How Long is Pink Eye Contagious? Can It Be Treated Fast?

how long is pink eye contagious


Do you know what causes pink eye? What is the reason behind it? Well, you should be aware of why it is contagious, how it is contagious and most importantly, how long is pink eye contagious! Nothing to be worried about when it comes to pink eye. You can start curing it as soon as you get it. All you need to understand how it affects you and what can be done to cure it. Let’s begin with what you should know about how long is pink eye contagious!

Pink Eye, which is also known as conjunctivitis, can be caused due to bacteria and can also be due spread by someone else. What exactly is conjunctivitis is, then? To make it easier for you to understand, let us go into the basics. The shite area covering your eyeball, which is called the conjunctiva, gets affected. What happens if the conjunctiva is affected then? Your conjunctiva will become red or pink. That is how you get the name pink eye from. Now you also know how the name was given. So, let’s take an in-depth look at how long is pink eye contagious and much more in the segment below.

how long is pink eye contagious

Reasons that are causing Pink Eye

Pink eye is caused can either be contagious or non-contagious. This pink eye can be caused due to one of many reasons. Let us see what the reasons are:

  • It might be due to the viral fever
  • Some bacteria might have entered your conjunctiva
  • Maybe as an allergy from some product you used
  • Might happen due to some inverse reaction to eye drops
  • It might also happen due to dust allergy as well

In small babies, it can be caused due to the blockage of the tear duct. The pink eye in babies can also be transmitted from their mothers during birth. Let’s check out the following segments that tell you how long is pink eye contagious!

how long is pink eye contagious

What are the symptoms to know if you have Pink Eye or not?

Well, definitely, when you get some kind of disease, you will know. The symptoms are always seen sooner or later. Therefore, to know if you have got Pink Eye or not, you can make it through the symptoms. So, let us help you know that you can understand if you have got it or not.

  • The white part around the eyeball will change its color to red
  • You might start to tear more than the usual
  • Your eyes will start swelling
  • Whitish discharges will start to come up from the corner of your eye
  • Itchiness might begin around your eyes
  • A burning sensation will be felt
  • Your vision will start to become blurry
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Can Pink Eye be contagious? How long is Pink Eye Contagious?

Pink Eye is known to be contagious. Since pink eye is caused due to bacteria, it can be transmitted from one person to another. How does the transmission take place then? It can go from one person to the other only if intimate contact exists. That is, when you shake hands or hug a person, your bacteria are getting transmitted to the other person. As you don’t know what is affecting the other, you won’t realize it. If your anti-bodies are strong and are ready to fight with these bacteria, then you might not get affected. But when you yourself are carrying the bacteria and then shake hands with the other person, they might get affected.

The mostly pink eye starts from one person and then keeps getting transmitted. It is on the person but once affected, and it will start showing the effects through which you can understand that you are infected or not. Once you know you can start taking the medications needed, and then you can cure your Pink Eye.

how long is pink eye contagious

Is there a way to treat Pink Eye?

Pink Eye can be treated by taking care of yourself. Before anything else, go to a doctor for consultancy. After the consultancy, the doctor might prescribe eye drops or medicines. Though before prescribing, a test will be taken of the eye to see what is the cause of the Pink Eye. After the test accordingly you will be given the treatment necessary. It should not take much time to heal. The maximum days will be 7 whereas it might also heal before 7 days as well. You need to take antibiotics if prescribed by the doctor in order for the pink eye to heal soon.

Ways to Prevent Pink Eye

Pink eye can be prevented if you follow the hygiene rules. Since bacteria and viruses thrive on tending in our dirty bodies and hands, you can easily be contaminated by pink eye. So, what can be done to prevent pink eye? See these following measures that can be taken up:

  • Remember to wash your hands before you put it in your eyes.
  • After a handshake, you should clean your hands since you don’t know where the other person has touched or has been infected with anything or not.
  • Make sure to clean your hands with washed clothing or towels.
  • Don’t share any of your eye products with anyone as they might be infected.
  • Try not to put your hands in your eyes in any case.
  • Avoid wearing any lenses in your eyes if irritation has started.
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How to stop spreading Pink Eye from yourself?

There might be someone who can get infected by you as well, so it is important to know how long is pink eye contagious. But in case you have to go the pink eye and still have to work and meet other people, don’t shy away from saying something. If needed, you can put on some glasses and try avoiding coming in contact with other people much. No need of an eye patch since it can make your eyesore, and irritation might also increase. For the days you have got the pink eye, if it is non-contagious or not, you can consult a doctor. In case it is contagious, then you can stay quarantined till your pink eye goes away.

Frequently Asked Questions  (FAQs)

  1. Among whom is pink eye most relevant?

Pink eye is mostly relevant among small children and teenagers. This is because they go to school and come in contact with many children. Now among those children, it is very difficult to identify who is infected by what. Over that, the children do not care about hygiene as much as elders do. So, they will end up having pink eye without even realizing by whom it has been caused.

  1. How to get relief from the symptoms you are having from pink eye?

If the symptoms become really disturbing, you should visit a doctor. You need to consult an eye doctor in case of pink eye, which is also known as conjunctivitis. But for instant relief, you can dab your eye with a warm cloth, and it can give you relief from irritation. But for relief from a sore, you can put over your eye an ice bag to get some relief.

Final Thoughts

With this, we have come to the end of our long blog about how long is pink eye contagious! We hope that now your doubts and questions are cleared regarding conjunctivitis or pink eye. It can be highly contagious, but there are times when the bacteria that affect your eye is not contagious. To know if it is contagious or not, you can always refer to an eye doctor. Since you don’t know what can happen anytime, you can always take the precautions necessary for you and your family. As we all know, “Prevention is better than cure”! Now we hope that you liked the article and also share it with people who want to know more about the pink eye!

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