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ham and beans recipe

Thinking about what to do with the leftovers of ham? Well, we got you covered! You can start by making Hams and Beans recipe themselves. Then you need to know the recipes for making Ham and Beans. It can be your go-to food when you want to finish your hams. You can call it a healthy dish as well! You can cook ham and beans recipe according to your wish. There are many recipes available for you to follow. We will help you know a different kinds of recipes, and you may also try something of your own. You know it, right? Spice up your cooking skills, then.

It takes some time in the preparation of the hams and beans but once done it is delicious. You can enjoy it once it is done and savor it once done. You might have heard about cooking ham and beans recipe from your elders who didn’t want to waste the leftover at all. They came up with this recipe to have a healthy and delicious meal. Let’s see a different kinds of recipes involving ham and beans.

 Ham and Beans Recipe

To serve a delicious and enjoyable meal, follow the following recipe:

  • Begin with washing the beans and picking the ones which are good. Separate it from any kind of materials present.
  • Now put in some cold water and keep it all throughout the night. Minimum for 8 hours.
  • The next day, wash out the beans nicely.
  • Now chop in some onions and toss it into the pan with the beans.
  • Also, add ham, salt, cayenne pepper, and dried parsley, all into the pan.
  • Pour water accordingly and cover the pan with a lid over it.
  • Let it boil at a medium flame for at least one and a half hours or two hours.
  • Water can be added throughout the cooking as needed.

And then, you can serve the delicious Ham and Beans on the table and enjoy your meal.

Recipe for the Old Fashion Ham and Beans

This recipe was the one that was mostly cooked by our ancestors. With the passing of recipes from generation to generation, additions have happened, and changes have occurred. But if you want to try out what our ancestral Ham and Beans meal looked like, then you can give this recipe a try for sure. Then what’s the wait for! Let’s jump into the recipe right away.

  • Start with washing the beans nicely throughout the night or for a minimum of 8 hours.
  • The next day, wash out the beans and rinse them again.
  • Cut some finely chopped onions and keep them.
  • Now toss all the ingredients into the pot. The ingredients include beans, ham, brown sugar, ham bone, pepper, garlic salt.
  • Add some water accordingly. And then let it boil for more than 2 hours or what is necessary. It would help if you kept blending the mixture in the pot every now and then as required too.
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Once done, you can put it out of the pot and pour it into the dishes. And enjoy tasty and delicious old fashion ham and beans.

Smoked Ham and Beans Recipe

Well, as we told you before that ham and beans have many kinds of variations. Like that, one of those is the smoked ham and beans. What is it that you have to do? Well, start with the preparations and now follow the recipe as it goes forward. Let’s start with cooking already? Get yourself in the kitchen, then you chef!

  • Firstly, start with washing the beans and getting the dirt out of them.
  • Take the ham and wash it. Dry it for some time, so the water gets soaked off.
  • Put the dried ham over the smoking grill. Make sure the grill is hot before you have placed the ham over it at a temperature of 250degree Fahrenheit.
  • Stick a cooking thermometer over the ham. And keep a check till the ham attains a temperature of around 130degree or 140degree Fahrenheit.
  • Let the ham cool for some time.
  • While you have some time, chop the onions finely and also cut some green onions into small pieces.
  • Put a pot over the stove on medium heat. Add in the ingredients now. The ingredients include Beans, Smoked ham, onions, onion powder, garlic powder, pepper as well as some beef broth. With these ingredients, also add some water to the pot.
  • Now let the ingredients in the pot boil for some hours, maybe around 6 to 8 hours.
  • After some time, you will see the ham has become soft, and the beans are quite tendered now.

Now your smoked ham and beans are ready and is ready to be served. Don’t delay and serve the hungry stomachs already! Enjoy your meal, and for some add on-s, you must have cut some green onions before. Add it over the food.

Dishes to side along with Ham and Beans Recipe

Well, it is not necessary to have Ham and Beans with some side dish always. You can have it simple and enjoy what you took the time to prepare and cook. But shouldn’t you try to spice up whatever you have? That is why let’s have something different as a side along with Ham and Beans. What are the side dishes, then?

  • For the starting, you can always prepare coconut rice on the side. Till you have a lot of time to cook Ham and Beans, it can be prepared in the meanwhile.
  • Squash can be roasted while your meal is being cooked. The perfect combination to have as your side along. You can enjoy the sweet taste as well as savor the taste of your meal. Twice the fun, perhaps!
  • Garlic Spaghetti can also be made and will give you the taste of garlic. Easy to prepare and cook as well. Since your meal will have some content of garlic, you won’t feel any change. Instead, this side along will get along with the meal perfectly. If you are a lazy cook, then you can prepare it any time you want since your Ham and Beans are going to take a lot of time.
  • Fried Potato chips can go as a snacking side dish with your meal. Your Ham and Beans won’t be spicy as such. So, what can you do? All you have to do is make sure your fried potato chips are salty and peppery. If you love spices, then you can try them along during your meal.
  • Green Chile Cornbread can also be tried along with what you prepared. The sweeter taste of it gets quite well along with the Ham and Beans. Since Ham and Beans do not require to be chewed, this side along is textured to be chewy. Give it a try, and it does not take much time to be prepared as well.
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Different Variations with Ham and Beans Recipe

While cooking, you can always give it a try to make something new. Even one dish can be prepared in different ways. Some extra add on-s to the dish might bring changes, but you can end p creating something new. So, what can be done for these kinds of variations?

  1. You can try adding some other meat along with the ham you have used, such as beef, pork, chicken, et cetera. It is your choice. People who love non-vegetarian food never say no to any kind of meat. Instead, trying something new savors your taste as well.
  2. Different veggies are also available in the market. Along with beans, you can try adding some other green vegetables. Adds in taste as well as keep you healthy with then meat consumption. You can never go wrong with the veggies that you have been consuming.
  3. As you prepare your meal, try adding seasonings of all kinds. Seasonings add more flavor to your food bowl and bring out the taste buds. Sounds tasty already, then think how it would taste when you actually have your meal then!

Final Thoughts

With this, we have come to the end of our blog! Now you know a few different kinds of preparations of Ham and Beans recipe. Even though the cooking time is a lot, it is worth the wait. You get both nutritious as well as a delicious meal. You might need to start the preparation from a day before since beans need to be soaked in cold water for almost the entire night for a better enhancement of the beans. But honestly, it is worth the wait. Isn’t it? Now, what are you waiting for? Get going and step into the kitchen already, chef. Try out the recipe and give it a try with the side along. Let us know if you liked what you got in our blog or not! Share the blog with others who are looking to prepare Ham and Beans as well!


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