Benefits of makeO skinnsi Laser Hair Removal

After many years of plucking, threading, bleaching, waxing, and shaving I decided to try out laser hair removal. I work full time and have a very busy schedule, so I was looking for something affordable, convenient yet effective. I came across makeO skinnsi through a couple of recommendations and I would recommend them further to anyone who is as fed-up with the inconvenience, pain and time taken for the removal of unwanted body hair as me. While the decision to start the laser hair removal process may seem a little daunting at first, the sooner you decide, the sooner you can see pain-free, permanent, amazing results.  The major benefits I found with makeO skinnsi’s permanent hair removal are:

  • So convenient. makeO skinnsi therapist come home as soon as we book the slot from their website or app. Since I didn’t need to go anywhere, I could work from home or enjoy my favorite tv show and unwind while they were working on the unwanted body hair. They bring a robe to change and shave off all the hair first before the laser treatment.
  • So safe. As soon as the makeO skinnsi therapist came home, she asked for an OTP, so I know that they cannot be imposters and they can also confirm that I am the correct client. They also sanitized all the equipment before using it.
  • Dermatologist backed. The makeO skinnsi therapists are constantly in touch with the dermatologist who is continuously supervising, virtually, your treatment and progress. They also decide the frequency of laser to be used depending on the pictures the makeO skinnsi pro sends them. If there is any issue a dermatologist is always available to answer any queries.
  • Smooth skin. I had a lot of problem of ingrown hair and after trying everything, it never went away. Now that makeO skinnsi laser hair reduction removed 90% of the hair follicles, ingrown hair is significantly less.
  • Pain free. The makeO skinnsi laser hair reduction is completely pain free. It uses a painless ice cool gel technology that doesn’t heat up the skin causing no pain.
  • Permanent. The results of hair follicles that are removed from your body are permanent. This treatment reduced 90% of unwanted body hair in 6 sessions that never comes back. Even the hair that is left is barely visible as it grows very slowly and is very fine. The quadruple wave technology works on even the finest of hairs.
  • No downtime. The treatment has no downtime and minimal pre and post care.
  • Affordable. The treatment was super affordable. makeO skinnsi gave me a really good deal on 6 sessions and even gave me the option to pay by EMI at no cost. I could also get more discounts every time I recommended some friends to try them, so I told all my friends to try it! Not one of my friends was disappointed at the results or the services. Many of them even took packages for facial treatments as well which I have also tried and loved.
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I was very happy with my decision to get laser hair reduction for my unwanted body hair, and I was even happier with the convenience, affordability, and service that I got by choosing makeO skinnsi.

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