One Day In LA: 5+ Best Things To Do (2024)

One day in LA

From surreal beaches to aesthetic restaurants, LA is full of life, lights, dreams, and iconic locations that attract mass travelers on a daily basis. It is the city of angels where everything looks more fantasized, unrealistic, relatable, and beautiful on its own. Moreover, a new visitor adoring each and every location of this city needs around a couple of weeks, and in such a situation when you are lacking time you can choose to see the main highlights only which does not consume more than a day. So, read this complete article to know about those places where you can visit in your trip of one day in LA and have endless unforgettable moments with your friends and family.

One Day In LA

LA has something for everyone to enjoy and live the best moments of their life and some of those selected places are mentioned below where you can make a visit in your one day in LA trip. So, what you are waiting for, let’s start roaming. 

1. Go To The Hermosa Beach

Go To The Hermosa Beach
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It is one of the favorite spots for visitors to start their day in LA. This beach is situated in the South Bay region of LA County and gives a peaceful experience to everyone. From planning a picnic with family and enjoying the golden hours to feeling the waves touching the shores and walking in the sand, there are a lot of things that you can do there. Moreover, going to the nearby restaurants and having your first meal with a peaceful view is one more thing that you should not skip there at any cost.

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2. Visit The Getty Center

Getty center-One day in LA
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This place is one of the must-visit locations which is situated on the hilltop of Santa Monica mountains. It is a museum that has different vernacular, valuable, and unique art collections that are specifically present in different buildings of the center. Not only this but it also has a 134,000 square feet garden which is full of greenery and nature’s beauty. Moreover, to eat delicious food, you can go to the on-site cafes and restaurants where you can find everything from sandwiches to gourmet dishes. In short, spending just 2 hours of your day at this spot is enough to cover everything present there.

3. Enjoy at Chinese Theater

Chinese theater
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Visiting and admiring the beauty of this old Chinese theater is mandatory for everyone as it is very famous for being the venue of the Academy Awards during the year 1944 to 1946. The unique thing about this theater is that it has the handprints and footprints of many celebrities that are imprinted on the concrete. This legacy started when one of the celebrities stepped by mistake on the wet cement and the owner encouraged others to repeat the same. Moreover, it has an IMAX auditorium with around 923 seats in it where you can spend time watching any recent movie. Apart from this, if you do skip the movie thing, then you just need half an hour to get the complete tour of this place.

4. Do Shopping At Rodeo Drive

Shopping At Rodeo Drive
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This is a complete shopping area which has 3 large blocks and 2 miles long that has n numbers of outlets. Rodeo Drive is always crowded with locals and other tourists buying stuff or just window shopping to learn about trending or traditional fashions. From Gucci, Armani, and Coco Chanel to Tiffany and Cartier, almost all the expensive shops are available there. For vehicle honors, there is also parking where you can park your car or bike for free of cost. Roaming at this place consumes only half an hour if you just roam the streets and do minimal shopping.

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5. Take a Long Drive To Sunset Boulevard

Sunset Boulevard-ONE DAY IN LA
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If you are someone who loves long drives and watching sunset then Sunset Boulevard is your place to go. It passes by West Hollywood and has aesthetic boutiques, colorful hoardings, expensive restaurants, lavish hotels, and crazy nightclubs where you can take a break, enjoy your time, and begin driving again. It takes just 30 minutes to complete the drive and witness nature’s magic in different colors.

6. Visit the Hollywood Walk of Fame

Walk of fame-one day in LA
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It is one of the internationally known Hollywood places which has around 2600 five-pointed stars and consists of names of great entertainment industry contributors embedded in the sidewalks. These stars are constructed from brass metal and are spread over 1.3 miles. It has now become very crowded and vendors have started capturing the market. Roaming here just takes one hour which is more than enough.


1. Which is a must-visit theater in LA?

The old Chinese theater is a must-visit entertainment place of Los Angeles which is popular for its celebrity impressions on the cement. It also facilitates an IMAX auditorium to watch new movies. 

2. What can I do on a trip of one day in LA?

There are a lot of places that you can visit in LA in one day and some of the best ones are shopping at Rodeo Drive, chilling at Hermosa Beach, enjoying a Chinese theater, driving at Sunset Boulevard, and visiting Getty Center. 

3. Which is the best spot to do shopping in LA?

Rodeo Drive is one of the best places to do shopping in Los Angeles as it has all the shops from local aesthetics to standard outlets including Channel, Gucci, Prada, Armani, and more. 

4. Which are the best places to eat in LA?

Holbox, Found Oyster, Moo’s Craft Barbeque, Luv2Eat Thai Bistro, Bavel, Morihiro, La Dolce Vita, Yang’s Kitchen, Saffy’s, Lasita, Quarter Sheets Pizza Club, and so on are the best places or restaurant in LA where you can enjoy your meal with delicious food, great hospitality, and amazing aesthetics.


Above we shared a brief guide on the places you can visit in a trip of one day in LA which might have helped you in deciding where you can spend your day and make endless memories with your friends and families. I hope the page helped you and if you need more specific details about anything then do let us know in the comment box mentioned below. 

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