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15 Thoughtful Ways on How to Show Someone You Care

‘’Action speaks louder than words’’ – you might have heard about this phrase. Well, it’s one of the most relevant things in today’s world. There are so many articles, videos, and other resources on how to show someone you care.

If you are looking for something like that, you are in the right place. You see, there are so many things you can do. Still, you don’t have to try hard to make someone special. That’s why we have done some research and found the best solution.

In this post, you will learn some amazing ways to show you care about someone. Be it your parents, your spouse, or even a friend, they will love it when you implement these techniques. Let’s find out.

How to Show Someone You Care

As we mentioned above, there are so many things you can do for your loved ones. In this ‘how to show someone you care’ guide, we will share the best ways that you can try out:

1. Call Them

Sometimes all you need to do is simple things like calling them. We are living in the digital age where there are so many options available for communication. Chatting is very common in today’s world. However, a phone call will always be a better option in this case.

2. Send a Sweet Message

Yes, a phone call is a good thing to show your love toward someone. However, you can put extra effort into doing something special. In this case, you can write them a sweet message. It’s the best option if you don’t have much time for your family members or friends.

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3. Make Time For Them

When we are talking about how to show someone you care, we can’t forget about some simple things. Well, simple things are like making time for people you care about. Well, it can be a simple phone call or just meeting them. The choice is yours.

4. Do Something Together

Whether it’s your partner or your best friend, you can do something simple yet unique for them. As per many experts, spending some time together can improve your bonding. The best part is you can do something with them and spend some quality time together.

5. Be Supportive

Well, spending time or sending a text message isn’t the only thing to show your care toward someone. You have to be supportive as well. If a friend calls you for help, you have to do your best. Well, it can be emotional support too.

6. Cook For Them

When you are not good with words, you can do something for your loved ones that shows your caring side. According to experts, cooking is one of the best love languages, especially when it’s about your partner. Hence, it can be the best way of this how to show someone you care guide.

7. Respect Their Decision

No matter what the reason is, you have to respect their decision. For example, if you had a breakup, you have to respect your partner’s decision. On the other hand, if someone from your family is trying to do something new, you have to give complete support to show your care toward them.

8. Provide Emotional Support

Being supportive is essential if you want to show your support toward your loved ones. In this case, emotional support is very essential. Be it your friend or your partner, they need your emotional support at some point.

9. Never Pressure Them

Well, showing your care toward someone doesn’t mean you have to do something special or buy them expensive gifts. If you really want to give them support, you have to show some respect as well. In this case, make sure you don’t pressure them for something.

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10. Give Them a Hug

A hug is a little thing but it can be a great support for someone. According to some surveys, a huge can reduce negative feelings. So, if someone is opening their heart out in front of you, a huge can improve the situation. Or, even a happy hug can uplift your friend’s mood.

11. Be a Good Listener

Finding a good listener is pretty hard in today’s world. As most people are busy with their lives, you can be a good listener to show your care toward someone. In fact, they will be able to share happy stories if they are comfortable with you.

12. Give Gifts

When we are talking about how to show someone you care, buying gifts can be the easiest option. Well, in this case, you have to be careful about choosing a gift. Giving a thoughtful gift can be the best idea in this case.

13. Plan a Trip

It’s hard to find someone who doesn’t love traveling. That’s why you can plan a trip to surprise your loved ones. It can be a long vacation or just a one-day road trip. If they love adventure, you can plan for an adventure sports trip or even a trek.

14. Say Thank You

A ‘Thank You’ sounds simple but it can be very effective for your people. Expressing your gratitude is the best way to show your care toward someone. Plus, this action doesn’t cost anything. Still, they will feel special and appreciated.

15. Give Compliments

Just like thanking someone, giving compliments is also a great option to show someone your love. A single compliment can work like magic for someone. In this case, you have to give meaningful compliments. Moreover, you can also do something special for them to make them feel special.


All we have to show is a little care to make them feel special. If you really care about someone, show it the best way. On the other hand, if you are not good with words, you can do something special to show your care and love. For more help, you can do some research or get help from a relationship expert.

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