Can dogs eat raw bacon? – Everything you need to know!

can dogs eat raw bacon

Bacon can be a delicious treat for humans! But is it safe for dogs? The answer is Yes and No. As a pet parent, you need to know specific things before offering them raw bacon. Your pup can smell up to 100 million times more than humans! And I agree that it could be tempting for them to smell the bacon that’s been sizzling in the pan! Though a small amount of raw bacon is not toxic for them, this is not a healthy option as it has high fat and sodium content.

So, can dogs eat raw bacon? Any uncooked meat whether it’s ham, chicken, or bacon – doesn’t benefit them in any way! There are good reasons behind this, uncooked meat can have parasites that can lead to an upset stomach. It’s essential to prioritize their health and well – being. According to veterinarians, a small amount of raw bacon will not cause a problem for your pup. But don’t get lured by their charm and spoil your pet!

Can dogs eat raw bacon?

It is not toxic but isn’t the healthiest snack for consumption. The high levels of fat and sodium are not good for your fur babies in large quantities. This large amount of salt present in the meat can make your dog thirstier and drink more than usual. This can result in overactive kidneys and also upsets the stomach.  

If your dog accidently eats the bacon that was in the trash, then this could be more problematic. Meat that is not cooked or gone rancid has high levels of bacteria, making them fall ill. It is also worth noting that these raw meats have a parasite known as “Trichinella Spiralis”, which can affect both dogs and humans. The worm eggs or cysts from the raw meat can latch into larvae, and then migrate around the body. This more likely can cause infection in dogs that have low immune systems.

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Effects of bacon on dogs!


It is essential to know the effects of raw bacon before giving it to your dog.  

  •  High-fat content – Bacon has a huge amount of fat content. As such, offering it to your pup in large quantities – is not okay! The grease in the meat can also clog your dog’s arteries. I know, you can’t say NO when they want to taste them. But resist, offering them raw meat, as it can also cause inflammation.
  • High salt content – Salt or sodium chloride is required for dogs but consuming too much could be life–threatening. Taking too much sodium will result in dehydration and can trigger symptoms such as a fast heartbeat, shortness of breath, and fainting. Your dogs might also experience shaking or jerks if there is too much salt in their blood. Dehydrated muscles can also lead to coma and death.
  • Heat–induced toxins – Cooking meat above 300 degrees Fahrenheit can increase the risk of developing chemicals that are said to trigger changes in the DNA that might increase the risk of cancer. This is for both humans and dogs. These toxins are formed as a result of high – temperature and bacon is cooked that way!
  •  Nutritional deficiencies – Since the meat is loaded with unhealthy saturated fats, it’s not a nutritional–dense food. Offering it to your dog in large amounts cannot only spoil their appetite but result in deficiencies. This can also weaken their immune system which  includes diabetes and obesity.
  •  Pancreatitis – This condition is identified by an inflammation of the pancreas. When your dog’s pancreas is inflamed, it releases enzymes lipase and amylase in the pancreas instead of the small intestine. This results in loss of energy, loss of appetite and causes fever, weakness, and vomiting.
  • Food poisoning – Raw meat houses a large number of harmful pathogens that result in various health conditions. Since food poisoning is a serious case, it is better to get help from a vet if your dog shows any of the symptoms.  
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How to feed bacon to your dog safely?


If you wish to feed your dog bacon, it is essential to take proper guidance and steps before serving them. Never feed them any raw or undercooked meat.

  •  Serving size MATTERS – Just because your dog eats only just a little it doesn’t mean you can offer them daily. Just a small slice will do once in two or three days. 
  • Consider other healthy treats – There are various ways to offer your dog delicious and nutritious treats. Try healthy foods like cooked chicken, eggs, or carrot sticks. They are highly nutritious and your dog will surely love them as much as bacon.


Q1. Can I offer my pup a piece of bacon?

Every dog is different, most of them love to devour while others don’t! One piece of bacon will not risk your dog but if it’s already suffering from a condition such as diabetes and pancreatitis, it’s better not to offer them.

Q2. Why are dogs not allowed to eat bacon?

Bacon is an unhealthy option for dogs as it’s loaded with high salt and chemical additives like nitrates, it could cause serious illnesses like cancer as well. That is why vets don’t advise dog owners to offer them raw meat.

Q3. What kind of bacon can I offer for dogs?

It is usually safe for dogs to have a piece or two as an occasional treat. But since it’s an unhealthy option to consider, your dog will thank you for offering them healthier options such as cooked chicken or cooked eggs.  


Can dogs eat raw bacon? Your answer to this is answered! As long as you know the health risks and take care to cook them well, there isn’t any possible reason to panic. It’s okay, if your dog consumes just a small piece or two. You can treat them rarely and consider offering them high-quality vet-formulated treats. When in doubt consult a vet to ensure you are offering your pup all the nutrients they need.

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