Things to do in Kittery Maine & Have Loads of Fun!

things to do in kittery maine

Are you wondering what the things to do in Kittery Maine are? Well, if you’re, then you’ve stumbled upon the right place! Here we will give you an in-depth idea about Kittery Maine and much more in the segments below! Read ahead to know more!

Where is Kittery Maine Located?

Kittery, located in York County, Maine, was previously noted for its shipbuilder. In the Piscataqua Rivers, Seavey’s Island, and Badger’s Island, a declared independence USA built a couple of ships to protect the nation from its adversaries.

It is connected by crossings from across Piscataqua Rivers and is situated on the boundary between Maine and New Hampshire. Visit the Pepperell Cove Marina if you’re looking for a beach getaway! 

Then maybe you’d want to pedal your motorcycle to Sea point Beaches along the coast. Perhaps you’d like to visit one of several two old watchtowers that stand just on the water’s edge.

things to do in kittery maine
Things to do in Kittery Maine

Things to do in Kittery Maine

Are you struggling to make a good list of things to do near Kittery, Maine, this weekend?

If you prefer to shop, Wallingford Square—the hub of Kittery Foreside—has a smattering of local independent shops offering handmade products and is one form of Kittery Maine outdoor activities. Local shopping has grown in popularity in this charming village. Kittery is home to a plethora of amazing composers; be sure to attend the museums and stores for one-of-a-kind locally crafted items. The renowned Kittery Specific Businesses are a hopping, hop, and roll away from this if you’re looking for your favorite merchandise.

Kittery, nowadays a city of just over 10,000 inhabitants, has a distinction for being a fun global retailer, with both huge departmental retail stores and local craft businesses. Kittery, meanwhile, is far more than just a shopping destination; numerous attractions revolve around the Atlantic Coast. Following is a list of things to do in Kittery Maine:

Sea point Beach

Whenever the climate is favorable, you would most probably like to go for a dip at the shore. Sea point Bay is a tropical paradise that is ideal for a swim or to wander.

You are happy to start with your pet, and not during the peak open hours. Because there is not ample parking, you will have to stroll a short distance to access the shore during peak hours.

The beach is a short stretch of beach with pebbles and algae strewn about. It’s a popular destination, and this is the only beautiful beach in the area. It also has some beautiful scenery.

In this historical exhibition, Kittery’s nautical heritage is very well preserved. It has been accessible since springtime and attracts many tourists eager to see the artifacts and learn historical anecdotes.

Kittery’s ancestor and military history

In this historical exhibition, Kittery’s nautical heritage is very well preserved. It has been accessible since springtime and attracts a large number of tourists eager to see the artifacts and learn historical anecdotes.

Well over decades, the city has amassed a remarkable collection of exhibitions. Employees and contributions ensure that this valuable heritage is maintained as you study the colonization era, local challenges, and neighborhood shipyards. This little exhibit at the Traffic Circle is simple to find and has plenty of storage.

Seafari Cruises

For fishing, Seafari Cruises Portland is a dream come true. You can capture basses or rockfish if you go ashore. You can catch salmon, white fish, rockfish, or trout further out from the open ocean.

Scuba diving is also available from Seafari Cruises’ station, with both equipment and training available upon demand. In the direct vicinity, there are innumerable tourist attractions with intriguing aquatic life to see.

Unless you’d prefer staying out of the water, take a whale-watching cruise; this cruise business has so much to provide that you might want to remain among them for several days!

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Kittery Trading Post 

Kittery Trading Company features a large selection of things under one dome if you enjoy purchasing at the main site instead of going into or out of the Store Located. You’ll discover all the well-known fashion brands, exercise equipment, and unique presents for family members and friends.

If you enjoy recreational adventure activities, canoeing, and boating, this is the spot for you. While you go, make sure to grab a few of the renowned Market Place Chocolate; this wonderful chocolate bar is irresistible, so load up!

Tributary Brewing

Beers from Tributary Breweries are especially prominent in this part of the country. An industry expert manages the Tributary Brewing Team with more than extensive experience.

IPAs and stouts, and brews from Germany and Belgium are among the highlighted beverages. They’re available by the pint or even by the pitcher, with the biggest bucket being 64 ounces. Others are rather potent, as you’ll discover if you stop by this insatiable desire spot on Shapleigh Road.

East Yoga 

This health club focuses on genuine Yoga And meditation in the discipline of Sri. K Pattabhi Jois, as taught in Mysore, India. Asana is immensely popular throughout the world. While you’re in Kittery, there’s really no excuse to skip your normal yoga practice. Why shouldn’t you give it a shot when you’re here if you’re not already?

Each and every week, there are indeed a variety of courses to choose from, and you’ll be able to find something which suits your level of ability.

Physiotherapy in chair

There are very few better methods to unwind just at the end of the long day than from a treatment. Following professional massage at this refuge on the Highway One By-Pass, your tension and “twists” in your extremities will go.

Armchair treatments take up much less space but are incredibly calming and stimulating. The emphasis is on the forehead, chest, and upper arms — all of these are readily available.

Album of Just Us Chickens

Residents banded with each other in 2005 to establish this museum as a platform for artists to showcase their work. At the moment, 18 various artists were displaying their work, which ranged from painter to jeweler. The exhibition is now managed by the painters directly.

If you’re looking for unusual gifts for friends and relatives, the museum has a large selection of pottery, stemware, environmental artwork, and basket weaving. This is one of the things you can do in Kittery Maine when it rains.

Journeys in Flight

If you’re looking for an endorphin rush, check out the voyage training on offer here. More than 65 operations will consider taking you on an air-to-air adventure through swaying tires, delayed systems, moves, and archways. The track is also a lot of fun.

Vines and cages provide numerous opportunities to put your trekking skills into action. You will be given directions, safety regulations, and the opportunity to practice prior to actually venturing out on your own.

Everyone here is kept safe by highly trained personnel. This is an awesome feeling for both children and young adults.

Maine Major Tourist Hub

The regime of Maine places a high value on supplying visitors with knowledge because there are numerous helpful information facilities. The one in Kittery is shaped like a ski lodge and is located just north of the Piscataqua River Bridge.

There is more than enough parking outdoors, as well as a plethora of knowledge once inside. A getting started guide would then assist you in organizing your tour by supplying a map of the study area and leaflets to help you manage your planned route. This is really a great place to start your family vacation to Kittery.

Fort McClary Nature Reserve

This Park is located after a castle that has guarded the area for 275 years. McClary was a Specialist who’d been brutally murdered at Bunker Hill during the American Revolution; the castle that resembles his title is a must-see for anyone visiting Kittery.

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Regional stonework was used in the building projects in regard to security, and the original fort was modified over time. Despite the fact that the castle was fully staffed throughout every controversy till World War I, it saw little legitimate intervention. The high explosive retail outlet, built-in 1808, is indeed the tallest structure still largely intact.

The Main Grill at Robert’s

The busyness of an eatery is an indication of its quality. If you see it frequently has loads of crowds, you agree it’s a good place, very much like Robert’s Main BBQ. There are indeed restaurant and bar options on two different levels, with living spaces offering beautiful views of the body of water and meadow. Having meals with a loved one here is one of the most romantic things to do in Kittery Maine.

While visiting Maine, you must therefore leverage the power of the local seafood. Why just not try the breaded shrimp, Maine lobster rolls, shellfish, or crab while you’re here? Effectively until now, washing it down with such a couple of local craft beers. If you don’t want to eat at a seaside restaurant, there are still plenty of options.

Environment of Portsmouth

Somewhere beyond the Portsmouth / Kittery neighborhood, a couple of great teensy locations are to appreciate. Pierce Isle, which would be attached to downtown Portsmouth, has well-kept hiking paths and even some great photo opportunities.

You could indeed consider taking a 3-hour directed ship trip out towards the Islands of Shoals while being in Portsmouth. Some other charming region in New Castle recognized for photoshoots is the Great Island Common, which has a nice beach we suggest, albeit cold. The biggest of the microbrews in Red Hook, which is located near Newington Mall. You can do a lot of things in Portsmouth, Maine.

If you’re ready to commute twenty minutes, you can visit the Flag Hill Winery, which serves New England vintages as well as raspberry and maple refreshments. The neighboring city of New Market is delightful and a great restaurant that serves. Water Country is 10 minutes south on Route 1 for household fun and relaxation.

The Yorks

The Yorks seems to be about twenty minutes up I-95, and that they have arms down the greatest coastline. Long Sands is exactly what the name implies: long and sandy. Short Sands is nearer to Main Street and has coffee shops such as Wicked Joe’s Caffeine. To maintain the children safe, there’s really York’s the Wild Kingdom nearby, as well as Nubble Light, a scenic boathouse that is very prevalent.

Quick Things to Keep Note

You can discover the freshness anywhere around Kittery Foreside, a compressed center city just a short distance from Path 1. Presently, the center city and surrounding regions are buzzing with innovative coffee shops, fast food joints, and retail locations, such as Anju Noodle Bar, an Asian pasta kitchen, Tulsi Indian, a Northern Indian food culture eatery, Tributary Brewing, an inventive brewing company, and Maine Meat (or MEat, if you prefer), a handcrafted butchery and coffee shop. Anneke Jans, The Wallingford Dram, as well as the Black Birch might be other options.

The aged, on the other hand. Well, which is everywhere. Kittery earned the title of being Maine’s earliest known region. Native Americans had continued to live like that for hundreds of years. In 1623, British people settled. A nice relaxing journey through all the beachside neighborhoods of Kittery Juncture will reveal several of the region’s best early residences.

Take a trip to the First Congregational House of worship, which had been constructed in 1730 and therefore is Maine’s ancient local church still in constant usage.

Coastal Kittery is responsible for two ancient beachside outposts, both of which were constructed to safeguard the Piscataqua River as well as the small cities midstream and downstream. Fort Foster was built in 1873 and has become a village campground with beautiful paths and beautiful beaches. First, from the American And French revolutions to World War I, Fort McClary took shelter. It has become a shorefront tourist attraction and government historic landmark with an 1840s brick building.


Maine commercial enterprises, such as the rest of the civilized world, have been trying to navigate the healing process out of the COVID-19 virus outbreak. We recommend checking internet sites for your vacation spots for the most up-to-date health & welfare recommendations, and please bear in mind to be compassionate and to be very kind while planning to visit.

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