Water falls in Mississippi; Which Ones to See For Exotic View

water falls in mississippi

Our life in cities can take a toll on us. It can stress us out to the max and affect our mental health immensely. So, we all need a moment to just be at peace. And no one provides us with peace and respite from our daily life than being with nature. Waterfalls are one of nature’s beautiful and breathtaking creations that positively impact our mental health. And Mississippi is one such place which has got all the beautification one can wait for! So, let’s check out more about the water falls in Mississippi!!

Why are waterfalls important?

Waterfalls have that alluring aura to them; people are drawn to them. Not only do cascades affect our mood and change it to something more positive, the sound of the water falling and hitting the rocks can sometimes ground us and make us feel more centered. Not only are waterfalls important in our life, but it is also a very integral part of our nature. Waterfalls support a lot of life forms as well. The pool of water formed by the waterfall is home to many fishes and several other aquatic animals. Moreover, if there are animals in the surrounding areas, they can also come to the waterfall for a drink during a hot summer day. So waterfalls are important in humans’ lives, but it is very important for animals.


water falls in Mississippi
Water falls in Mississippi

Mississippi and the Mississippi River

Mississippi is a state in the United States of America. It is a southern state bordered by Tennessee, Alabama, Louisiana, and Arkansas and the Gulf of Mexico. The Delta region in Mississippi is the place where “blues” music was born and is an important part of the cultural background in Mississippi. It is also the thirty-second largest state in the USA amongst the 50 states in the USA.

Mississippi River

The most important part of Mississippi is the Mississippi River. In the North American continent, it is the 2nd longest river and the main river of the 2nd largest drainage basin of the N.A. continent. The source of the Mississippi River is called Lake Itasca (in Minnesota), and it generally flows southward for 3770 kilometers. The Mississippi River has a lot of tributaries. Moreover, the primary segment of the river is entirely within the U.S. It is the 14th largest river in the world. The river passes through or borders some American states; Tennessee, Wisconsin, Missouri, Iowa, Minnesota, Kentucky, Illinois, and Arkansas.

Hiking trails with water falls in Mississippi

If you are a person who likes to spend more time with nature than with any other thing, you must know about the hiking trails with waterfalls. Hiking, as you already know, is a great way to unwind and feel connected to nature. It is also called “nature’s therapy.” Moreover, it also releases endorphins which make us feel happy and high-spirited. Hiking trails with waterfalls have an added benefit.
Along with hiking, you get to see the immense beauty of the waterfalls and take respite there. You can also hydrate yourself! So, let’s take a look at some of the hiking trails with water falls in Mississippi-

Bear creek outcropping trail

The Bear Creek trail is a loop trail which is located around Dennis (Mississippi). It is a generously trafficked place and is 2.9 kilometers long. The trail can be accessed by visitors all year long and is used for nature picnics/trips, hiking, and rock climbing purposes. It is located near a waterfall, so it also provides a picturesque view. It is very abundant in greenery and provides a great view and a peaceful environment. The place is reviewed very nicely and would surely be a lovely visit! You can bring your dog to this place (be sure to keep them on a leash).

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Clark creek primitive trail

The Clark Creek trail is also a loop trail which is located around Woodville (Mississippi). Like Bear creek, it is also a generously trafficked place and is 6.9 kilometers long. This hiking trail is open to visitors all year long, and the waterfall provides a beautiful environment to spend time in. However, you need to bring cash for the entrance fee to the hiking trail. It is one dollar per person and four dollars if you have any sort of vehicle with you. You can access the Clark Creek trail through an access trail which is a gravel path. The waterfall near Clark Creek is also equipped with stairs.

CCC Camp Trail Loop

The CCC Camp Trail Loop is a loop trail which is located around Dennis (Mississippi). Like the Bear Creek trail, this trail is also used for nature trips/picnics, taking a stroll, or hiking. It is not that trafficked and is accessible to the public all year round. Its length is 5.8 kilometers. The CCC Camp Trail loop is located inside a place called “Tishomingo State Park,” which is located in the Appalachian Mountains. (This trail is mainly used by people for hiking).

Dunns Falls Trail

The Dunns Falls Trail is a back trail that is located around Enterprise (Mississippi). It is 0.6 kilometers long and is a little bit trafficked. The waterfall is very beautiful and scenic. It is the main attraction and is 65 feet tall. However, the Dunns Falls Trail should be best visited around February to October. People mostly come here for nature trips and picnics, several families come for camping. People also come to take walks and hike, but however, the most interesting thing about Dunns Falls Trail is that many people come here for bird watching. Many people also swim in the river where the waterfall flows to.

Hidden water falls in Mississippi

We already have a soft spot of waterfalls in our hearts. There are a lot of beautiful waterfalls which are widely known. The well-known waterfalls are always a spot for tourists attractions. But the most beautiful waterfalls are the ones that are hidden to the plain eye. It means that you have to embark on a journey to visit that waterfall which might not be easy to reach. But when you reach there, the beauty of those waterfalls is going to be worth it. Mississippi also has a few “hidden” waterfalls. Let’s take a look at a few of them-

Seminary falls

If you’re on vacation in the south with your family, Seminary falls might be the perfect place for you. It is located near the Bouie River in Seminary. The Seminary also falls very close to Okatoma River Park. This place is perfect for people who want to camp and be close to nature. However, there are also cabins and trailer parks for those people who want to enjoy nature while still being cozy and comfortable. It is a small waterfall but is nice and cozy.

Mint Spring Falls

As we have established, Mississippi is filled with waterfalls. But Mint Spring Falls might be the perfect one for you if you want to experience the waterfalls that flow with the water of the amazing Mississippi River. The Mint Spring Falls also channels cool water directly from Mint Spring Bayou. This place got its name from the mint leaves that grow near this area, which also led to the creation of the favorite fan drink prevalent in the south; Mint Julep. If you are a big fan of hiking, you will definitely love this place.

Scutchalo Falls

Scutchalo falls the most obscure amongst all the waterfalls we have listed. There is very, very little information about Scutchalo falls (even on the internet, which practically has the most information). This fall is absolutely perfect for people who like to explore the unknown and are not afraid of venturing into little knowns places. Since there is little information available about this fall, you might have to research about this place a bit deeper than usual before you visit it. It is said to be located in Scutchalo creek on a tributary whose name is not known yet.

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Water falls in Mississippi to swim in

Waterfalls are great, but it is better when you can swim in them. Yes, there are waterfalls that create swimming holes. It is a perfect place to relax and cool off from that heat during a hot summer day. So, let’s take a look at a few such waterfalls in Mississippi where you can actually swim:

Acid falls

If you are from Mississippi, then you might know about this beautiful secret place called Acid falls. The Acid falls are located near DSU (Delta State University). It is a perfect place to go with your friends and family on a hot summer day. This waterfall has always been a favorite amongst the locals. However, do not go there empty-handed. Pack some food and take a good company with you because you will surely want to spend more time there after swimming.

Union falls

It is a hidden waterfall in Mississippi. It is a great place for people who want a little bit of quiet in their surroundings. The famous swimming places can also get easily crowded, especially during hot days. So the Union falls perfect for a dip. The swimming hole created by the waterfall has cool and crisp water. The location is also a plus because it is likely that there will not be many people there.
Moreover, you can make a trip out of your visit to Union falls! Take swimming costumes, towels, and snacks for when you and your companions get hungry. Just remember not to litter.

Cooper falls

If you ever visit J.P Coleman State Park, be sure to go around Pickwick Lake. The Cooper falls on Pickwick Lake and is 50 feet in height. It has accommodations for you to spend your day there and has; grills for barbecue days, picnic tables, a playground for your kids to play in, a swimming pool along with a natural water hole, and miniature golf for golfers. This place has all the features for you to spend a perfect day.

Merit Falls

If you have heard of The Merit Water Park, then you must have definitely heard of Merit Falls. This serene waterfall is near Rials Creek and is just a few minutes away from where you park your car. This fall is also fed by a nearby spring, so the water is extremely fresh, clear, and cold for the entirety of the year.

Mississippi Waterfalls Road Trip

Ever heard of a road trip, but you just visit waterfalls instead? Let us introduce you to such an idea. Mississippi, as we know, is filled with beautiful waterfalls. You might visit one place, but you might entirely skip over a waterfall that is worth watching. So, planning your route is very important when it comes to going on a road trip like this. You need to map your route and see all the waterfalls which fall one after the other on the map. So, the route we’re going to give will take about eight hours or more. Plan accordingly, make your playlist with all your favorite songs, buy your favorite snacks and get ready for this road trip!


So, to start, you need first to visit Dunns Falls. We have already talked a bit about Dunns Falls before. It is a must-visit, and you can’t skip it during a waterfalls road trip. After you have visited Dunns Falls, make a stop at Union Falls. Union Falls is well known as a swimming spot, so do not forget to take bathing suits and towels. Then, after you’ve spent some time in Union Falls, leave for Clark Creek falls. Clark Creek Falls has 50 waterfalls and is built on 700 acres of land. This is a pretty good spot for hikers and campers. And last but not least, visit the Merit Falls to end your road trip in a place that is cozy and quiet.

Final Thoughts

So, we have come to the end of our blog – water falls in Mississippi. I hope all of the destinations mentioned in this blog will be perfect places for you to visit, hike or go on a road trip with your friends/family. So, do not waste any more time, and visit all the water falls in Mississippi ASAP!




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