way. It should not let to deterioration of your body. That is when you noticed that is Ethiopian food healthy? But what are the specific advantages of having Ethiopian food and tells you clearly that is Ethiopian food healthy or not.? Let’s see that:

  • It is very Fibrous

When you see Ethiopian food, you will notice that in their platter, their staple food is always there. That is teff as well as Wat. Both foods are rich in fiber and provide the benefits needed for your body. If you remember, fiber is said to be good for health since it helps us fight chronical diseases again. Now you don’t want to be diabetic, neither do you want heart disease. To prevent that, you can always try the staple food of Ethiopia.

  • Most of the Food consumed are green.

Seeing the Ethiopian food, you can understand that their meals and cultures are interlinked. Since they are religious in nature, they have to avoid meat. Therefore, most families have stopped consuming meat itself and are only focused on preparing their meals with green vegetables. Vegetables from childhood are known to you as to be healthy to our body. That is when the Ethiopians try to make their food appealing and tasty. They have prepared meals with vegetables which are really tasty and provide benefits to your body.

  • Contains Antioxidants

When preparing the Food, Ethiopians use spices and peppers, which make the food tasty. But these spices and peppers fight against any kind of contamination in the preparation of the food. They are making our food tasty and healthy at the same time. Doesn’t it sound interesting to you? They can either kill or get rid of those harmful infections that contaminate our food. And spices have the nature of fighting those harmful bodies for you while cooking or preparing the meal in order to you have a healthier and protein full of meal.

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With this, we come to the end of our blog and now you know how is Ethiopian food healthy! Ethiopians are very experimental in their food. So, they have made their food both healthy and tasty. It would be best if you tried eating Ethiopian food outside in some restaurant or else prepare it home. You just need to make sure you have the ingredients required because the preparation and cooking of the food are effortless and straightforward. And as you know now, the main ingredient is either the staple food, and taste mostly comes from the spices.

Once, you should at least try having Ethiopian food and make your family and friends try it out. Let us know if you got the information needed or not from this blog! Hopefully, all the questions and doubts aroused in your mind must have gone. Now go and get yourself a nice and healthy Ethiopian meal. You should never miss out on any wonders of food and always try to keep tasting something new! Also, share this blog with your friends who want to know How is Ethiopian food healthy!



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