8 Natural Drinks That Make You Poop Immediately

Constipation is a crucial issue that you can’t share with everyone. However, it can be a huge problem if you don’t take prevention on time. Besides medical help, there are some natural drinks that make you poop immediately

As per an official report, nearly 15% of the global population face constipation. So, it’s quite a common problem among people. You see, constipation can be treated well with some home remedies, especially when you have a mild issue. 

In this case, some natural drinks can help you out. If you take the proper steps, you will get an effective result. That’s why we will share the top drinks in this article that are good and make you poop immediately. So, let’s get started.

Top Natural Drinks That Make You Poop Immediately

In short, you are not alone in this case. Many people face constipation issues every day. Still, they implement various remedies to get relief from it. Sure, getting medical attention is essential. 

However, you can try out some unique drinks that make you poop immediately. In the following, we will share such drinks that can help you out:

1. Lemon Juice

When we are talking about the best home remedies, lemon juice takes a remarkable place. You might know that lemon is a good source of Vitamin C. As Vitamin C is an antioxidant, it sends water into your gut to improve your bowel movements. 

Take one glass of warm water and add the juice of a lemon. Make sure you drink the mixture on an empty stomach.

2. Coffee

Do you love coffee? Well, it can be one of the best drinks that make you poop immediately. As coffee contains chlorogenic acid, it can be good for your gut health. In fact, it will promote bowel movements.

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As per a study, around 29% of people get an urge to defecate within 20 minutes after taking a cup of coffee. However, don’t over consume coffee in this case.

3. Prune Juice

Prunes can work like magic when it’s about constipation. When you ask experts, they will recommend prunes. This amazing fruit contains potassium, magnesium, fibers, and more natural properties that will help you poop immediately.

As per a 2014 review, eating 100 grams of prunes can help an individual poop daily compared to other fiber supplements. So, you can drink prune juice on a regular basis.

4. Baking Soda

If you are looking for some different drinks that make you poop immediately, baking soda solution can be the best one. You might know that baking soda is a natural antacid that can help with irritable bowel syndrome, digestive health issues, and constipation. 

Making a baking soda solution is very easy. Take a glass of water and mix one tablespoon of baking soda. Drink this solution slowly on an empty stomach to get the best result.

5. Castor Oil

Another good option for constipation is castor oil. The best part of castor oil is it contains anti-inflammatory and fat properties. And many people have been using castor oil to fight constipation. So, you can take it as well. In this case, you have to know the proper ways of consuming castor oil. You can even mix it with fruit juice.

6. Apple Juice

Just like lemon juice, apple juice can be good and help you poop immediately. You might know that apples are rich in dietary fiber. And when you drink apple juice regularly, you can get the best result. To get the best result, you have to drink apple juice regularly on an empty stomach.

7. Smoothies

Many people have no idea but smoothies are very good for curing constipation. In fact, it can be the best home remedy that can make you poop immediately. You see, drinking juice is good but when you have smoothies, they contain fiber.

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The best part is you can add some veggies and fruits as per your preference. Well, dietary fiber is good for bowel health and you can get instant results in this case. Plus, having smoothies can improve your gut system as well.

8. Kefir

Last but not least, Kefir is one of the best drinks that make you poop immediately. You see, Kefir is a dairy product that is good for gut health. As per a report, taking kefir for four weeks can help an individual a lot. In fact, this dairy product can work like magic when you have chronic constipation.


Finally, you know why you need some natural drinks that make you poop immediately. It’s best when you take these drinks besides medication. At the same time, these drinks are good to fight constipation at the initial state. For more details, you can either do some research on the internet or contact your doctor.


Q: What drinks can help with constipation?

There are so many drinks that can help with constipation. However, you can get an effective result with apple juice, prune juice, and pear juice.

Q: How can I relieve constipation quickly?

If you are experiencing constipation, there are some good remedies like taking a fiber supplement, eating constipation-relief food, taking laxative simulation, and more.

Q: What is a quick homemade laxative?

The best homemade laxative is a combination of flax meal and oatmeal. In this case, you can increase the fiber factor as per your requirement.

Q: Does hot water with lemon juice help constipation?

Yes, hot water with lemon juice can help you with constipation. In fact, you can use lemon juice in your diet to get the best result.

Q: Is yogurt good for constipation?

Yes, yogurt is good for constipation. As per some studies, yogurt with probiotics can be good for your digestive system as well.

Q: Does honey help with constipation?

Yes, honey is also a good option for constipation. In this case, you can either take raw honey or mix it with milk, tea, or water.

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