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9 Traditional Bengali dishes in Kolkata

Bengali dishes


The food paradise of India, the city of joy, fantastically offers magnificent dishes at every catering event in kolkata. The banquet hall and all, are just what they smell of. Today, we have such bong delicacies in space. 

  • Sona moong dal

Moong dal is an important part of bengali festivities,especially a wedding. It is a lentil based delicious food served in all banquets with rice and respective dishes. 

  • Beguni

Beguni is one of the famous dishes that is served with puri in bengali weddings. It consists of slices of brinjal which are coated in spices and pan fried until it is crispy. Wedding caterers use this dish as an appetizer.

  • Steamed Rice

Bengalis are known for eating rice and they love their rice like crazy.It is no surprise that steamed rice is a part of every feast such as weddings. They are served with dal,chicken,fish, mutton etc. Rice is a mandatory dish in every banquet hall’s food menu.

  • Sokto

Sokto is a delicious combination dish that makes different vegetables like bitter gourd, radishes,brinjal tastes yummy. A bengali wedding is not all about mach,kosha Mangsho.They know how to prepare a delicious dish with vegetables as well.So sokto fulfills the promise of a good meal in any bengali wedding. So Banquet Halls in Kolkata serve this dish.

  • Alu Posto

Poppy seeds are used to create this delicious recipe made from potatoes. Without this dish any Bengali catering seems unfinished. It is one of the classic and most famous foods of Kolkata. it is a must serve in all Banquet Halls. Bengalis love poppy seeds.To add more spice red,green chilli as well as coconut is also added.So Alu Posto is a must in any Bengali wedding menu 

  • Kosha Mangsho
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 Of all the Bengali dishes, Kosha Mangsho or mutton curry made with yogurt is the ultimate dish. It is mandatory in any weddings in kolkata and a must serve meal.This delicious dish is made with mutton and spices such as cloves,cinnamon,onion,garlic.The recipe is full of aroma which triggers our taste buds so any bengali catering must have this dish in their food menu.

  • Rosogolla

If anyone asks a bengali about his/her favourite dessert, it is definitely rosogolla. Rosogolla is one of the many reasons that people want to visit kolkata.In weddings, rosogolla is a must serve.It is a ball shaped dumplings of chenna in sugary syrup.Every Banquets serve this dish as a perfect dessert.

  • Misti Dahi

Misti Dahi is a sweetened yogurt that is served at the end of a meal in all weddings in kolkata as a dessert.It is made with milk and jaggery.Anyone born and brought up in kolkata fell in love with this magical flavour. So,It is undoubtedly the best and most famous dessert in Bengal served by every Banquets at the end.

  • Paan Masala

There are two variants in this item. One is the sweet which has gulkand and the other one is masala without gulkand. Without this flavoursome mouth freshner, a bengali wedding is incomplete.

That was all the stories from the banquet halls in Kolkata. Which experienced the honour of every catering lunch, for the Bengalis.

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